The bone structure of the lean young man here holds the musculature of an athelete. Broad shouldered and narrow hipped, with long fingers, the lean one hundred ninety pounds on said bone structure seems to be well purportioned over the six feet, three and one half inches of height. Atop his head, wavey dusty toned tuscan aubourn hair is kept close cropped in an attempt to keep it under control of some sort. His face is long, high forehead and high cheekbones match the rest of his facial features to a T. Almond shaped eyes hold orbs of deep blue green (or is that green blue?) on either side of a slightly upturned nose. His bottom lip has been described as 'biteable' in past. On the back of his neck one can see a tattoo, it's a vaguely circular shape with four knots on either side of his spine, the whole thing coloured white. Similarly, there is a fresh, still pink coloured scar, jagged across the lefthand corner of his forhead.
It's not the most conventional of wardrobe choices, to be sure. The sun kissed bronze of a natural Xanadu Weyr tan shows under the wide sleeves of a burgundy tunic, and the broad keyhole neckline allows a clear view of the candidate's knot tattoo. Around his waist is tied a brilliant, but deeply jeweled tone sarong in reds, greens and blues. A riot of colour, but a manly one to be sure. Below the mid calf hem of the sarong, he wears nothing at all.


Born second to riders D'ni and M'drawt of Xanadu Weyr, Danewt grew up in a pretty much idellic family situation. Stable relationship with his bizzare parents, and utterly worshiping the ground his weird sister walked on, as well as helping to take care of the legions of odd children his father kept adopting.
To go along with this, the boy inherited his father's insane musical talent. And when Medani went off to the Harper hall of her own accord, Newt was sure to follow. And he did a turn later.
At the hall, the boy quickly proved that he was not jsut talented, but technically proficient in musical performance, dramatics and teaching. The only problem was his undying worship of Medani. One foolish apprentice made a disparaging comment about the way Newt's sister did something, and the normally happy go lucky Danewt was soon trying to pound in the face of the much large lad. Unfortunatly it wasn't an isolated incident. Another, much older than Newt apprentice made a rumour about Medani and the back of a caravan at a gather and soon found out what the ancients' term 'whirling dervish' might have meant.
Then came the day that Medani walked the tables, and once again left Newt behind. And the masters above him waited with baited breath for him to mature at least a little. And the waited. And waited some more. For over a turn, Newt had floundered as a seniour apprentice. He's got the talent and technique to be a Journeyman at the tender age of seventeen, but he's fallen short on the maturity requirement. So the hall waits for it's very own Van Wilder to be ready to move on.
And move he did, but not in the way his Masters were wishing really. While on a visit to Xanadu Weyr, the boy managed to get himself searched. Then Medani got searched, and the girl he was most intrested in of all the girls on the planet….Mylla. The whole candidacey was a great time, making what might just turn out to be life-long friendships with D'hiel and F'ai.
Then the hatching day came. And Newt had a new lesson to learn 'not now'. He was left on the sands while his friends for the most part walked off them with lifemates. Mylla included.
The romance with M'la didn't survive the distance and the time apart. Neither of them were really able to write, since Newt threw himself into his work once he'd finished standing on the sands at Xanadu for the other two junior hatchings. And much to his masters former assessment, he just needed the kick in the butt to get him to the next level.
Within the turn, he had completed his tests and projects, and took a subsitiute teaching position within the hall until the posting at Xanadu opened back up. Inspite of the fact that he's only a journeyman, he's been made Weyrharper in the Weyr of his Birth, and is settling back into the more relaxed pace of things in the southern Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
D'ni Mother Xanadu Weyr Rider to Green Raliath
M'drawt Father Xanadu Weyr Rider to Blue Zemarith
Medani Sister Xanadu Weyr Rider to Green Anlyth
Illia Half Sister High Reaches Weyr Rider to Green Toriath


Bronze Damascus, and Bronze Book

*Art by Danewt


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Random Log: Touching Calanth's Eggs 2006 Danewt, Deguila, Jeordi, Lorena, Menea, Rafca, and Tomaz
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