Tough skin hints at the lifestyle this teenager has led, along with his somewhat calloused hands to indicate that this young man is no stranger to hard work. Datsun wears a fit deep blue short-sleeved tunic that encompasses his broad shoulders and thick torso, small belly rounded outwards. However, it appears more muscular rather than fat. Under the tunic, a black belt adorned with several knives of varying sizes loops around the rings of his midnight-colored trousers, the curve of darkness wrapping around his waist and thighs, the hem disappearing into thick, heavy soled boots reaching mid-calf. Three heavy buckles secures the boots to his calf, ankle, and foot. His shoulder knot reveals the colors and rank of a Journeyman Woodcrafter.

Red windswept forehead-length hair that never stays put focuses his expressive hazel eyes, bright when jovial, dark when emotional. Strong cheekbones, thin lips, still radiating youth even as he's starting to mature into a fully-grown man.



Datsun comes from a minor Hold under Lemos Hold, Far Cry Hold. Because of his small Hold origins, Datsun has only heard of AVIAS but has no real knowledge of what it actually is. He hails from a family with Woodcraft in its blood tracing hundreds of Turns ago. His lineage and very early upbringing with the Woodcraft allowed Datsun to be Apprenticed at the tender age of ten, among one of the youngest recruited. He was granted the rank of Journeyman at a younger age than is the norm, sixteen instead of the normal eighteen Turns.

His family consists of two elder siblings and one younger sibling: Zedd, Falken, and Xenia. His uncles and aunts are Woodcrafters as well, but just like his immediate family, they all carry a streak of voyaging. As a result, Datsun has caught the world-traveling bug, curious to see the rest of the world outside his little Far Cry Hold, Lemos Hold, and the Woodcrafthall. What better place to find the best transportation to satsify his desire to explore other than a Weyr filled with dragons holding the ability to go *between*? And it's here he finds himself visiting Weyrs, bartering dragonrides to places for Woodcraft items that he himself crafts or procures.



Name Relation Location Position
Datseryn Father Far Cry Hold Woodcrafter
Helasun Mother Far Cry Hold Woodcrafter
Zedd Sibling Far Cry Hold Woodcrafter
Falken Sibling Far Cry Hold Woodcrafter
Xenia Sibling Far Cry Hold Woodcrafter




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