A slight indication of androgyny still clings to this man's subtly angular features. Stretched tight over a slender frame is skin of a warm bronzed hue, suggestive of birthright rather than tan. Hair colored in the deepest of browns falls just past his shoulder blades. Under the correct light, golden highlights can be made out. Presently the even length of it is drawn back in a loose runner-tail, tied off with a red leather thong, but still manages to have some curl towards the ends. His oblong face is possessed of a complementing nose, full lips, and a chin marred only by the barest hint of a clef. A black leather patch is fixed over the entire socket of his right eye, hiding away the sightless orb beyond. A very thin scar starts along that side of his jaw, jagging over the cheek before shooting upwards as it widens ever so slightly until thickening at it's 'worst' point just to disappear under his hairline. The left eye, completely visible, is jade green framed with thick dark lashes. There is sadness there, no matter what his expression, as if haunted by something from his past. Brows above are on the thinner side, kept neat and arch towards their outer edge. His voice is in the higher range of tenor, accented to speak of an northern upbringing somewhere in the region of High Reaches.

Riding leathers of the deepest maroon have been commissioned to accentuate D'len's slenderness, but are simple and lack any adornment. Beneath the jacket, is a loose but conforming tank top in black. Feet are protected by slightly heeled ebony boots with a heavy steel toe, laced tightly and disappear under the leg of his pants at the ankle. At one shoulder is a knot, depicting his station as a Journeyman of the Healer Craft, and beside it another with a thread of green woven in for his lifemate Szayelth; telling of his current status as a wingrider at Xanadu Weyr. A patch on his left arm indicates him as a member of the practicing crafter's wing, Asteroid.


Delenn is the result of a drunken union between Renegade Veski of Black Tree, and prostitute Elena of The Soiled Rose. Despite lacking the identity of his father, the boy thrived among the women of his mother's ilk, growing to be as beautiful if not more so than his mother. At eleven, he joined their ranks unwillingly at the behest of the establishment's madam, if only to escape four turns later. Meeting up with a band of Renegades headed back to camp, Delenn tagged along and set up shop as it were when they arrived. He was a favorite of several of the men, including the Renegade Leader Yezan and his second in command, Veski. Most noteworthy of all, was Kareyan. A man who could not speak, but did not need words to express his desire. Unfortunately, several months after their affair began, Yezan sent the teen deep undercover to gather intelligence halfway around world. No communication was allowed unless it was coming directly from Delenn to Yezan.

Two turns later, and Delenn returned to find Kareyan in the arms of another. Heartbroken, the seventeen turn old returned to his regular duties if only for a few sevendays. Yezan was sending him away, this time for good, and in his charge would be the Assassin's own daughter and the daughter of his lover, Embrin. Delenn had no choice in this and departed with the two little girls Nazaya and Briana with him, to Xanadu. It was around this time that two copies of the same letter arrived from Elena, who had recently passed away. One was for him, and one was for his father. The letters indicated exactly who Delenn's father was, and it was none other than Veski. Disturbed by this, Delenn sought out his younger half-siblings in Eastern for some semblance of a normal family connection, and found; Ryski.

With his little half-brother in tow, Delenn settled back in at Xanadu. Soon a new love interest appeared, Kristhalis, MasterHealer of Pern. Unfortunately or not, whatever was developing between them would have to wait, for the nanny was soon after searched by bluerider, M'lak. Nazaya and Briana were sent back to the Renegades, and candidacy began. This time in Delenn's life proved hard work, a challenging experience, and nearly life-threatening. During a candidate retreat, wild felines attacked. Delenn was badly hurt defending the dragon of his close friend M'iri, and is reminded of it by the long thin scar on the right side of his face. Sometime was spent in the infirmary, but he was released in time to attend the hatching. There, a dark assassin snuck up on him from behind and her serpentine tail coiled around his legs. As he turned and met her intense red gaze, he learned that she was Szayelth and he, was D'len.

During weyrlinghood, the greenrider did in fact, completely lose the sight in his right eye.


Name Relation Location Position
Laera Weyrmate Xanadu Rider of Blue Kereth
Keldan Son (Kadesh) Xanadu NPC
Ladella Daughter (Laera) Xanadu NPC
Veski Father Renegades Leader
Elena Mother High Reaches Deceased
Y'ki Younger Half-Brother Xanadu Rider to Blue Ecoatleth
Saefti Younger Half-Sister Xanadu Weyrbrat
Matovik Younger Half-Brother Unknown NPC
Lendry Uncle Ista NPC
Cy'ni Uncle High Reaches Rider of Green Tezumath
Dairius Uncle Renegades Soldier
Nelin Cousin Ista NPC
Adrik Grandfather Renegades Deceased
Kristhalis Former Weyrmate Healer Hall/Xanadu Deceased


Suntouched Flower Gold Lotus
The first rays of the morning sun touch the soft, petal-like hue of this creature's hide, tinging the leading edge of each creamy sail with a warm glow of honey. Peach-hint gathers on her muzzle, presenting darkest at her nostrils, fading as it flutters up over each headknob. Her body is a light buttery yellow, tinted smoothly from where the palest indication of color swirls around her lean neck, over her delicately rounded haunches, and spiraling uninterrupted to the end of her tail. Ridges are the only true gold part of her body, as the ochre of a flower's pistil is gathered upon them, lending a guiding stripe down the line of her back.

