A tiny little thing, Circelyn: black hair, large green eyes, a delicate curve of jaw and a cupids-bow mouth seem to define her at first glance. Not much over five foot, with compact curves and a lean frame, it would be very easy to judge her younger than she is. Her creamy skin is post-pubertypse, however, with a faint smattering of acne scars to prove it: her green eyes are luminous and large, her skin very white. Despite her delicate appearance, springy muscle underlies her frame, and the tips of her fingers are hardened by callouses.


Saralyn, a young cavern's-worker from Igen, birthed a darling little girl as a result of an errant missed-flight from a visiting brownrider, Ci're from Xanadu Weyr. The young girl had full intent of raising her child as her own until life struck — as it always happens. Searched, Saralyn gave up her child to the nannies to Stand and find her own lifemate late during her very first Hatching, green Isiulith. Circelyn's life was forever changed by this. Growing up in the brat-pack of Igen, Circe's childhood was full of the typical adventures and /mis/adventures that groups of children tend to get ensnared within.

However, at age 13, Circelyn was visited by her father, who had more than a typical share of dismay over his errant child, being family-centric himself. He then offered her the opportunity to move to Xanadu to spend more time with him and his family, which Circelyn accepted. At Xanadu, Circelyn found new freedom in the first blossomings of her own life. Her grandfather, Ci're's father Ch'ros, an elderly dragonhealer, became very dear to her at this point, so it was of little surprise when Circelyn herself hared off not even a turn later to Ierne to start her own work in the dragonhealer's school there, in his footsteps.

Turns of hard work — sweat, tears, blood and ichor — later, Circelyn emerged from her rank three examinations to request a posting back at Xanadu, to help in the fertility research ongoing at the annex… and to be closer to her late-found family, and spend time with her ailing grandfather.


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