Delynni is rather small, very petite and compactly built. Her eyes glimmer a dark cobalt blue, and her hair is long, black, and shimmers like a raven's wing from where it falls across her back. Delynni has pulled her hair back in a ponytail with a leather clasp, the band is an amateurish effort that doesn't compare to a tanners, and is dyed sapphire blue with a crescent and star design. Her henna tattoos are painted in a band around the neck and right bicep, depicting an astral design of dragons and stars. The knot of a blue weyrling is tied to her shoulder.

Delynni's new outfit is a bit flashy, she wears a loose pair of midnight blue pants, which hug her thighs and calves and are fastened with a bright crimson sash that ties behind her. A pair of pouches hang from the sash, sewn from thick burgundy red canvas. Her shirt is a sleeveless sapphire blue tunic, which laces up her front with glossy ruby red cord that makes the garment hug her chest and waist. A thin navy and midnight blue coat whirls behind her as she walks, down to her calves and more robe than protective garment, its the same thickness as an ordinary shirt and fastened around the neck and shoulder with a red cord just like the one that fastens her shirt. The buttons are wood stained red, and there are only three of them that extend to midway down the bust. She wears midnight blue straw sandals as well that lace around her feet and ankles.


Live Heedlessly, love recklessly…
- Delynni

Delynni grew up a beastcrafter's daughter, rugged and ready. Despite being small, she's more than strong enough to coax runners and muscle feed, and she's been doing that for over a turn now officially as apprentice beastcrafter and the daughter of a runner breeder and a runner jockey. Emphasis on officially, since she's had her own runner since age ten, a small bay show horse with white markings like flower petals named Scatter, which was given to her by her father, despite this she's been riding runners since she could climb on one of their backs. Asteylen and Lynni are her parents, her older brothers are all Journeymen or jockies, and there are five of them; Sanuke (age 23,) Naluti (age 21), Kiddaku (age 20,) Sango (age 19), and Aronton (age 18).

Delynni was born in Keroon, the youngest daughter of two wonderfully in love parents; so wonderfully in love that they had five boys before Del. Lynni won race after race, with a shameless sense of humor, a rugged no nonsense temprament, and a carefree, freespirited attitude. Her father Asteylan can work tirelessly in the stables and spend long nights pouring over breeding records and breeding texts. He keeps meticulous records of every runner he's ever bred, from what bloodlines, and where they went to.

Sanuke likes to answer some questions in grunts, and usually has a completely sensible and sarcastic remark for the erring apprentice who makes an idiotic mistake. Naluti is rather effiminate, long blonde hair, dashing good looks, slightly vain, and who was glad to move to Rubicon with his Journeyman Tailor boyfriend Ricton (nickname Ricky), and show jumps on an award level, the same for jockey riding, he's got a flashy style in the ring that its /not/ reccomended one try to reproduce. He's got almost intuitive senses when it comes to breeding and raising runners, almost like a second mother (Ricky's joke) but in actuality honed since he took an interest in it as a youngster. Kiddaku's got a hot temper, but he's able to handle the most volitile of runners and heal the worst animal injuries. He's often riding around the hold lands with his vet kit on his trusty runner Scorch, a fearless breeding stallion born from three generations of racing, riding and working runnerblood. Kiddaku is the only one that can handle Scorch, so he's kept at the back of the family stables, but with plenty of light and care. Sango's a little overprotective, but also a patient teacher and capable enough at hunting that he knows how to train runners suitable for the task. He's got an eye for mixed, working or riding beasts that will do the job. He's also strong enough, tough enough, to take down a wild feline if he has to, (though not at the expense of his precious beasts,) and earned plenty of hides and marks from time to time. Aronton is a slightly gentler cookie, but from a family of jovial toughs that's not saying much. Aronton loves riding and exploring, He specializes in ponies and riding horses. He's a bit of a bookworm, dressing in leather breaches and a light cotton shirt, with a small spyglass close at hand. He's one of three jockey capable members of the current generation with Sanuke and Kiddaku.

