26 Turns, 11 months, and 23 days old. That's all she is, but a casual observer may guess more. Cirilia is not the most flattering combination of her parents, but that does not, in any way, make her ugly. But one wouldn't necessarily call her pretty either. The more proper term for her would be "handsome". Cirilia's face exhibits all the sharp angles of her strong-jawed father. A hawkish nose frames it, dusted with a fine spray of liver colored freckles. Indigo eyes are wide-spaced and rimmed with blonde lashes so light they may not be noticed at all. A wry expression is often on her face, quirking a thin mouth into a grin. However, that's based purely upon her mood for the moment.
Cirilia wears a tunic of deep blue, bringing out the indigo of her eyes. She also wears a battered wherhide jacket. The elbows are worn and threadbare as is the shoulders and collar, but it seems warm enough. On the shoulder of said jacket, she wears a knot of blue and orange, a deeper blue strand woven in between to signify her as a Bluerider in the Comet Wing of Xanadu Weyr. She also wears wherhide pants and boots, also well-loved. Long, brilliantly red hair is tied back with a thong of black wherhide. It's brushed but not styled at all, only left to hang long behind her.
Her frame is as sharply angled as her face, too thin and boney for the likes of most mothers and cooks. Her cheeks bear a trace of flush at all times, though, never pale or sickly. Hands are calloused and red knuckled as if set to work for long periods of time.


The last daughter of C'ryn and Lilia, Cirilia is no stranger to two things, hard work and dragons. This has somewhat taken the innocence and amazement from her eyes. As a former weyrlingmaster, Lilia taught her daughter the strenuous chores and exercises through which she had put her own students. However, from her father, she learned the different flavors of humor, dry and sarcastic to fruity, goofy gaity. It was a happy childhood, full of runners and dragon baths, but as she neared adulthood, she decided to strike out on her own. Her mother granted her leave, and she went on her way, trying to capture some of the adventure of which her parents often spoke.
It wasn't long before she chose to settle down at Xanadu Weyr. Her mother had spoken of it, so she figured that this would be the best place to settle down for at least a short while. She seemed to fit in well, using things her mother had taught her to run a fairly successful betting pool whenever eggs appeared on the sands. She did NOT expect to be Searched, though, so when Adinaeth announced that she should stand, she numbly agreed.


Name Relation Location Position
Lilia Mother Island River Hold Rider of Blue Myrrath
C'ryn Father Island River Hold Rider of Green Raiath


Trails of Stardust Brown Ziggy
An unimposing cocoa brown firelizard with chestnut wings which are slightly larger than strictly required. That is the first impression of this brown. A closer look reveals the midnight blue and forest green which caress his chest gently and slowly fade away upon his stomach. Each of his neck ridges is capped with a drop of pure copper while slim veins of amber and bronze are nearly lost as they race along the length of his tail. Despite these details, he gives the impression that there is more to discover within such a simple exterior.

Parklane Believer Blue Parker
Kindness and sensitivity seem to emanate from this firelizard as he looks at the world in honest curiosity. His unusually large head swivels to and fro, almost looking to make sure the coast is clear for him to pass, and his eyeridges cant backwards in a permanent expression of worry. Prone to be lean, he does eat and eat well. His wings seem to be slightly unfurled at all times, waiting to take off in case something startles him. A smooth cerulean lights him, paling over his hips, flank and chest as well as at the end of his rounded muzzle. Other than that, only six small, powdery stripes adorn his head right above the point of his eyeridges and set firmly between them. If one weren't looking for them, they would be completely lost. Down his neckridges, dipping all four legs and unusually still tail, the color becomes a midnight blue, almost black. Rarely is he seen out of sight of his person, and when he is, he seems nervous and jittery.

Across the World Green Frigid
Large eyes are the first feature that catches your attention on this little green. The whirling regard of a myriad of emotion swirls through the facets in a dizzying display. Though reds don't often color her outlook, and she attempts to make a cheery display of herself, this little girl's temper is made painfully obvious in blacks and reds. Most of her proportions are long and muscular. Whippy muscles slide under smooth hide as she makes the smallest movement. Pine is the color which envelops this little girl. It slides across her from nose to tailfork. Olive undertones define her musculature, deepening into brown in the deepest crevices and corners. An iridescent spray of sea green brushes over her head and the tip of her nose. Across her sails, all colors mix and meld into a murky mix of swampy splendor. Obsidian talons remain at half-extension, as if not fully trusting the ground beneath her toes.

Rolling Fields Green Gracie
A delicate patchwork of color lays upon the gentle rolling curves of this firelizard's body. The frame which supports such a grand vision looks contrastingly hardly able to support it. The delicate petiteness of this long and thin lady with her smooth muscles unpronounced over such a graceful thin frame moves with serene grace. She seems hardly bothered, brilliant whirling eyes absorb all the activity about without judgment while tail sways to a soundless chorus and talons knead gently into her chosen perch. One might think her body covered by scales, for the mosaic of greens that pattern across her body are outlined by darker evergreen and in her wings an oceanic depthless blue. Yet to touch one would find the same smoothness as any other. Like a work of art the greens outlines her eyes, cascade down her neck like girlish curls and swirl upon her breast in summer swept grasses before pooling upon her belly in darker hues of puddled moss. Wings are contrastingly light of color, the blue outlining a sea's bounty of tender kelps and weeds swaying upon the currents with darts of brilliant color here and there, like hungry fish swimming among the sea greens. Tail wraps up the picture in a shifting mingle of all of the hues that contort in a rainbow of greens before blending to a single hue at her tailtip, the only place the mosaic effect gives way to life's reality.


Twin Silhouettes of Lilac Blue Tamasth
Tender twilight glistens as it sweeps over this tiny blue's body, like the pale summer sky darkening just after sunset, gliding easily over his narrow back and his slightly rounded haunches, curling delicately around to his thin belly. Pacific panorama laps against his long, lean wings, paler wings meeting the barely darker sky seamlessly, melding together. However, his body cannot remain pale, lilac-hued romantic isle blue accents his body, settling around his long limbs and shadowing his slender tail. Sandy feather-like fingers glide up his belly, the undefined edges of a silhouette, darkening the central line of his body. His narrow face is almost feline-like, flattened at the end, and sloping sharply upwards to darkened headknobs, hues intermingling oddly. Hyacinth ridges, like mountains on the distant horizon, glide smoothly down the curved line of his back, adding the final touches to his lilac-shadow appearance.


Title OOC Date Cast
A Day at the Beach May 7, 2009 Cirilia, Denna, Rogawani, Cenlia
Package Sorting and 'Girl Talk' May 10, 2009 Cirilia, Keziah, Morlanol, Riyontali, Rogawani, Ruzel, Satoris
Lunchtime Meetings May 11, 2009 Cirilia, D'had, D'son, Iroha, Rogawani
I'll Think About It May 12, 2009 D'had, Enkavir, Thea, Tamasth
Healers, Firelizards, and Buttgrabbing May 13, 2009 Ashyte, Cirilia, Jessamin, Rogawani
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