A pint-size pixie at barely 4'11, Daneira is at first easy to - literally - overlook. Slender and shapely, her body is well proportioned and definitely that of a woman grown. Dark auburn hair frames her face, cut into a short, layered style that barely hits her shoulders at the longest point and seems perpetually mussed. Wide, shadowed green eyes are framed by long lashes and are spaced evenly above a long, slightly rounded nose. Her mouth is one that seems to settle into serious, almost melancholy lines, though these are balanced by the frequency of her wide, bright smile.
Over a plain white, scoop-necked blouse she wears a long sleeved bolero-style jacket. The main colour of the jacket is a dark, earthy brown. In wide borders about the cuffs and trimming the high collar, down the fronts and around the back edge, neat embroidery picks out a plethora of blossoming flowers and curling leaves: green, white, yellow, orange, blue, pink. A dark brown sash is wound about her narrow waist, the ends tucked away neatly out of sight. Her skirts are layered, dull purple gathered in saucy folds at her right thigh to reveal the dark green beneath.


Daneira is a flight baby of a different sort. The green rose, was caught, and the losers scattered to console themselves. For D'tol and Leira, brownriders both, a few shared pints turned into a shared bed and the rest, as they say, is history.
The girl grew up in the life of a weyrbrat, terrorizing Telgar with the rest of the children, running errands and messages when she was old enough, attending lessons. She's got a few half-brothers and -sisters running around, a couple known, most not.
At some point along the way she took to spending time with the Weyr seamstresses, and eventually the Weavers. It was no surprise to anyone when she apprenticed to the hall. She had a knack for tailoring and fancy embroidery, but it was soon discovered that her true gift lay in actual weaving. Simple patterns at first, easy blankets and throws, but as the Turns progressed and her skills grew she turned more and more towards tapestries, her designs and images become richer, more detailed.
She walked the tables to Journeyman when she was 20, stayed on at the hall for another Turn to complete a couple projects she had been in the middle of and wrap up some special studies she'd been engaged in. But there's only so much experience to be gained in official classrooms, and while the knowledge is plentiful and the teachers many, nothing quite beats going out into the wide world. Receiving her first 'working' post, she's off to learn and grow and maybe make a small name for herself along the way.


Name Relation Location Position
D'tol Father Telgar Weyr Brownrider
Leira Mother Telgar Weyr Brownrider
Korridan Brother
Leisha Sister
Danyeri Sister


The Artist's Desire Green Kapoia
This Tiny green is sleek and sensual, each proportion perfectly attractive. Her entire body is patterned with flames and swirls in all shades of green and yellow-green, making her, if possible, even sleeker.



Title OOC Date Cast
Forensic Flits and Fistfights June 29, 2009 Cazai, Ch'en, Daneira, Espenetta, Jessamin, K'avu, Kerys, M'nol, M'ori, Orventa, Sigam, T'burk, Thea, Xhaine
Weavers and Weyrling on the Beach July 1, 2009 Daneira, Jessamin, M'nol
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