Delynni took up the family trade officially as soon as she was of apprenticing age, but she'd already ridden runners, attended their birthings, tended their stalls and coats, helped breed canines to guard the stables since she was small enough to ride ragged over the Keroon plains. She excelled in reading and science as a child, after all, a beastcrafter has to know a lot of science, and other animal related sciences repeatedly got her high grades, even if her math skills left much to be desired beyond measuring and cutting. She even got the local tanner to teach her how to make a saddle for her first runner, Scatter. Since Scatter was a mare, and near breeding age already when Delynni got her her father let her watch the birth of Scatter's first offspring, and while the colt was trained by another, she got the money from selling him.

Delynni's always felt a little intimidated by her older brothers. They kid around with her, and she loves them dearly. But there are five of them, one of her, and all of them have already done a ton of great things in their craft. Delynni's also got little in the way of feminine graces, preferring more rough wear clothing. She prefers not to wear something that will get shredded. She's got a lovely singing voice, though she's not very good with other harper related things and preferred her father's craft rather than try to pursue another. She liked the comfort of it and the gentleness of the runners. If you hear a song among the bluffs coupled with the clatter of hooves, that's Delynni taking the newest runner for a test ride and singing to the skies heedless of who might hear her.

Her father wanted to try out a new breeding ground, he'd been talking about it for over a turn. Something about there being more opportunity for profit under Lord Leonidas of Rubicon. That there were more resources for the family, more people for their children to know. If Naluti and Ricky wanted to come along there were rooms for both beastcrafters and tailors there. Eventually the whole tribe followed their mother and father. After all, they're all family. They should stick together. Delynni was actually quite optimistic about it. This was a family of explorers and daredevils. Each and every one preferred to take life by the horns and blast the consequences. If they were going to take the plunge into a new life at Rubicon River hold, then they were going to do it together.

Part 2: A Calling

"I don't believe, that everything happens for a reason or that there's anything out there beyond this world and this life. And we should celebrate our lives and loved ones and let creation flow on its natural course. The world knows what's right for her. Even if we humans can't understand why. Its not a matter of destiny, its a matter of unenlightenment."
- Delynni

Delynni was on a trip to Ista to collect a rare herb that was good for runners to eat. Delynni was helping her brothers when all of a sudden a blue dragon loomed over her. The rider asked her a riddle, passed on by his lifemate.

Delynni was dumbfounded, here she was minding her own business and suddenly she's wrapped up in talons and wings. She fell back on her butt and began to stutter. And then……

"Will you stand for Ista weyr's clutch?" A sentiment echoed by his dragon. Who laughed in her head and urged her to say yes.

Well her brothers nearby started to laugh, and Delynni, simply to spite them agreed to stand, simply to spite them.

Maybe the universe doesn't recognize spite as a motivation for impression, because Delynni was left standing. Left behind.

She hung around Ista, she studied her craft with the ponies at the resort. But Delynni longed for /real/ runners to work with.

And then one day, Delynni was running an errand to Eastern Weyr, which not only had a stable, but a full racetrack. Delynni was in the caverns having a quick bite to eat when a bronzerider named A'ven introduced himself. And for the second time a dragon called into her head. A'ven and Glyith asked her to stand for Eastern Weyr's current clutch.

Of course, Delynni didn't make it that time either. But she found a place she loved to be. After the furor from the clutch died down, Delynni took up residence in a tiny one bedroom shanty at the edge of the racetrack.

Delynni continued training as a groom at Eastern. And then one day she went to watch a clutching at Xanadu on her day off.

That was when Senkyou, rider of brown Dulacth asked her to follow. Senkyou's brown wanted her to put on a dress. (Something Delynni didn't like at all. Since she shreds dresses at work.) Then when she put the dress on, Senkyou said that Dulacth had a quest for her. "He wants you to find your lifemate on the hatching grounds."

That was when Delynni accepted, and boy did she have a lot to do. At Xanadu it seems, Delynni's darker side, a rebellious and hot tempered loud mouthed Del made her insecurity at having not impressed yet quite plain and transparent. Whatever the reason she disliked being the one who hadn't impressed and was a repeat candidate.

And she was in for a serious shock. The candidates at Xanadu spent a few sevendays at 'survival camp.' It was a dangerous outpost on the edge of the Weyr's coverage area. And while she made a few friends, things went a little bit downhill when felines attacked. Then the dragons who swooped in to rescue the candidates smashed the roof of the cabins they were staying in.

