Streaked blonde spikes stand up in a disarray of order that make the ice blue of her eyes stand out in exquisite fashion. Framed by long black lashes her eyes portray a wealth of information on her moods. Brightly they shine when pleased though dark and stormy they turn when angry. High cheek bones give a pleasant accent to her face though the more detail driven may notice there is no cute button nose. Looking out of place with her other features the slightly pointed nose tilts downwards and isn't quite centered. Her lips are perhaps too thin for her slivery oval shaped face which only aids in a continuous pouty expression. However these imperfections are hard to see when her dazzling blue eyes manage to light up in a brilliant smile to overshadow anything else. Lean and fit for her age she's naturally tanned all year long with dusky browned skin that only brings out the blonde streaks in her hair.

Dressed for comfort over fashion always, Chrys is often attired in a manner that befits her brothers more than herself. Baggy brown trousers to ensure that most of her tunics don't outright clash too bad. The bagginess hides the muscles in her legs earned from turns of riding runners. A loose fitting tunic is laced under a pale red vest. Either boots or sandals will cover her feet depending on her travels for the day. A knot with Ista Weyr colors is fastened on her left shoulder.


Born on Ista Island, Chrys hails from the hold of Red Sands Hold and sports the sun-kissed tan of the sun for she's spent nearly her whole life outdoors. Unlike her younger siblings who would rather linger in the hold and flirt with all the guys, Chrys always was different. As the oldest it was expected of her to never step out of the shadow of her parents. To her their demands were nothing short of trying to mold her into the woman she wasn't made to be. Never wanting to be in charge of anyone's destiny but her own she constantly fights the yolk of her responsibilities. Learning to be a proper woman was a poor second to running, swearing and climbing trees with the boys of the hold. Catching tunnel snakes was more fun to her than learning to dress a chicken in the kitchen. One day against her parents wishes she slipped away in the middle of the night with a trader's caravan. From the hold they traveled to a smaller hold just outside Xanadu Weyr. For months she was gone until finally tracked down she returned home to Red Sands hold. Still not happy she struck a bargain with both parents. She's now living at the Weyr as a Guard with the promise to return home every two months for etiquette lessons.


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Title OOC Date Cast
True Winters August 14, 2014 Chrystyne, Ka'el
LOLs in the Stars (Chrystyne is Searched) September 03, 2014 Chrystyne, S'ai
Candidate Check September 03, 2014 Chrystyne, Ka'el
A Food Showdown Between Two Greenies! September 06, 2014 Kyra, Kiena, Mur'dah, Kaitro, Chrystyne, Keldan, Idrissa, C'rus, S'ai, Ka'el, Briari, Kera
First day of Spring September 07, 2014 Ka'el, Briari, Kyra, Chrystyne
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Did you feel that? (Egg-Touching) September 17, 2014 Briari, Chrystyne, Jonteim, S'ai, Soriana
Kairoikyriath's and Zeruth's Clutch Hatches September 26, 2014 Briari, C'rus, Chrystyne, Darsce, Eltanin, Giroux, Idrissa, Innes, Kaitro, Kiena, Mur'dah, S'ai, S'dny, T'ayne, Kairoikyriath, Zeruth
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