Hard brown eyes from a lifetime of squinting at deserts and forests are Corrigan's most distinctive feature. In them she has a perpetual no-nonsense look to her and the calculating instant judgment of people that comes from someone used to confrontation. Watching her for a long time reveals someone who doesn't frown much but at the same time seems to have forgotten how to smile.

Once someone gets past that she is fundamentally unremarkable. Auburn hair flows to shoulder length and she is neither thin nor heavyset, curvy nor waifish, passing right down the middle of normal. If it wasn't for those eyes and that look she would be easy to pass off as just another average Jane on her way to somewhere. Even then, usually it is just the people who have a reason to notice her expression that do.

At the moment, perhaps unexpectedly she is dressed plainly. Black, form-fitting leggings that allow freedom of easy movement are covered with a stitched leather jacket and hood. Black gloves are haphazardly shoved into a pocket and here and there the shape of two bone knife hilts poke up from inside the jacket on her left side. A larger one, a small sword of some kind sits snuggled up under her arm.

A very close look or observant eye can see that the jacket is worn in a line from left to right, shoulder to hip, where she has walked many, many miles with something slung over her shoulder.


Born at Telgar Weyr to uncertain parentage Corrigan got her unusual name after a nanny had been picking through files from Landing. She thought that it sounded pretty enough and at the time using old Earth names was more or less unique. Some said that it would be forgotten for a nickname but it stuck. As life went Cori became more common to her friends but her more formal name didn't go anywhere.

Old wives believe that everyone has a calling and until she reached her mid teens she would have expressed her belief that was ridiculous. After all she was just drifting aimlessly through her life. She chose to apprentice in the beast craft just because one of her friends did and having no real interest she was a poor student without her heart really in it. Learning to raise animals and treat them just held no real pull to her but it was the path of least resistance and so she barely skimmed through her grades. It wasn't until some ovines escaped that everything became as it should.

She knew how tall they were and she knew how long they were. She could guess the size of their legs. Those boring courses had taught her that. With her eye to the ground she discovered that even where there shouldn't be prints she knew just where to look for the next one and the next one after that. Before long she had the job of rounding up loose stock and not long after that someone took her hunting for the first time and she had found her role in life. Someone had to keep predators away from herds and get rid of them.

Soon she was an excellent shot with a bow and by the time she was a Journeyman she had become something that nobody really knew how to put a title to.

The truth was that she had become far too good at tracking animals to enjoy it. It was finding people that she yearned for. Sometimes even dangerous people. People who didn't want to be found. Wealthy Lords and Ladies paid good money to find where people who cheated them were hiding or who didn't pay their dues. People that hurt other people needed to be caught by the authorities. Animals were predictable but people aren't and she more or less taught herself their habits. How people were going to react, where they would go and what they would do. Who was dangerous and who wasn't. How to talk someone down and bring them in without hurting them and how to handle herself if that couldn't be done.

She realized she wasn't just following the path of least resistance anymore and had found her calling in life when she was in the middle of the burning desert near Igen tracking a man who had stolen a charity fund and killed a man to do it. Paid by the Harpers that she was leading to find the man she thought that she wouldn't give this up for a moment. Tracking and killing felines is one thing, escorting the law through the desert with her bow on her back and a sword at her side in pursuit of a desperate man? That is excitement and she knew she wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

Of course? Nobody knew what to call her because the job of "Bounty Hunter" doesn't exist officially on Pern. Many in the beastcraft didn't approve of what she did but there were always jobs to do for them, herd keepers who had a problem predator they just couldn't hunt or a missing prize animal that nobody else could find to keep her official and keep her busy until her next big score.

She thought she had her life all worked out and then suddenly impressed Green Iennth at her home Weyr. Now straight out of Weyrlinghood she has been sent to Ierne Weyrhold and is eager to see what the young green can do to help her. « And two heads are always better than one when you are finding someone! »


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