Dark brown hair flows lightly down the back of this female, who is about 5'9" in height. The hair gently cascades down to the bottom of her shoulderblades, when not wrapped in a tight bun in order to put under a riding helmet. Oddly enough, among the colors of earthen brown gleams strands of strawberry blonde, a touch of her heritage showing through in these colors. Along with the darkness of her hair comes the contrast of her pale face, thin jawline and nose accentuated by her hazel eyes. Light brown freckles litter across her petite nose, telling of former days in the sun and maybe even current days, as well. Her form itself is quite feminine, the curves of her body following through with how her gender should look, though nothing greatly noticable as each curve is small and more willowy, to match with her limbs and fingers. To her front, she bares the results of baby fat that is persistent in staying, much to her displeasure; even though this woman seems to be in good physical shape.
A light white shirt sits comfortably on this woman's shoulders, snugging against her torso a bit as it flows down, and yet is a bit loose, allowing for comfort and breathing room. The shirt itself has short sleeves, ending up near her shoulder like a tank-top with huge straps. The shirt comes down to a pair of loose black pants that encompass Chriel's slender legs, their wherhide fabric softer then normal. The length extends from her waist down to her ankles, where the cloth constricts and is snug against her ankle. A black belt with a shiny silver buckle wraps around the top, more for decoration then to hold up her pants. Sandals are slipped neatly upon her feet and are made of a black wherhide, as well. The sandal straps extend from the midsection and over the top of the foot the connect and slip between one of the toes, its design like that of a 'flip-flop'.


Born to Mirian and Eriel of Tillek Hold, Chriel is the youngest middle child of four. At a young age, Chriel was an outgoing girl and quite bouncy, willing to help nannies and aunties with the children that were younger then her, having an affinity for young children since birth. When she got older and Rianel started his training as a guard, Chriel became the one to watch young Miiriel during the day, though it didn't last long, because not soon after, Miiriel left Tillek hold. This left Chriel with no other option then to train herself as a nanny of the hold.
It was also that when Miiriel left that Chriel considered her own future, questioning whether she really wanted to stay within Tillek all her life and help her parents well into their old age. Thankfully for Chriel's parents, Chriel had no flings of fantasy and kept to her duties to her hold, that is until Midran ended up dying in a storm off the coast. It was during that time that Chriel left in search of her sister, though it would be several monthes before she would find her, instead supporting Rianel in his choice to move to the Minecraft while she waited for news of the destination of her sister.
Three monthes after Midran's death at sea, a trader's master came to Tillek to inform Chriel and her family of Miiriel having been searched at Xanadu. Mirian and Eriel had unfortionately disowned their youngest daughter, but Chriel refused to give up on her… And it was that choice that brought her to Xanadu. After spending a month at Xanadu and reuniting with her sibling, Chriel decided to work as a nanny in the lower caverns and take care of rider's children, helping on occasion aswell in the kitchens and with the Headwoman. She enjoyed the company of the Weyr people, and Xanadu's climate in the Southern Continent, but it wasn't until a year later that Chriel found her true purpose at Xanadu; as a potential-rider.
Searched by a local brownrider at Xanadu, Chriel entered into candidacy at twenty-one years of age. Unlike some candidates, Chriel was a diligant worker in candidacy, proving to do her duties and doing them right without much fuss in the process (Unless those she worked with were too much or it was too embaressing- like serving male riders food.). In the end, some believe this is what made her appealing to the young green dragonet that hatched on the Xanadu sands.
Young Daimoath pretty much bee-lined for the older candidate after a few hesitant steps from her shell, making Chriel and Daimoath into a pair; and later, a riding team at Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Eriel Mother Tillek Hold Holder
Mirian Father Tillek Hold Holder
M'iri Sister Xanadu Weyr Wingleader with Blue Kieranth
R'nel Brother Eastern Weyr Rider to Brown Perrinth
Mallorn Cousin Xanadu Weyr Wherhandler
Andreia Niece Minecraft Hall Wherhandler
Malorry Aunt Unknown Unknown
Karne Uncle Unknown Unknown


Green Daimoath
Emerald green flows over this dragon like silk and lace, swirls of peridot cascading about like gems among a pasture. Her hide is a vibrent tone of grassy green, mellow golds joining down her slender back, cresting over wing fingers and membrains. Colors of turqoise blend in with the gold, forming a light, starry sky over the expanse of wings, crossing only at the shoulder and a bit on the ridges before fading into oblivion. The left over gold forms into a lime color and drips lavishly into the belly of emerald, making its way down strong legs and midnight black talons. Raging into a twist of both lime and emerald, the colors drive past the green's hips and wage war for dominance over a thin and willowy tail, though in the end, loosing to a splash of muddy brown halfway to the spade.
Polished reddish brown straps encircle the ridges and neck of this green dragon. These straps are lined with soft brown wool so as not to chafe Daimoath's hide. Miscellaneous silver buckles are situated about the straps for which to secure items to the green dragon to keep them from falling. Black cord holds these straps together around the edges softening there appearance a bit. The chest plate of these straps is a simple circle of reddish brown hide, it is encircled by the same cord that holds the straps together.


There are no logs for Chriel

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