Daralyn has a rugged, teenagerish look. Though still rather on the young side, his face is somewhat scarred, the result of a rather unkind run-in with acne. His hair is a shade of dark brown, bordering on black. He is fairly normal-height for his age, perhaps a bit on the short side, and is quite thin. Normally, he is wearing a fairly plain shirt, pants, belt, and a pair of boots. Whatever else he wears depends on the weather, though he has a fairly thick skin for winter cold.


Daralyn is, by most standards, a pretty normal kid, if a bit more intelligent than the average, perhaps a bit more technically-inclined, but pretty average overall. Originally from Rubicon River Hold, Daralyn had a fairly bland childhood; not the most physically-gifted, he is used to being pushed around a bit by the bigger kids. He ultimately came to the Weyr to get away from the usual cycle of bullying that accompanied him as he grew up.


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