Long locks of dark brown, nearly black hair have been more or less tamed into a braid that reaches down to the small of this girl's back. Despite best efforts more than a few strands have escaped here and there, leaving wisps to stick out every which way. Brilliant green eyes watch everything rather intently from above both prominent cheekbones and a rather broad nose. Full lips finish her face, and are apt to mirror the impish glint that may appear all too often in her eyes. Although she's about average height, her build would still be best defined by the word 'lanky' as the proportions don't seem to quite fit right. As she appears to only be in her early teens, she's got quite some time to grow out of it.
Daoi is wearing a rather simple outfit, though it includes a good number of pockets. Her darker khaki pants include at least five of them, two sides, two backs and then large ones on each thigh. The fit of the pants just baggy enough to be nice and comfortable and they stop halfway to her feet which have a pair of leather strapped sandals. Her top is hunter green made of light fabric, tailored just slightly for a better fit though the half length sleeves are left loose for ease of movement.


Daoi grew up traveling with her mother and father, spending a couple months to a turn in different though typically remote locations. The latest and longest was when they settled down in the vicinity of Cove Hold for the last couple turns. There she generally ran amok, got in trouble and was what one might consider a 'wild child'. Barefoot and dirty, but more importantly, happy and thriving. The time she didn't spend outdoors she would observe the father she had wrapped around her fingers as he worked on computers and other technology.
Finally she's reached the age where she should attempt to become a productive member of society even if it means doing so being dragged kicking and screaming. Her parents' preference has led to crafts being considered, and her skill set (though not attitude) leaves following her father's footsteps in the tech craft the most likely possibility. On a recent trip to Xanadu an old family acquaintance offered to take her under his wing and hopefully get her on the path into an apprenticeship.


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