Whatever the reason Delynni was at once terrified, and angry. And it only made her temper worse.

Someone important to her would later tell her that dragons can sense what's in a person's heart. Maybe that's why she didn't make it, her temper, her bitterness, her insecurity and sadness at not yet impressing, her determination to prove herself no matter what, all of these must have been offputting to a baby hatchling. Because once more, Delynni was left standing.

Part 3: Dryssa

I believe the sun should never set upon an arguement
I believe we place our happiness in other people's hands
I believe your parents did the best job they knew how to do
I believe that beauty magazines promote low self esteem
I believe I'm loved when I'm completely by myself alone
I believe that trust is more important than monogamy
I believe your most attractive features are your heart and soul
I believe forgiveness is the key to your own happiness
I believe in love surviving death into eternity

- Savage Garden

Delynni was searched one more time for Western Weyr. Still with a foul temper, she was asked to wear a candidate unifrom. Which /clashed./ She didn't like it. It wasn't fair!

So she changed the uniform! She dyed it black and blue, and redid it to look like the goths of old Earth.

And she made the mistake of calling its designer colorblind, in front of her.

Dryssa had been the designer and maker of the uniform. And she liked her work. The two began to fight, and argue. Then paint began to fly as well as tears and yelling.

And it ended with Delynni sitting in the shallows of the water, to embarassed to come out because of the paint covering her uniform.

Its said that one should never let the sun set on an arguement. At first Dryssa seemed like an airhead, a naive one. But Delynni and Dryssa soon became fast friends.

Delynni made something special for Dryssa, a headband and fingerless glove to wear to gathers. The same pink that Dryssa liked to wear so much.

Dryssa was an artist, and made a bikini for Delynni. She was looking for a model, and she was willing to teach Delynni how to take pictures. And would she model for Dryssa's next photoshoot?

Well Delynni agreed, she was very happy to. And slowly tension built, and eventually Dryssa and Delynni admitted that they had a romantic interest in each other.

Delynni didn't impress at Western. But she didn't care. She finally, finally, had love. And right then that was what she wanted.

Part 4: Beauty

"There is beauty in practicality. Mother nature knows what is beautiful, and it suits her even if we don't know what the heck she's thinking."
- Delynni

Delynni became enamored with Dryssa, and convinced the artist to come live with her at Eastern. Because even if she was asked to stand across Pern, Delynni always came home to Eastern.

Delynni always sees Eastern as her home. She didn't think that she would get to stand again and certainly not at Ista once again.

And this time she didn't stand alone, this time Dryssa was with her.

When you can't have sex and your girlfriend is in the barracks, you get to know her very well. It soon became appearant that the reason why Delynni didn't want to show off her body was because she didn't think of herself as beautiful. Not outside, not inside.

She didn't see what was so beautiful about her, or the point of having beautiful things.

And why should she? She was a nobody, an apprentice beastcrafter with no assets except her temper and her ability to ride runners.

Sometimes beauty needs a little help, Dryssa discovered tattoos, and suggested that Delynni wear henna, an elegant and ancient style of body art that was painted on with a brush. It lasted for a few sevendays and then disappeared. But it was how Dryssa did it that snared her.

Naked, in the sun of the beach, Dryssa painted Delynni from neck to ankle. Firelizards, stars, vines, flowers. And it was here that Delynni chose a symbol that she marked all her gear, her belongings, her work and her body with.

A firelizard, chasing its tail around the sun, with a lilly clasped in its talons. The symbol was simple, it meant "forever strong, forever young, forever independant." It showed what /Delynni/ thought beauty was. That feral strength known only to those who live life with no regrets and no looking back.

It meant eternity, that's what it meant to her…

It was no surprise when Delynni didn't impress, but what didn't surprise her in the slightest was when green Vyanath lead Dryssa away. And just like that, Dryssa was out of her reach and Delynni was on her own once more.

Part 5: Reaching

"Live heedlessly, love recklessly. Live like you have no regrets, the connections you make with others will endure for all eternity."
- Delynni

Another turn, another candidacy. This time at High Reaches. And with a newfound belief in herself, the hot temper and hostile attitude finally began to fade. Delynni was slowly starting to grow from irritating loud mouthed brat into a stubborn young woman.

