Petite of stature, this refined young woman carries herself with a confidence that seems to come natural to her. From her straight nose to the curve of her jawline, her classic facial features appear perfectly balanced by an alabaster complexion, forming an oval face. Expressive blue eyes are complimented by her silken, silvery blonde hair that falls below her shoulder blades. Shapely eyebrows, darkly fringed lashes, cheekbones and slightly full lips are enhanced with a touch of makeup; not that she needs any, but this patrician will tell you she wouldn’t be caught dead without it.

Unless forced to do something particularly grungy, she is impeccable from the top of her sleek head to the tips of her shapely and flawlessly manicured fingernails, her clothing and footwear the sort of expensive style that screams Ierne’s latest fashion. On her right shoulder she wears a knot designating her as Headwoman of Xanadu.


Born and raised in Ierne Weyrhold, Darce is the daughter of goldrider Asher and bluerider D’had, who were together for the first several years of her childhood. Why they parted ways is something she’s not really all that clear on, but there were times when things weren’t all that amicable between her parents. Darsce has her own opinions why her father eventually left, but since no one’s asked her, she’s kept them to herself.%r %r Growing up she lacked for nothing – and as a result is a bit spoiled. Harper lessons were a necessary evil, bored her to tears but she got through them. Besides her mother, she lives with older sister Rehsa and younger half-sister Evee. Half-sister Halimeda left with their father when he moved to Xanadu, where she has another two half-brothers and a half-sister.%r %r Of all the crafts at her disposal, the only one she’s shown any interest in is the weavercraft, fashion being the main draw there. Not inclined to enter the ‘Hall formally, she has been working (when it suits her) with the various clothing and jewelry shops as a model and since she is one of their best customers, tends to be a walking advertisement to their wares. A social butterfly, she spends her time frequenting the clubs, taverns and cafes of Ierne, flittering from relationship to relationship and likely has left a trail of broken hearts behind her. Or so she’d have people to think.

Several turns were spent either lazing about Xanadu or commuting back and forth between the Weyr and Ierne to work at her business of jewelry and clothing design, modeling and arranging fashion shows for some of the clothing shops there. Somewhere in there a serious, introverted techcrafter caught her eye. Hot. That's what she thought about Jethaniel and so she flirted shamelessly with him, finding that he was actually very sweet and very proper and VERY unlike the vain boys in the crowd she ran with at Ierne. In fact, Jethaniel, now steward of Xanadu is a man who has become very special to her.

Somewhere in the course of things, the then-Senior Weyrwoman decided that Darsce should replace Ocelara as Headwoman so she could take a much-needed leave of absence. Correction: Thea decided Darsce NEEDED to become headwoman. Even though that was surely a recipe for disaster. Why? It's got something to do with 'knot-borrowing'.

After a period of adjustment and some minor mishaps - and maybe one teeeeny staff explosion involving the Weyrleader, Darsce has settled into her new position as headwoman… and also as Jethaniel's wife (but we won't go into that here).

And so passed ten or so turns, though not so blissfully as one would hope. At least it wasn't boring - and may have involved an incident or two - one of which involved inexplicably (or perhaps not so) torching G'ir's hot tub to a melted, smoldering unusable mass with the flamethrower Esiae issued her (rumor has it that G'ir had it coming). At least she didn't burn down his cottage? And she departed from the mayhem pleasantly - with a silvery laugh floating in her wake? (c'mon people, work with me here). Dariel, the son of Jethaniel and Darsce, at the age of ten turns definitely shows aptitude for the tech craft. A daughter Jesce, born a few turns after her brother, bringing the little family to four, has a mind of her own.

Alas, storybook endings only happen to fictional characters (ha!) The return of a bronze-gold pair to Xanadu may have spurred the change, but truth be told, Darsce, after so many turns as Xanadu's Headwoman was ready to be her own boss without the threat of something as capricious as a flight to shake up her world. She gave notice to Esiae Darsce-style in the form of gift - a flashy pair of stiletto shoes with a note tucked inside that read: "This would be FAR more kinky if you were a male. Please enjoy these. Don't run from fire in them. I'll be in Ierne, Darling." And off she went to start her own business - a retreat/spa in the hills above Ierne Town with a splendid view of the ocean. Luxury accommodations, mud masks, seaweed wraps, make-overs and manicures. That's her life now. Come be her vict- ahhh guest. You won't be bored. Promise!


Name Relation Location Position
Jethaniel Husband Ierne Weyrhold Former Xanadu Steward
Dariel Son Ierne Weyrhold None
Jesce Daughter Ierne Weyrhold None
D'had Father Xanadu Weyr Retired WeyrSecond - Bluerider
Naois Grandfather Vega Run Seacrafter/Trader
Caileigh Grandmother Vega Run Seacrafter/Trader
Lairgnen Uncle Vega run Seacrafter/Trader
Asher Mother Ierne Weyrhold Independant Goldrider
Halimeda Half-Sister (D'had-Melia) Xanadu Weyr Housekeeper
N'shen Half-Brother (D'had-Anatasha) Xanadu Weyr Bronzeider
Natali Sister-in-law (N'shen) Xanadu Weyr Greenrider
Alishe Neice (N'shen-Natali) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Rehsa Sister (D'had-Asher) Ierne Weyrhold Resident
Evee Half-Sister (Asher-?) Ierne Weyrhold Resident
Marel Half-Sister (D'had-Thea) Xanadu Weyr Brownrider
Nerri (Thea-Nerys) Niece (Marel-?) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Mur'dah Half-Brother (D'had-Thea) Xanadu Weyr Brownrider
Kiena Sister-in-law (Mur'dah) Xanadu Weyr Bluerider
Keruthien Nephew (Mur'dah-Kiena) Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Thea (deceased) Step-mom (D'had) Xanadu Weyr Former Xanadu Senior Weyrwoman


Positive Valence Toward Others Gold Sugar

Wavy bands of red ochre and raw umber alternate along the body of this firelizard, a brindled coloration that breaks up her outline and helps - along with a rounded chest and sloped back - to give her a soft and unassuming shape that belies her size. Rust marks her in a few places, splotches of orange-red against the earth-tones of her body. There's some along the underside of her muzzle, made almost invisible by its placement, and uneven amounts speckled onto each of her paws and at the tip of her tail. Her wings, when spread, show sails of soft bole sprinkled through with spots of dark and light, hematite and pyrite.


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Title OOC Date Cast
Ladies' Night May 22, 2015 Esiae, Kiena, Kera, C'rus, Idrissa, Darsce
Pawsitively Purrsuasive June 18, 2015 Esiae, Gerazal, Nikita (NPC), Janaya, Ezsrisa (NPC), Eliana (NPC), Darsce, Kera, N'talya
Kairoikyriath's and Saburath's Clutching, June 28, 2015 June 28, 2015 Azchel, Darsce, Esiae, E'tan, Innes, Kiena, Ligeia
Father Daughter Reunion July 03, 2015 Darsce and D'had
Puzzle Pieces (Vignette) July 07, 2015 Darsce
Time Capsule September 10, 2015 Darsce, D'had
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