If a season could transform itself into color and then transplant itself onto the curves of a female figure, then surely the result would be Achina. Her person is coated in the warm fall hues of brown and red. Warm brown hair, darker than auburn but far lighter than chocolate brown, curls into thick waves to her shoulders and that ever present single curl, chopped short by necessity, drops neatly into her left eye. Her hair surrounds and traps her compact oval tan face within its curly mass. Small round honey-brown colored eyes, a petite nose and soft looking lips make for a rather doll-like face to this young woman.
Clothing comes in reds and dark browns for this woman. Dark brown breeches sit comfortably at her flared hips and a deep blush tunic does the job of covering her upper body, and her baby-swollen belly, only now visible under her clothes, up nicely. Boots are always the shoe of choice, in dark brown laced up with neat little bows. She has no jewelry to speak of but if one watches this woman often enough they might catch the rare glimpse of some sort of mark at the crease of her elbow. Sitting on her shoulder, peeking out from between waves of brown hair, is nothing. Her shoulder is currently bare.


It is said that if you ask around enough, you'll find out the story of everyone. In Achina's case it'll take asking around, a heavy weapon to threaten people with and enough bribe money to save a Lord from the Holdless. But if you're so inclined, the story goes that she was dropped into the laps of Acela and Hach by wild bovines and, after they had convinced her to stop mooing, she was turned into a nice little girl with a decent temperment who, during full moons, mooed just a bit. Honestly, she was born to some random greenrider from Ista Weyr. She was quickly fostered to Inola, a Journeywoman Healer. For two turns things were happy but one day, for reasons unknown to all but her, she took Achina and dropped Achina off at Acela's home. Acela was Inola's cousin and willing took in the dropped off children. Achina was raised among Acela's and her husband Hash's two children. They were a happy enough little family and when Achina was old enough Acela, a healer by trade, sponsored the girl into the healer hall.

Achina's sharp tongue, quick wit and annoying habit of grinning at the wrong moment left most of the hall with a bad tastes in their mouth but she was still an excellent healer and managed to get out of it with her Jr Journeywomanship and orders to keep her mouth shut and save people. Currently she's been shipped off to Xanadu Weyr.


Name Relation Location Position
Inola Foster Mother Ista Weyr Journeyman Healer
Acela Mother Figure Hold Unknown
Hach Father Figure Hold Unknown
Hace Pseudo Brother Hold Unknown
Lacha Pseudo Sister Hold Unknown
Ghina Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Chora Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Green Falina, Bronze Sign and Brown Thash



Green Ilianath
Moss green has invaded, taking over from the tip of her delicately pointed muzzle to the end of her overly long tail. The smooth curves of her torso are evenly covered, no variation noticeable as the pale green hue clings to her sides, like moss clinging to a rocky face. Each limb is long and carefully shaped, celadon green sprinkling her hide near each set of dark talons. The same celadon lightens her stomach, spreading outwards from the center line of her belly, launching a resistance against the encroaching moss. The underside of her muzzle is the greatest point of conflict, celadon reaching upwards while moss creeps downwards. Mint sails are crossed by moss-spars, while pear green ridges sit daintily along her length, the darker line contrasting her paler stomach.


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