And once more, as before, Delynni didn't impress. She guessed she wouldn't, but she thought that at least, by now, Dryssa would be done with her weyrling training and she could go back home and be with her.

But unfortunately for Delynni, a blue dragon sank his claws into her hip at the hatching. It wasn't that terrible a wound, but its scar would be permanent. Dryssa was so glad when Delynni came home, even with her hip in bandages. Dryssa wanted to live at Ista, but she would still be with Delynni. And don't forget to come visit her for a very….. happy touch up.

Delynni was content with that. And predictably, the dragons that ride Search couldn't take their claws off her. Delynni was Searched once more for Eastern Weyr.

This time Delynni did everything she could. And she didn't worry about impression or non impression. She made friends, and it seems that one candidate that she'd stood with several times before made the same class as she for the third time. Then there was the curious Dare, a much older candidate with in intreaguing condition. Instead of hair just covering her head, Dare's hair covered her all over.

Dare was timid, and Delynni had to repeatedly convince her to keep standing for the hatching. She was even scared of touching the eggs. Well okay that one egg may have been scary.

It was then that Delynni claimed an egg as hers. It was an interesting little egg, patterned with springtime colors and bits of pink. But it was the mind inside it that drew her. It felt like she was riding runnerback with someone, pelting heedlessly through the forest.

Perhaps it was that rapport with that one egg, but Delynni was shocked at what waited for her on hatching day.

Part 6: Ryukith

«Everything in life happens for a reason, we just haven't discovered what that is yet. You were waiting for me, and I was born for you.»
- Ryukith

"I don't believe in destiny, but Faith is the essence of human strength."
- Delynni

Delynni stood on the grounds, and one by one the eggs hatched. One by one they lived and loved and chose. Amarante, the candidate who stood with her so many times, impressed gold Theiath.

And Delynni was beginning to think that history would repeat itself until the final egg broke…..

A loud and brittle ~-crack-~ is heard as the The Delicate First Sprig-of-Spring Egg finally gives in. A jagged hole appears and through that arrives a single talon, as if the occupant is still reluctant to reveal itself. However, this occasion cannot be stopped and the hatchlings own movements and another quick roll conspire to reveal the dragonette at last!

The creature revealed was a blue, a handsome clever beautiful rainy blue that didn't just lope, he slouched. The little fellow ran back and forth over the hatching grounds until…

Suddenly he turned, and charged to her. Delynni was wrapped in wings, a tail winding around her legs and hip. Suddenly she was wreathed in rain, pounding pouring, chilling rain. Wait…… why wasn't she cold? She was warm, and getting warmer and suddenly there was a heart bonded to hers.

A sharply intelligent presence makes itself known to you. It finds you unerringly, as one might find a missing puzzle piece. For a moment it sounds like there's a single, clear, unmistakable bell ringing softly in your head. No, it must be the heat and an overactive imagination. The questing mind links itself inexorably, inseparably, and unequivocally to yours. « I have found you, Delynni. You are my questions and my answers. We will solve this life, together, now and always. You may tell them my name is Ryukith, but you and I know better.»

Delynni had found her lifemate at last! Blue Ryukith was hers and maybe, just maybe, there was something to the whole 'everything happens for a reason' thing. Its simply a matter of finding faith and holding on.

Part 7: To Xanadu

Your never gonna be alone!
From this moment on, if you ever feel like letting go,
I won't let you fall…
Your never gonna be alone!
I'll hold you 'til the hurt is gone.

- "Never gonna be alone" Nickelback

Delynni transferred to Xanadu, the Weyr of Paradise, a few months into her weyrlinghood, never really telling anybody why. To this day nobody ever says anything about why or how. But suddenly she was back with faces that she also knew.

She was placed under the care of L'alie, rider of brown Adinaeth and WLM at Xanadu. And it was here that Delynni began the final stages of her growth from child to woman.

And Xanadu was in every way both alive and dangerous. It seems that danger had appeared in the back of the woods. Far far at the edge of Xanadu's coverage area. A deranged mind belonging to a man named Kefai. Kefai would have been right at home with the cult leaders of ancient earth.

