D'son (Delson)



Dark hair falls in neat waves around this young man's pleasant, swarthy-skinned face, framing liquid hazel eyes. Thinning out as he moves into the later stages of puberty, D'son's cheekbones have gained definition, smooth planes squaring off into a strong enough jaw braced by twin dimples to either side of his mouth when he smiles. His nose is straight and even if a little big at the end, balanced by an uneven mouth, top lip thinner than the full bottom one. Standing at a hair shy of six feet, with a medium build, he looks fit and strong, but more on the wiry side of muscular than built up.


Born and raised at Ista Weyr amongst all the other weyrkids, Delson is the happy byproduct of a flight, mother a bluerider, father a greenrider. Prior to Impression both of his parents were Crafters, mother a Smith, father a Dolphineer and he has family in both Crafts.

Relatively uneventful, his early childhood unfolded in a fairly typical manner: close to his mother until six months, gradually weaning away into the full-time care of foster-mother Badri, though his parents remained closely involved with his rearing. Ten turns passed without mishap, Delson displaying the usual mix of boyish mischief, getting into trouble sometimes, but nothing serious. Around this age he started making noises about maybe following in his mother's footsteps and after consultation between parents and caregivers he was fostered to his grandparents at the Smithcraft for a trial period to let him get his feet wet with the atmosphere and the work. Though Delson showed an aptitude for the necessary skills, things started to get a little rough for the boy right around the time he would've apprenticed around age thirteen. Where he'd been an energetic but biddable child before, as a young teen, he started loafing about, hanging out with some of the rougher Apprentices and generally making a nuisance of himself. Ultimately this led to a fight with his grandfather that led to him being grounded. In a fit of sulky rage, Delson trashed an experiment his Journeyman grandparent was working on in retaliation and though there was no yelling, his grandparents quietly informed him that he was being sent home to the Weyr. Down at heels and remorseful about his actions, Delson could have easily fixed things with a simple apology but teenaged stubbornness left him a sulky, glowery fellow for some months.

Delson became D'son after Impressing bronze Inimeth out of Umniyath and Kinseth's clutch. Impression had an immediate and noticeable impact on the young man that ultimately resulted in that apology to his grandfather and the resumption of some informal Smith-study under his grandfather after he got tapped out of Weyrlinghood. His sunnier nature has come to the fore again with the waning of a teen's hormonal peak, the softening effect of meeting a girl and being liked for himself and the meld of minds with sociable Inimeth.

He settled in happily as a wingrider for a while, then was tapped to be the wingleader for Ista's S&R wing, Ocean Sapphire. He held this position until Inimeth flew Kilaueth at Xanadu making him Weyrleader at the tender age of 19. Feeling his way through the sudden change in status, Dels had to juggle a tense situation at Xanadu itself, as well as poor relations with both Fort and Ista and the fact that he'd left both his weyrmate Aisling and lover F'yr behind at the island Weyr.

He was jailed at Ista in the wake of the earthquakes there due to broken down trust and sneaking over to the island in an attempt to help out when refused through official channels. As a result of the incident, he and his weyrmate Aisling parted company. Rumor has it that he was seen leaving Vivian's weyr the very night that the weyrlings were all tapped into their wings in a state of disarrayed dress and more rumors put him in the the company of the Weyrwoman's elder daughter for several months afterward, including sightings of some rather racy behavior now and then, but no official declaration ever came of it and the liaison seems to have cooled since D'son lost the Weyrleader's knot to R'owan.

Since losing the position of Weyrleader, D'son has settled into a quiet life as a wingrider in the Weyrleader's wing and dabbles in smithing and tech on the side as an amateur. For several turns he remained unattached, occasionally indulging in the odd casual liaison and often seen in the company of his clutchmate and close friend K'ael. For a time there seemed to be a little bit something more than just friendship between the two, though exactly what was always uncertain, as again neither bronzerider ever said anything about it. Most recently, D'son has been seen often in the company of apprentice beastcrafter Amelia and the two appear to be dating.



Name Relation Location Position
S'don (Seladon) Father (+27) Ista Weyr Greenrider (Zeialath)
Dessana Mother (+22) Ista Weyr Bluerider (Szufith)
Badri Foster Mother (+24) Ista Weyr Fosterer/Nanny
Desri Half Sister (-6) Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Selbadrin Half Brother (+7) Ista Weyr Resort Worker
Kesson Half Brother (-21) Ista Weyr Weyrbrat
Deveron Maternal Grandfather SmithcraftHall Journeyman
Sialina Maternal Grandmother SmithcraftHall Journeywoman
Levend Paternal Grandfather Dolphincraft Journeyman
Avara Paternal Grandmother Dolphincraft Resident
Veldon Maternal Uncle Keroon Area Journeyman Smith
Verris Maternal Cousin (+3) Ista Area Journeyman Smith

Current Relationships

Name Relation Location Position
K'ael Best Friend Xanadu Weyr Bronzerider
Amelia Girlfriend Xanadu Weyr Journeyman Beastcrafter

Past Relationships

Name Relation Location Position
Aisling Former Weyrmate Ista Weyr Greenrider
F'yr Former Lover Ista Weyr Brownrider
Vivian Former Lover Xanadu Weyr Greenrider


Precession of the Equinox Bronze Inimeth
Polished bronze, burning with the clarity of a newly forged monument, swirls over the rounded head and slightly pointed headknobs of this leggy bronze before pooling in a patch of darkness at the base of his neck. This purity of colour seeps down over his slim body — muscle, sinew, and flesh melding together into an almost perfect sculpture, though overlong limbs dominate his form. His haunches shade towards brass and his long legs are stained with the taint of verdigris at his feet, a flaw echoed at the very tip of his smouldering copper tail. His wingspars rise like a solar flare, bright against his body, and flecks of fire sparkle across the sails like a meteor shower in a bronzen sky.


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