Explosive Sternutation Bronze Triumph
Classic bronze colors this rather stocky firelizard and seems rather simplistic and plain. There's hardly any shading difference except along is rather short looking wings. There seem to be streaks of light brown that span across the width of the sails, giving them an almost hairy look. His body is a bit stocky, but there's a slight plumpness that gives him the look of a stuffed toy, though his tail seems almost more like a thick cord than an actual tail as it keeps about the same size till right near the end where it forks.

Cynical Wizard Brown Fenrir
At a glance: deep, dark, and brooding. Darkness hangs to him light a coat, surrounding him with color so dark that at times, this brown almost looks black from the base of his neck to halfway down his tail. It especially touches his wings and even the membrane upon them is nearly opaque with the darkness. The rest of him is a collection of dirty, mottled browns: colors that look dirty, yet no amount of washing will get it clean. He is big, for a brown, but none of it is bulk. He is a being of length and is lanky as a result. There is a light in the dark and upon his breast is a shining spot: so light it almost appears to glow a silvery blue.

Something Blue This Way Comes Blue Tsunami
Deep and searing azure blue dominates this firelizard, cascading down limbs and wings in an almost dominant fashion. Swirling cracks of lighter blue seem to swell and ebb across membrane, crashing with a fierce white against wing spars as it suddenly swirls into a savage battle down spine and across ridges. With each sharp curve of this creature's body, a deep whorl of lighter blue descends, claiming over islets of shoulders and hips, obliterating the shimmering touch of green across each, nearly visible in the drowning color of blue. Motes of gray and brown spatter across his slender form, jagged spots of destruction in the wake of churning white and blue. Azure deepens to a royal blue, and then deep navy as it lowers to his legs, and the depths of his talons; which are a pure and deadly black.

Racing Stripes Green Arsenic
Two bright stripes of green run down the length of this firelizard's sides on otherwise drab indistinctive olive hued hide, leading her a look of speed. Everything about this small creature appears to be steamlined, allowing her to zip and dart here and there as quickly as possible. Her delicate wings, long slender tail, and pretty head still suggest beauty, but there's something in her movements and the way she peers at others that suggests perhaps there is more then meets the eye with her. Decidedly petite as she, this green might very well be able to hold her own against much larger of her race.


Awaiting In The Dark Green Szayelth
While others of her color may gain the title of 'pretty', this green is perhaps far from that description. She is not hideous, persay, but she has a certain menacing look to her. Perhaps it's the length of her neck and the narrow head that brings even more focus to strong jaws and sharp teeth. Long headknobs twist and curl away at the apex of her skull: the tips dashed with soft colors. This is a contrast to the rest of her hide, which is a green so deep and dark that it becomes almost black in the right lights. Even ridges spilling down her sinuous spine are lost in that darkness, nor does it lighten as her tail is reached. That length in her neck is implied through the rest of her body — almost snakelike in its lithe form. From beneath her chin, down to the base of her tail, her underbelly is jade: not light, but far lighter than that of the rest of her. Where the two colors meet, there is an awkward blending of shades, as if perhaps the darkness is winning. Her wings are large — too large, at first glance — and seem to engulf her in their size. The membrane between each darkened spar is myriad of dark, almost-black greens so that it appears to be molting: the physical appearance of being broken and yet still whole. Each of her strong legs end in talons that hold only the darkest black of night in their color.
Szayelth has a length of 25.93 meters and a wingspan of 42.38 meters.

Theme Songs

The Rasmus "In The Shadows"
Linkin Park "Easier To Run"


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Early Morning in the Barracks 2008 Arkoss, Alara, Delenn, Keziah, Orla
Candidate Barracks 2008 Arkoss, Alara, Delenn, Keziah, Orla, Pareol
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Weyrling Lesson: Unmanned Flight May 4, 2008 Ch'tra, D'len, Lorena, N'kor, S'ya, Y'ki, Zevida
D'len is Tapped 2008 Niva, D'len
Hair, Tears, and Dead Fish 2008 Delenn, Kamari, Kitty, Niva, R'in, Ryski
A Gathering in the Meadow 2008 Chaitra, Delenn, Lorena, M'iri, Ryski, Senkyou
Delenn Surprises Niva 2008 Delenn, Niva
Youth Versus Experience 2008 Deleen and Laeraana
Delenn and K'vin 2008 Delenn, K'vin
A Moment on the Weyrling Beach 2008 Laera, Delenn
A Crowd in the Cavern 2008 Arkoss, Delenn, Kristhalis, R'miel, Ryski, Vivian
Delenn is Searched 2008 Delenn, M'lak, Ryski
Chaitra is Searched 2008 Chaitra, Delenn, M'iri
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