Long ebony tresses fall in a side-parted cascade over and below her shoulders, the darkness broken only by glimpses of porcelain pale skin underneath bangs that dust her forehead just above the eyebrows. Startling green eyes look upon the world with amusement, as she has a way of often finding something to laugh about. Full, pouting red lips lie beneath a nose that just somehow fits her face, not too large and not too small. She stands well over five feet, closer to six if truth be told. Skinny some say, curvy others, but she pays them no mind, feeling quite comfortable with herself.

She wears a soft apple green shirt, the cuffs rolled up to her elbows. Around the collar are flowers, carefully stitched in bright colors. The shirt is tucked into black trousers, belted at her waist with a black belt. The pants are then tucked into scuffed black boots.


Conchetta, like many other weyrbrats, was born as a result of a mating flight at Igen Weyr. Her parents, although friends, were never romantically involved. She was close to both parents, and often waited to greet them upon their return to the Weyr. Around the age of 13 or so, she was searched by her father and his green to stand at Igen. It was a generally uneventful candidacy (aside from a few pranks by the mischievious Chet), with Conchetta's silly personality occasionally grating on the nerves of some of her fellow candidates. She became good friends with a few who could put up with her. Some saw her personality as charming, while others were deeply annoyed by her. While standing for Isisth's and Albarith's clutch, she met Blue Aeskath, the one she was meant for. Weyrlinghood went smoothly, aside from a crush on her equally young Assistant Weyrlingmaster. She was a diligent learner, however, and girl and dragon did well together from the start. After completing her training, she and Aeskath flew on a transport wing for a few turns, and a short stint at Ierne before returning to her sandy home in Igen. Upon her return, she decided to try something new and joined Damascin, Igen's security wing. It is in this that Chet and Aeskath seem to have found their niche. With her remarkable tracking skills, she and Aeskath gained notoriety not only among the Weyr, but with the Renegades as well. Her assistance was frequently requested by Igen's Search and Rescue wing, Oasis. After an altercation that nearly cost her her life, she decided that she and Aeskath could use a change of scenery, and requested a transfer to Xanadu, where her friend and clutchmate Akeylah had been posted.


Name Relation Location Position
Zale Mother
W'at Father


Panthera Tigris Brown Jagermeister
Over a base coat of cocoa powder, dripping down in jagged patterns, are stripes of hot fudge-colored chocolate. The patterns of the dripping topping reach down to the confectioner's sugar-white belly of this brown, and the hot fudge encircles his legs with many, many delicious rings. A complete opposite of his sugar-sweet appearance, this brown is silent and mischevious, stalking around in the shadows while watching for whatever could possibly be his next target. He's stealthy, and you'll only realize that you're being attacked once he's on you — so keep you eyes on him!

Aptenodytes Forsteri Blue Bonaparte
Tailored to fit the blue firelizard like a suit jacket is a dark coat of blue, reminiscent to the midnight sky above the frozen arctic. Underneath this suit jacket of night sky, an undershirt of a much lighter color, nearly white, but still retaining a hint of icy blue. This firelizard's paws are dipped in the same dark blue as the coat across his back, as if his paws had been slipped into some comfortable dress shoes — to match the suit coat! To go along with his ensemble is a true gentlemen, always polite and humble. This blue is easy to train, as he's quite eager to please his pet with even the most trivial of tricks.

I HAZ A FLAVR Green Cajeta
This green looks good enough to eat. Sugary green frosting seems to coat her like a small cupcake, spreading across her wings, back, neck, head, and tail. The rest of her seems to be a pale creamy green color, as if she's a /vanilla/ cupcake with green frosting. She is dainty and well-proportioned, a real darling.


Quicksilver and Midnight Water Blue Aeskath
As if water had been given solid shape and form, the glistening iridescent hue of midnight-blue flows in a torrent over the muscular well-proportioned form of this newborn hatchling. From a slim, dished muzzle that curves boldly out to a broad forehead crowned with knobbly headknobs, the same dark-toned blue shadows cloak his entire being, smooth silky-soft dragon hide dyed with the pigment of electrum and midnight. Dappled midnight and ebony shadows upon blue dance along the curve of the long sinuous neck, that melds gracefully down to firm, strongly muscled shoulders before trickling along lean, smoothly curved hindquarters, and streaking down the long whiplike tail. Twilight and midnight blue deepen the contrast against his throat and underbelly. His long wings, angular rather than broad, are tinted a paler electrum and midnight, so light a hue to add to the illusion of near-transluscence. Against the darker hue of his base coloration, opalescence can be found in the veins of pale quicksilver that streak across his hide; as if ipples of water were flowing downwards along the entire length of his body. Bright talons, sharp and gleaming pale gold complete his apperance; contrasted against the deep blue shadows that be seems to resemble.


Title OOC Date Cast
Candidates and Flits and Eggs--Oh My! Part Two June 01, 2009 Chet, Dellacoda, Hadi, Jessamin, Morlanol, Niva
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