Gender Female
Current Home Xanadu Weyr
Place of Birth near Southern Boll Hold
Wing Position Candidate
Hair Pale Red
Eyes Pale Green
Songs Spotify Playlist

Pale red hair, the color of orange tubers, hangs in twin braids from just behind each pale, freckled ear. A fringe of thick bangs frame pale green eyes the color of a lagoon under the light of both full moons. She’s on the shorter side, being closer to five feet tall than not, and is a little on the thin side. Her skin is pale and lightly freckled, her face heart-shaped with a narrow chin and broad forehead. Her nose is very pronounced, a little overly large for her face, and her mouth a little on the small side, typically pinched in a scowl or frown.


Dannissin was born at a small cothold not far from Southern Boll Hold. Her family was poor, but worked hard to provide for themselves. She started working in the fields with the rest of the family when she was just six turns old, first doing small things like bringing water to everyone, and then helping with actually planting and harvesting the crops. Her family is very… traditional, preferring to do things the “old fashioned way”, eschewing more modern methods and technology.

When she was eight, Danni went down to the coast for the first time with a few older family members, a full day’s walk from their cothold, and spent nearly a month hunting spiderclaws, fishing, and harvesting sea grasses. This became Danni’s favorite time of turn. She was eleven when one of the other girls on the trip, one of Danni’s younger cousins, was found drowned in a tidepool. That ended the younger girls, including Dannissin, going.

At thirteen, Danni met her first techcrafter when he stopped at their cothold for refuge during a storm. When Journeyman Wenton left two days later, Dannissin snuck away to follow him. She got lost, but found him again when he stopped for the evening and convinced him to not send her home. She stayed with him for the next three turns, always being promised an apprentice knot the next time they stop, but it never quite materialized. Now, at sixteen, three turns after she left home and entered a world full of magic (technology) that she never could have dreamed existed before, she is tired of being jerked around and used for free labor. She’s soaked up knowledge like a sponge, but does not have the trained skill or knot to show for it.


Name Relation Location Position
Deayu Mother Small Cothold near Southern Boll Hold Holder
Ontyran Father Small Cothold near Southern Boll Hold Holder

And a whole slew of aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, and cousins, all still back home at that small cothold near Southern Boll Hold.


Bronze Wrinkle



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