You see a rather small woman, not much taller than five feet. She has a pleasant, round face, with coral pink lips, ends almost always turned up in a smile. Her bright blue eyes sparkle with intelligence and wit, and seem to notice every detail. This face is framed by a unruly mane of silver curls, still streaked with auburn, which plunge down to surround her shoulders. While not fat, she is definitely a little heavier than normal, one of the usual consequences of her work. Still, she is an attractive woman, although not a world class beauty.

Currently, she is wearing a simple outfit, designed to be comfortable and utilitarian in the confines of a busy kitchen. A white blouse, tied with a drawstring at the neck is warn beneath a simple wherhide bodice, dyed green, and tied to accentuate her figure. Her brown skirt runs to her mid-calf, with an apron over it, worn to protect it from the usual hazards of working in the kitchen. Her shoes are simple black slippers. If she is working, her hair is tied back with a green ribbon, and gathered into a net snoot, to keep it out of the food.

On her shoulder she wears the knot of a Bakercraft Master, a triple looped double cord, tied at the top and bottom, in red and white. Intertwined with this are the blue and and orange cords indicating that she is posted at Xanadu Weyr.


Denna was born in Telgar weyr, the daughter of a Journeywoman healer's tryst with a brownrider who was killed in an accident some months before she was born. Raised within the Weyr, she spent much of her time in the kitchens, learning to cook and to love cooking from a young age. When she reached twelve turns, her mother allowed her to choose where she would be apprenticed. Denna chose to go into the Bakercraft. While there, she also met her first love, another apprentice, named Linua. They were forced to seperate after Denna became a Journeyman shortly after her 18th Turnday. Linua, due to politics within the craft, was held back for another turn, then left to cross craft to the vintners. Denna stayed at Telgar for a time, until she was reposted to Western Weyr.

While at Western, Denna worked on her master's project, developing a candy made from Klah. She also went through a series of failed relationships, leading to the birth of her first two children. Not long after, though, she was reunited with her first love, when Linua was posted to Western by the Vintnercraft. The two women rekindled their relationship, expanding it to include two of Denna's best friends, J'vry, rider of Bronze Leoth, and Erra, rider of Green Keorith. Their life was mostly idyllic for a long time, until the day came that Linua was diagnosed with a cancer by the healers, a cancer far too advanced to treat. Denna resolved to make her love's last days comfortable, and did her best, but, at last, Linua passed away. Denna stayed at Western for as long as possible, until she could no longer stand the pain of staying, and after nearly a turn transferred to Xanadu. She lives at Xanadu, with her six children (including Linua's twins and her fosterling.)


Name Relation Location Position
Talanora Mother Deceased
K'le Father Deceased Rider of Brown Lumiuth
Dinjin Son (R'jin) Xanadu Weyr
Dia Daughter (R'jin) Xanadu Weyr
Jenna Daughter (J'vry) Xanadu Weyr
Jeffin Foster-Son (J'vry x Linua) Xanadu Weyr Baker Apprentice
Jinry Foster-Son (J'vry x Linua) Xanadu Weyr


Sky High Bombardier Blue Clothespin
Stark navy shines upon first light's gracing of this hatchling. Vibrant glacial blue streaks broad headknobs before twining round a wide muzzle dusted in motes of powdered blue. The line of his thickly muscled neck and wide chest are brushed with the lightest of green, highlighted against the navy as it swirls to his forelimbs. Those limbs are muted teal stripes that entwine his ankles down to toes bedecked by dazzling bronze talons. His shoulders and wings are singled out by shades of silken, amber-gold swirls that ripple and flow along the hide, adding a pattern to the translucent navy-blue of his large sails. His back and haunches are plain by comparison, midnight blue in tone, with the faintest crystalized sky blue sparks down to the spaded tip of his thick tail.


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