She is maybe a fraction of an inch or so over five feet tall without footwear. She's naturally slender and almost unusually petite, with curves though. An ample figure well proportioned and obviously worked on. Her stomach is firm and well muscled the slender form of a dancer, but curving hips,and a small bust, nothing that would make her too small but enough to appreciate it on her figure. Her skin is the color of klah. Her face is slightly oval shaped, which allows her hair to frame it, without covering her brillant green eyes,the color of moss, and though her face is almost perfect symmetrical, her nose is petite, like the rest of her. Her hair is black,the color of the night sky, it is long, waist length but wavy and lustrous. In her hair are silver bells, small and obviously carefully crafted.

Her blouse is cream colored, with a bit elaborate embroidery around the neckline, with large bell sleeves.At her waist is a simple belt, nor more than a leather strap with a few holes, this helps to accent her smallish waist, She wears a pair of shapely pants, which are not exactly small, but cut to be well fitting, outlining her slender form.


Born into a trader's caravan. She was not a holder girl by any stretch of the imagination. If anything the young child was praised by her two older brothers for being 'one of the boys'. Deia, as Deianera was affectionately called, grew up chasing after her brothers. Her mother,Mira, one of the more stern matrons of the caravan, as well as dancer and seller of jewelry, her father was one of the few who took care of the caravan' s herdbeasts and prepare food.
Deianera was about fourteen or fifteen when her world changed.. She'd always watched her mother perform, and had even taken up learning the routines, that her mother taught her. She had began to show the signs of dancer's form, and grace. It was a warm day in early summer, about the time of a Gather, her family had stopped at Fort, Deianera had been practicing her routine preparing when her older brother, S're stopped by for a visit, he'd impressed several years before Deianera was born at a Fortian clutch, and had discovered the girl practicing her routine. It wasn't long before the brother and sister were acquainted.
Deianera was dancing and singing before long formally within the troupe. Occasionally troop passed through Xanadu Weyr and its surrounding territories Gather after gather, saw her more engrossed and enamored with her older brother's life. He was a dragon rider and deep inside she felt the pull, but held back. The troop needed her, and her talents, but she couldn't help but look at the sky and wonder.
It was almost a year after her initial wonder of dragons that her brother had fallen during a rescue mission- a loose strap, weakenedhad sent him and his between. Deianeira was devistated, as her family had decided to work their circut down on the Southern Continent. During the following weeks, Deianeira's mind focused on her dancing to make herself forget the pain of loss.
At the age of seventeen, Deianeira decided to begin weaving her ideas into her trader caraven's wares. Finding leather scraps and beginning to come up with a way make the weave stronger riding straps.
The next year and half, Deianeira attempted to sell her own products with help from a leather working friend, improved riding straps, which didn't go over well. After this flop she decided to spend more time at the Weyr, her dancing had caught the attention of more than one man, when she danced, and though she hated their loud calls, she figured living at the Weyr could be good for her. It would get her to around the riders and see what she could do to improve their straps, but it would also allow her to see if her dance could be improved, or find new music to dance to.


Title OOC Date Cast
Kilaueth's Clutching: March 22, 2008 March 22, 2008 Alara, Amarante, Arkoss, Deianeira, Ethne, Hesketh, Heeva, J'rezi, Kilaueth, Kitty, Laureate, Lorena, Lyn, Myesha, Niva, Ryski, Senkyou, T'eo, Zevida
Deianeira is Searched 2008 Deianeira, M'lak
Random Log: Pre-Barracks Inspection 2008 Amarante, Chaitra, Deianeira, Keziah, Lorena, Myesha, Nalkor, Ryski, Senkyou
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