Rangy and athletic, Chaise is on the tall side of average with long limbs, lithe muscle and barely-there curves. Dark blond hair spills from a center part to the middle of her back, thick but boringly straight and lacking in style unless a hastily slicked back ponytail counts. A light smudge of kohl accentuatess the almond shape of keen moss-green eyes, making up for lashes that are long but pale. They are the most striking of her features, balancing a well-formed but too large nose, high forehead and full-lipped wide mouth. Her bone structure is all angles from cheeks to jaw, wide shoulders to slim hips and slender neck to quick, long fingers.
Her clothing is neat and tailored in muted earth tones, well-kept and flattering but not exactly feminine or fashionable. A light sage vest is buttoned over the wide-collared olive blouse that is tucked into fitted beige trousers. Knee-high boots and a thick belt in dark brown leather are apparently worked from the same piece of hide as the large square satchel she tends to have slung over her shoulder, and a bit of braided rope close around her throat is her only other accessory.


It's an age-old story and a dull one at that. Dragonrider and crafter spend a few dizzy months together and the resulting pregnancy is unplanned and not exactly convenient for either party. In this case the rider was a woman and convenient or not the father wanted the child enough that the bluerider carried the baby girl to term. Not long after her birth Chaise's parents parted ways and Sieli has been more like a distant aunt than a mother ever since. On the other hand, her father Alchar has always been the epitome of a doting father, teaching his only child the ins and outs of his craft from the time she was old enough to be gentle when banging her little hands on a keyboard. It was never a question that Chaise would follow in her father's footsteps, and so at the end of a somewhat unique but solid childhood she apprenticed into the ComputerCraft.
Focused, bright and determined, Chaise steadily progressed through her training aided by a more outgoing personality than many of her fellow apprentices. At 19 she walked the tables and chose programming as her specialty, and now after a turn of being mentored at Landing she was looking forward to her first posting. And enjoy it she did, for the scant few months she was at Xanadu. Unfortunately she did not get along at all with the Master posted there, and he is old, crotchety, and established enough to get his way. Just when Chaise was starting to feel settled and like she may be making friends, she received word that her posting was being changed. And so she's been shipped of to Ista, technologically a backwater, to see if she can even /find/ a computer there. Fantastic.


Name Relation Location Position
Sieli Mother Southern Weyr Rider of Blue Idwoth
Alchar Father Landing Master Computer Crafter


Scars and Darkness Brown Giza
Dark brown, almost black, sweeps around this lanky brown's face, brushing over muzzle and headknobs, coloring the first of the ridges that run down his back. Colors darken with the shadows as they continue to march down his dark brown sides, the same hints of coloration from his muzzle touching his paws and dying the tip of his tail. And yet, while the shadows live in his wings, gray-brown hues stretched between each wraith-like spar, a bit of brightness is present on his face - a large, almost pink, marking that crosses one eyeridge.


Logs, pictures, and more can be found at Chaise's Wiki.


Title OOC Date Cast
Evening Exploration March 19, 2009 Chaise, Cenlia, D'had, Re're, Rogawani, Thea, X'hil, Zevida
Running Into Trouble March 20, 2009 Chaise, Cenlia, Rei, Thea, X'hil, Zevida
Fired Weyrwoman Fallout March 2009 Chaise, Thea, Vrizana, Zevida
An Unhappy Weyrwoman March 2009 Chaise, Cenlia, Thea, X'hil

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