This young girl of perhaps fifteen turns is fairly average in height and build for someone her age. She has large, warm brown eyes and a slightly upturned nose. Her face is gentle, with the last traces of baby fat on her cheeks. Her dark brown hair is a little longer than shoulder-length, and somewhat wavy. Her tanned skin does not appear to have any obvious marks or scars, and her hands, though small, have long, slim fingers.

The girl's hair is usually tied back, though a few stray locks always manage to break free and fall over the soft features of her face. She wears comfortable clothing that is easy to move in, and her boots lean more towards sensible than stylish. Her pants and blouse are both loose and of light fabric. The practical attire is plain, but neat, though the knees of the pants generally have dark smudges, as if she'd been kneeling in the dirt. Around her waist is a cloth belt with several crudely-sewn-on pockets, out of which peek the worn handles of various small gardening tools.

Alternate Outfits:


Cenlia's family works the orchards near Southern Boll Hold, and her father, a former journeyman herder, settled down to tend a farm and raise chickens when he started a family, although now they only have about half a dozen hens and generally just trade the eggs. Her uncle is a farmcrafter, and Cenlia spent much of her childhood either in the kitchens of the main hold, as a general kitchen helper, or in the orchards with her siblings and cousins, harvesting fruit and doing whatever else the aunties told them to do. Eventually, she ended up learning farmcrafting, with a particular interest in cooking herbs. She hoped to be posted to a weyr or hold as she learned her craft, helping to tend gardens and, eventually, to work on setting up greenhouses (as alternate farming techniques is something that has always fascinated her). After a certain incident involving one too many mugs of brew that ended in the girl waking up in a tree wearing only one sock and someone else's hat, her uncle sent her off to Xanadu - partly to get her out of his hair and mostly to get her out of the orchards and doing something useful that didn't involve peach brandy as the end result.

She settled in fairly well at Xanadu Weyr. The climate seemed much the same as South Boll, and so the gardening work was pretty familiar to her. She made friends, explored the area, and (other than managing to accidentally jab herself with a shovel) generally kept out of trouble. A couple of months after arriving, Cenlia managed to impress her first firelizard - the girl had been sitting on the beach, eating breakfast, when the sammich had begun walking away. Lifting the bread, she discovered blue Rogue, who promptly latched onto her and began shrieking for more food. Just over a sevenday later, after the weyrling graduation party, Cenlia accidentally impressed another blue firelizard. The girl has since avoided eating at the beach, though her luck with flits proved equally bad twice more, as only a month later, she acquired brown Trouble and bronze Charmer while travelling to a party with her rider new friends, B'miel and S'tan. The girl now has a slight phobia of firelizard eggs, and avoids them at all costs, considering the four she does have are more then enough to handle.

The girl's ability to stay out of trouble soon vanished, however, coincidentally right around the time she met bronzerider X'hil. Cenlia's ability to be around disaster, even if she isn't the cause, has become somewhat legendary around the weyr, especially if that disaster involves animals - and not just rampaging flaming ovines, either. From trundlebugs to runners, Cenlia has some of the worst luck, and seems to encounter no small amount of trouble on her own. The girl's reputation nearly got her sent home when her uncle learned of some of her mischief and sent the girl's brother, Eledri, to go fetch her. However, the dragon flu and travel ban, and subsequent ovine-related stays in the infirmary meant Cenlia had time to plea her case for staying. However, with Eledri's recent promotion to journeyman and assignment to Xanadu, it remained to be seen whether Cenlia would stay at the weyr, or find herself in even deeper trouble.

Ironically, just when she'd managed to wrangle signatures from the weyrleader and weyrsecond, granting her permission to stay, the gardener girl was searched, much to her surprise and bewilderment. She's still not quite convinced it wasn't some mistake - or joke - given the circumstances. But Cenlia reluctantly accepted the white knot and joined the ranks of Xanadu's candidates. The poor holdbred gardener had no idea what she'd gotten herself into. Nevertheless, she survived candidacy, and was left standing on the sands, losing most of her friends to the weyrling barracks in the process.

Diving back into gardening, and boozing, Cenlia seems to have changed very little outwardly. However, growing up is a pain, and the girl has been showing some of the usual teenaged angst; something she'd been lucky enough to mostly avoid thus far. This, combined with a much less successful booze heist, have left Cenlia a little shaken in more ways than one. Having been nearly sent back home again has given Cen a much more guarded view on friendships, making her far less likely to trust those she was once fairly close to. Having drifted apart from the vast majority of her friends that impressed, the girl seems to have taken to hanging with a less savory crowd, ending up in Ista more often then not. With the drought leaving little to do in the gardens, and then subsequent disasters around Xanadu, it might have gone unnoticed that the gardener girl had been seen less and less around the weyr. Indeed, if the rumors are true, the girl has been spotted halfway across Pern, from Fort to High Reaches, in the company of a certain brownrider. And now, apparently, the girl has gone missing. Her cot's been cleaned out, and with her brother off at Landing, there's little explanation of her absence. However, word might filter here and there of a certain weyrleader, who's been known to spoil the girl rotten, funding a rather interesting project over in Ista. The man might also nearly have died from having a mattress dropped off a ledge to almost hit him.. but that's all hearsay, really. The only person who does seem to know anything is greenrider B'miel, who shrugs off the girl's absence with a, "She'll be back in the Spring."