Kefai was convinced that thread would return and that nobody on Pern could stop it. He gathered followers by claiming that when thread /did/ kill everyone his little hold would be the last ones left. And he did everything from drug his followers, to assaulting them, even killing them.

Ryukith's mind was eternally logical, and he wanted to know everything. That was nothing new. But he became fixated on Kefai, and had Delynni go on a Search Party for evidence, even if he couldn't follow her. Then he insisted on hearing every last detail and have Delynni examine the evidence, much like a criminalist of a society far less idealic thousands and thousands of turns ago.

This love for the human, this need to figure out other people's minds and heads and hearts became a special project for Ryukith. For when the blue tried to think of small things like germs he claimed he couldn't think that small. And when the blue tried to think of things as large as the movements of Pern's continents and landmasses and the earthquakes caused therin he claimed he couldn't think that large.

He had the strangest way of thinking, but all dragons are, to a degree, eccentric. It was like the world was a puzzle and the blue needed to find every last piece. He didn't care if something was unconventional. If it was interesting and out of the ordinary, he wanted to know all about it.

Obsessive to a fault, the blue dragon showed his analytical prowess and determination when it came time to learn between and he could finally carry his Delynni all around Pern to explore. His images were crystal clear, so precise and pristine that one could find their way between in their sleep with them. He became an elegant flyer, and his abrupt changes of direction, the effortless grace of his flight and the elegance with which he whirled on the breeze made him especially graceful for his color, despite his quirkyness.

Weyrling training concluded, and Delynni graduated into the Search and rescue wing, Galaxy. Her weyr was large, huge, it had electric lights and water. Just one problem. Its roof, its yard and garden, its supports and the solar panels and windmill that gave it those lights and water were faulty. She kept getting blackouts and her water would die off.

Delynni is now where she wanted to be. Sure her living arrangements need work. But she has a home. She has friends. She has people who love her and her lifemate Ryukith is hers once and for all time.

Live heedlessly, love recklessly…..

If Today Was Your Last Day

Watch the Video

My best friend gave me the best advice
He said each day's a gift and not a given right
Leave no stone unturned, leave your fears behind
And try to take the path less traveled by
That first step you take is the longest stride

If today was your last day
and tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past
Donate every dime you have?
If today was your last day

Against the grain should be a way of life
What's worth the prize is always worth the fight
Every second counts 'cause there's no second try
So live like you'll never live it twice
Don't take the free ride in your own life

If today was your last day
and tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?
Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past
Donate every dime you have?

Would you call old friends you never see?
Reminisce of memories
Would you forgive your enemies?
Would you find that one you're dreamin' of?
Swear up and down to God above
That you finally fall in love
If today was your last day

If today was your last day
Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart?
You know it's never too late to shoot for the stars
Regardless of who you are
So do whatever it takes
'Cause you can't rewind a moment in this life
Let nothin' stand in your way
Cause the hands of time are never on your side

If today was your last day
and tomorrow was too late
Could you say goodbye to yesterday?

Would you live each moment like your last?
Leave old pictures in the past
Donate every dime you have?
Would you call old friends you never see?
Reminisce of memories
Would you forgive your enemies?
Would you find that one you're dreamin' of?
Swear up and down to God above
That you finally fall in love
If today was your last day


Name Relation Location Position Specialty
Lynni Mother Rubicon River Hold Sr. Jwoman - Retired Jockey
Asteylen Father Rubicon River Hold Master Runner Veterinarian
Sanuke Older Brother - 28 Beastcraft Hall Master Runner Breeding
Naluti Older Brother - 26 Rubicon River Jman Show Jumping and Saddlery
Kiddaku Older brother - 25 Rubicon River Sr. Jman Jockey
Sango Older brother - 24 Beastcraft Hall Jman Veterinarian/Teaching
Aronton Older brother - 23 Beastcraft Hall Jman Veterinarian/Jockey
Rickton (nickname Ricky) Naluti's Boyfriend Weaver/Rubicon River Jman Tailor


Name Dragon color Location Position Dragon
Dryssa Green Ista Weyr Wingrider Star Ruby Vyanath


