The boy before you, most likely in constant motion as he normally is, is presumably around seventeen turns of age. He stands at a diminuitive 5' 6". The top of his head, which is most likely the first thing you see looking down at him, is covered in an unruly mop of thick, passion-red hair that he is constantly blowing out of his piercing green eyes that carry the glint of boyhood curiosity and mischievousness. Chaton is thin and lanky, with his height (or lack thereof) more in his legs than his torso. His fingernails are jagged and short from being bitten down to the quick constantly, though wether this is from nervousness or just habit is hard to tell.Dark earthy colours make up his wardrobe, mostly browns and mud tones. His trousers and shirt are both slightly too large for him, which makes him look skinnier than he already is, and are made from a thin, worn fabric. His knots designate him as a Journeyman Healer.


Chaton was born to a cooking lady named Loretta at Igen Weyr. He grew up mostly in the lower caverns, playing with the other weyrbrats and generally causing meyham. Even though he was much smaller than the other children, he was better than most at getting into mischief. He had a certian way about him. Like he could look at someone and know exactly how to get under their skin, just how far to push them, and when to back off. As he got older, he began to earn his keep by helping out in the weyr infirmary. As he began to show an adeptness at soothing patients as easily as he could provoke his boyhood friends, and an equal adeption at first aid and helping the Healer on Call, Chaton was sent to learn the Healer Craft as an apprentence at the Healer Hall. Once there, he took the general medical courses offered, and learned them. He wasn't an amazing student, a little above average, but nothign to woo over. Though he would never admit it, he was studying something other than his general healing courses. A specific healercraft that intriuged him. Mind Healing. He would sneak litature about it and study, testing his findings out on his friends when he had the opprotunity. Perhaps, some day, he would be able to persue his interest.


Name Relation Location Position
Loretta Mother Igen Weyr Cook




Title OOC Date Cast
Wounds June 11, 2009 Chaton, M'nol, Sigam, Thea
A Quick Question June 14, 2009 Chaton, Moria
A Gift For Sigam June 15, 2009 Chaton, Thea
People Plotting Plushy Punishments June 21, 2009 Chaton, Jessamin, M'nol
Mind-Healing the Weyrlings? June 21, 2009 Chaton, F'yr, Keziah, M'orl
The Domino Effect June 25, 2009 Chaton, T'burk, Kire, Niva, Jessamin, Vora, R'zel, Tellus
Mindhealing the Mindhealer June 30, 2009 D'had (sort of), Chaton, Kerys, Thea
Trust Game July 1, 2009 Chaton, G’len, Janelle, Jessamin, Keziah, M'nol, Ontali, Thea
Safe in the Caverns July 9, 2009 Chaton, Keziah, M'nol, Re're, Shorynia, T'burk, Vora, Zafirah
Help Me... Please... August 27, 2009 Chaton, M'nol
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