Short rust-colored hair sticks up at odd angles from this young man's head, as if it never quite learned to stay flat on his head. His hair, dispite its behaviour is usually kept neatly trimmed and only is about a inch or so long from his head, his bangs, too are rather short if not there at all. His face is rather broad, especially about his forehead. Thin eyebrows rest over deep forest-green eyes. His nose is rather small for his face, making his cheekbones more prominent. He has a rather light tan to his skin, suggesting he spends a lot of time outside. His body as a whole is lanky and slim, making him look like he never quite got out of that awkward growth stage although he stands at a normal height. Muscles aren't quite prominent, either not there or on the whole not obvious enough to stand out.

As for clothes, he can be seen usually wearing a cream-colored shirt with short sleeves that hangs loosely off of his body, a cerulian-colored vest is usually seen fitted over it. Accompanying this are pitch black pants and tan wher-hide boots.


Chaesin grew up at Xanadu weyr, where he's lived all of his life with his siblings and mother and father. Life was fairly normal for him, playing with his friends, getting into trouble, things a normal boy does. And while he never really seemed to settle into any craft, he does seem to enjoy a little bit of everything. Whether it's fixing things, helping in the kitchens, or even mucking about in the stables. He can usually be seen taking odd jobs, never seeming have the motivation to really settle into something more serious. Many disputes were had between himself and his parents, as most of his other siblings either moved out into the hold or crafts, and did something with their lives. But dispite the remarks, Chaesin never really did get into a serious job at the weyr.


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