Tumultuous Skies Green Hyakki
This large green is not the bright, happy creature like many of her kin, or even the shamelessly flirty, all decked out in their bright and sparkling hides. No, this lady bespeaks power, her swift body built heavy and strong with large hands tipped in sharp claws, and a short but stout forked tail that seems just as likely to clobber someone as it would be for balance. Her colors would at first seem dull, a strange grey-green, as though she were sick, but closer inspection would reveal a slate-green body overcast with a heavy front of swirling grey stormclouds punctuated by a strange golden glow that, instead of making the scene more welcoming, instead adds a sinister touch, like a warning of abnormal and dangerous weather to come.

Muted Blue Shirochan
This firelizard is singular in appearance in the way that his entire body has a distinctive, soft bluegrey tone, from the smooth, rolling sleekness of his narrow shoulders to the tip of his short tail. The color is broken up by dots and darts of pale blue, giving it an interesting, fuzzy look, as if his hide were covered in a delicate, icy sort of moss. His tail is shorter than is usual, perhaps caused by developing in such a small egg, with a broad, flat spade at the end, but this is hardly his most notable feature. That is most likely his broad, rounded eyeridges, the shape of which make it seem as if his eyes are taking up a large portion of his face; he doesn't look bug-eyed, of course, but it does give his features a flatter look, especially since his snout, while narrowing angled, is also quite short. It ultimately gives his body a lean look while still making him appear a touch stunted, just a bit shorter than your average firelizard, his headknobs rounded and laid far back while his ridges don't even look to be that sharp. Along the underside his stout, muscular neck, just below the curve of his jaw, the flesh turns white and jagged in one place, suggestive of a deep scar, perhaps a wound from when his egg was damaged. There is one place where this firelizard shines, however, and that happens to be with his wings, the shape of them long and dextrous while the sails are brilliant, a pale, snowy off-white glazed with icy blue and laden down with motes of gleaming sapphire, a shade that reflects itself on the arms that the sails attach to as well as on the very tip of his snout and tailspade.

Satyagraha Ahimsa Brown Kyuubi
This large firelizard might have been a dominating figure in a past life, but in this one he is thin and frail, unusually small in build which makes his length all the more evident. His sun-baked brown hide, tanned hot by the cruel sun, is fit tightly against his body, outlining knobby joints and tight, fit musculature. The color is a rich one, surprisingly beautiful as the light catches on the exposed skin, turning it gold while the wrinkles ward the sun away and wash the creases with deep cocoa hues. His wings are fragile things, the color of unbleached linen cloth, trimmed at the edges in what might appear like spokes on a spinning wheel, but they're so faded and sun-scorched it would be hard to tell. Physically, he seems very unremarkable, but to look at his face speaks of a creature full of benevolence and ancient wisdom, and one might wonder just how many lives he has lived before this one and what he may remember.


Curious and Clever Moody Blue Ryukith
It's as if the clouds themselves have unleashed a torrent of elemental fury to forge the shimmering and shifting liquid blue hide of this sturdy hatching. Drenched from the top down, his cerulean head and face coloration drips down his neck into a darker blended midnight blue chest and belly. The storm slows to a soaking drizzle on his legs and tail, as the pigment lightens to a steely blue-grey suggestive of an overcast and moody sky. His deep-set eyes are darker still underneath, where thickening shades of the nimbus blue lend a somewhat brooding intensity to his thoughtful gaze. The leading edges of his sleek wingsails match the dimly filtered blue sky after the storm has passed, and the color runs in rivulets slowly down his wings, lightening first to sky blue and then simply fading to a hazy blur at the trailing edges like the shimmering of a far off mirage.


Title OOC Date Cast
Gone Fishing January 02, 2009 A'dar, Delynni, Fiara, and Thea
Ailath Rises January 19, 2009 Delynni, L'ton, Myra, Niah, R'aul(NPC), and R'miel
Foggy Day January 21, 2009 A'dar, Delynni, and Thea
Weyrling Graduation, February 1, 2009 February 1, 2009 A'dar, Cenlia, Delynni, L'ton, Myra, Niva, R'miel, Rohelte, R'sul, Saige, S'ya, Thea, Ysa, and Zipalla
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