Sex Male
Position Vagrant?
Dragon Bronze Garouth
Craft Technician
Rank Journeyman
Speciality Communications
Age 27
Birthplace Paradise River Hold


He's fairly average in build; slightly more toward tall than short, a bit more solid than skinny. His dark brown hair is thick and heavy, falling in shaggy tumbles to his shoulders when it's escaped the bit of elastic that's supposed to keep it out of the way… as it often does, a tangled frame for the soft sepia of his face.
He has amber eyes, shading faintly toward orange if light catches them just right and dimming to brown in the shadows. His face is a near-perfect oval, with subdued cheekbones and a large triangular sort of nose leading to a wide, expressive mouth that seems to stretch his jaw a bit wider than his forehead.
He wears a shirt of heathered grey cotton with short sleeves and a v-shaped neck, fairly closely fitted to his body. The loose hooded jacket he wears over it is a warm carnelian red, made of medium-weight wool with a slightly nubbly texture and usually left unbuttoned. The jacket hangs down over the dark brown trousers his shirt's tucked into, while the trousers are, in turn, tucked into a pair of sturdy ankle-height boots in black leather.


Paradise River Hold prides itself on being a getaway from all your cares. There's beaches, drinks, games of chance… everything you might need to enjoy yourself and forget about your troubles.

Of course, sometimes the visitors bring certain kind of troubles with them - like a greenrider trying to escape her dragon's urge to rise. Or the blueriders who followed her there… and most especially, the ones whose dragons - when that green's urge to rise became inescapable - failed to actually catch her.

Sometimes, those visitors still find what they need to forget about their cares… and of course, what happens in Paradise River stays in Paradise River. Well… mostly. It's supposed to, anyhow. That works about as well as anything else does, in practice.

Dashiel was born in Paradise River Hold, nine months after a cascade of improbable events. A greenrider's bad judgment led to a loud flight across the Hold's skies, which led to bluerider D'ran seeking comfort for his loss… and bedding a casino tech who'd otherwise never have been interested.

When morning came around, a few things became clear. D'ran wasn't interested in a relationship, and Tasha already had one; a bit on and off again, to be sure, but that's to be expected when you're dating a sailor who has to disappear on journeys up and down along the coast.

Erijeane was, to be fair, rather surprised and a bit upset when she came back from one of those trips and discovered her girlfriend was pregnant… but they managed to talk it over, and decided they would, in fact, keep the child and raise him together.

So that's Dash. He spent some of his childhood following his ma around and playing with the pieces of those shiny machines while she talked to him about how they worked and how to tune the house edge just right, some of it going with Erijeane on boat-rides along the river and coast, and the rest doing the normal childhood things like getting an education from the harpers and learning to smile at a new batch of tourists every sevenday while playing with the other children.

When he was a lucky thirteen turns, he apprenticed into the tech craft and went to Landing to learn about other kinds of machines beyond slots. He was a quick learner, which was fortunate for him, because he also had a tendency to get distracted pestering the harpers or digging around in the AIVAS archives. Far too many of Dash's report cards read, "bright, but needs to work on focus" - but, distractions and all, he did manage to walk the tables with a specialty in Communications… and even get himself a posting.

…and then he left that posting to become a candidate. If you want to win big, sometimes you have to raise the stakes!

…which led to a bronze dragon named Garouth, and a whole mess of other things that - eventually - had him going back to Xanadu to raise heck. Or… maybe just a family.


Name Relation Position
Tasha Ma Journeyman Tech
Erijeane Mom Sailor
D'ran Father Bluerider
Risali ??? Senior Weyrwoman
K'vir ??? Galaxy Wingrider
Selene Daughter Weyrbrat
Kyriel Son Weyrbrat
Darien Son Weyrbrat
Zyriden Son Weyrbrat
Reverie Daughter Weyrbrat
Eirlys Son Weyrbrat
Kalyri Daughter Weyrbrat


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