Name Age Relation Location Position NPC
Alemlia - mother Southern Boll Hold cook x
Dobrerin - father Southern Boll Hold beastcrafter x
Cenir (Ceni) 13 brother Southern Boll Hold orchard brat x
Striel 17 sister Fort Hold sr. apprentice weaver x
Eledri (Eled) 20 brother Landing/Xanadu Computercraft Journeyman PC
Cernien - uncle Southern Boll Hold orchard farmer x
Kaliela - aunt Southern Boll Hold - x
Cerina 10 cousin Southern Boll Hold (deceased) x
Striana 13 cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard brat x
Dobias 15 cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard worker x
Evrid (Evi) 18 cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard worker x
Cevel 19 cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard worker x
- - aunt Southern Boll Hold (deceased) x
Verren - uncle Southern Boll Hold vinter x
- 21 cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard farmer x
- 22 cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard farmer x
Celdin 24 cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard farmer x
Celana 28 cousin Southern Boll Hold orchard farmer x
?? - uncle Fort Hold vinter x
  • Cenlia has many more distant relations scattered between South Boll and Fort Hold. All of them are plain as dirt.


"Hi, I'm Cenlia. Here, have some booze."

"Only things that hang around me are trundlebugs."

"Can make some interesting things out of [insert fruit/vegetable/root/fungi name]."

"Once had one too many mugs of brew, and woke up the next morning in a tree three orchards over. Wearing nothing but one sock and somebody else's hat."

"Flamin' ovines!"

"If it was me, I'd go find who it was an' show 'em the end of my shovel."
(Cenlia's solution to everything involves either booze or a shovel, really.)

"No, THEY got hit by the ovine! I ain't hurt- what, this? It's sheep's blood…."

"You try that again an' I'll dump you in the compost pile!"

"Eled, if ya don't shove it I'll shove my fist up your a- …face!"

"Ain't no such thing as good kids. Only brats, bullies, an' boring ones."

"There's /dead/ people down here!"
(Best. Turnday. Ever.)

"Onwaeeuugh- ..!"

Character Trivia

  • Favorite color: green/brown
  • Favorite food: brandycakes with jellied peaches
  • Favorite drink: Benden Red or (predictably) Sunny Orchard Peach Brandy
  • Greatest fear: rabid chickens
  • Cenlia's main interests include plants, dirt, and booze. In that order. If she'd been educated in more than just farmcraft, she'd probably have developed an interest in chemistry too, but as it is, soil composition and brewing alcohol is the closest she can come to claiming knowledge on the the subject.
  • Cen is also fascinated by anything mechanical, even if it's usually too complex for her to really understand. It's one of the few things she has in common with her older brother, Eledri.
  • Cenlia is extremely easy to guilt. Yelling and punishments don't work half so well on her sometimes. Eledri has guilting down to an art form, but luckily for Cen, he doesn't use it on her all that often - seems he'd rather lose his temper. And yell. A lot.
  • And speaking of Eledri, the siblings look rather alike, especially when upset, so much so that the only really obvious differences are generally height, curves, and a pair of spectacles. They are, however, many years apart.
  • Despite having more relatives than she can accurately keep track of, Cen seems to regard bronzerider X'hil as something of an older brother, and will sometimes get defensive if someone disparages him or his dragon. More likely his dragon, actually. She figures the man can take care of himself. Recently, however, the bronzer's moving to Ista and becoming weyrleader have pretty much put an end to their partnership in crime *cough*booze heists*cough*.
  • Cenlia always calls X'hil's dragon 'Sir' - this is by now a habit, but also quite deliberate. This probably has something to do with a certain booze heist.
  • Cenlia has bad luck with animals. Incredibly bad luck. Especially ones with hooves (see the ovine and runner incidents). 1 2 3 4 5
  • Due to having ended up with four baby firelizards, all within the same month, the girl has a fear of hatching eggs. They're out to get her! >.> Or so she thinks.. And the last thing she needs is another creeling troublemaker. 1 2 3
  • Cenlia doesn't so much make trouble as encounter it, but the addition of partners in crime (ie. certain friends) seem to make her more likely to run into disaster.
  • Cenlia has a secret booze stash or two, but what really takes the cake is the hidden still (courtesy of Izzy).
  • Cenlia has a star named after her (courtesy of Kire).
  • Cenlia's 15th turnday gifts included lots of booze (of course), a tiny plushie ovine from B'miel, a stick & glass model of Kinseth from Rogawani, a fancy pocketwatch from A'dar, a rug depicting the infamous flaming ovine from Thea, that star named after her, and a pitchfork from S'tan.
  • Cenlia worked mostly in the kitchens of Southern Boll until she was old enough to help out in the orchards, and thus has an interest in food preparation, especially booze and sweetstuffs. Cenlia generally avoided the kitchens after that, not because she disliked them, but because she was afraid she might like cooking too much, and end up stuck inside all day, like her mother. If she hadn't been sent to the orchards, she may very well have become a cook. Though she's got a decent knowledge of food, especially herbs and alcohol, her actual cooking ability varies greatly depending on what she's attempting to prepare. That, coupled with her tendency to try to improvise, makes homebrew booze the only thing she generally gets right on a regular basis. Everything else is a bit of a gamble.
  • Being related to so many vinters and brewers, Cenlia has acquired a spectacular talent for mixing drinks. At some point, in honor of a certain memorable incident, Cenlia concocted the Flamin' Ovine, which is a drink that consists of many types of booze and juice, and is a fluffy, cloudy white on the bottom, with yellow fading into orange above it. If not drunk fast enough, the contents will eventually do a flip-flop and, after a longer while, the whole thing will possibly turn olive brown.
  • Cenlia may be laid-back and mischievous, but she's dedicated to her plants. Woe be it to the next ovine that dares munch on her shrubbery!

Misc. Stuff


Queen's Darkness Blue: Rogue
A hue that borders on black smothers the hide of this blue hatchling, who is made up of soft angles to a long and lean body. However soft is not the right word, since muscle runs taut along his entire body, completely misleading to his outward appearance. The midnight darkness that is his hide holds hues that only twilight can fathom. Blue tinged darkness engulfs his rounded muzzle and dribbles down the underside of his neck, while a very subtle dark violet sparkles across muscled wingsails, disappating into the pure darkness of his

Rainy Days of Spring Blue: Mizzle
Dappled bright blue hide stretches over this firelizard, with even the pattern of raindrops across the tophalf of his body before it slides into the drier regions of his belly. He has a somewhat broad head and a thick neck, that looks rather odd paired with his much shorter and slender body and haunches, leaving him looking very top heavy. He has a splendid set of wings though, that would be able to lift even his ungainly form, in the brightest hue of summer sky blue.

Rebellious Rogue Brown: Trouble
This leather brown hatchling is bathed in blood and brandy, his whiplean raggedy russet form making him a charming rogue among renegades. His long wiry cracked leather wings have suspicious looking sanguine mottles across their powerful surface. His dark coffee arms and legs are thin, muscular, with the glow of whiskey underneath move him effortlessly where he needs to go. He has a sinister kant of eye and chiseled mahogany head, a shrewd and calculating glance. His long wiry tail is the color of the richest alcohol, lashing behind him like a whip.

Unkillable Captain of Charm Bronze: Charmer
This charming bronze firelizard is perfectly proportioned in all the right places. His hide is a pale ale bronze shade, almost the same color as a queen lizard! His bright fiery wings are enormous for a bronze, kissed with the golden light of distant suns and meant to carry him far and wide. The brandy colored sails fall around him like a Hold Guard Captain's coat when he walks, setting off his handsome brass face. His lager colored neckridges stand out in a spiky copper mane down his neck and back, giving him a rugged appearance. Combined with the solar fire and melted copper that twist in a snappy and stylish military marking down his chest, he is the picture of the charming and sexy bronze firelizard.

Come With Me and Escape Gold: Bliss
Shimmering tans and golds swell up from the feet of the firelizard providing a sunlit-sand foundation of color that spans her body. Striking wings spill across her back in a more vivid golden hue that puddles out and down her flanks, fading at the edges where it soaks into her sandy hide. Talons of white with pale pink rings extend from slender paws and another pink ring forms a delicate collar-like band at her throat.


Nut Up or Shut Up Gold Nziekilth
This bronze is the paragon of manliness, from the craggy reach of his eyeridges to the stubble-licked column of his throa— What's that, you say? This is a /gold/?! Surely not. Built like a cliff-dwelling skybroom, this dragon isn't so much lofty as she is massive, composed entirely of twisted edges and gale-battered branches. Gnarled, root-like toes emerge from trunk-like columns a generous soul might call legs, each paw ending in rugged bark-brown claws. Her wings are proportionally enormous, but judging from her shape, form, and bulk, this gold will cut through the air like a plasticraft knife through a boulder, and that's on a good day. Instead, she seems to be the sort to weather all winds, pointing the jagged ridges along her spine towards turmoil and taking whatever comes her way (though it is safe to say that little will move her). Flickers and flecks of bronzed metal whorl across her jaw, but the rest of this dragon's hide is a steady shade of antique gold - ancient, undiluted and relentless as the desert sun.


Title OOC Date Cast
Ista Visits Xanadu February 28,2011 Cenlia, Derin, Karona, S'gam, Thea, Y'ki
Made 'em Special March 01, 2011 Cenlia, Derin, Karona, M'al, Thea, Y'ki
Istan Boozetrap vs Cupcake Diplomacy September 14, 2011 Cenlia, S'gam, Thea, Xe'ter, X'hil, Z'ion
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