A hawkish woman in her early thirties, Cazai has a high-boned tilt to her features and a bronze cast to her skin. She wears her thick black hair cut to a couple of inches in length save for a shock of longer bangs, grey strands salting her temples. Faint lines already crow-foot at the corners of her eyes, suggesting at a life lived in at least some significant part in the outdoors. One of her ears boasts a quartet of rings curling up the side, from the largest at the bottom to one that's nearly a cuff at the middle of the outside curve. She's long-bodied, tallish for a woman at about 5'10", but neither slender nor stocky.
She often wears an old, undyed leather jacket, heavy-duty and thoroughly be-pocketed, dotted here and there with telltale marks (spark burns, oil stains…) of its long life as a Techcrafter's working gear. Under that she still runs to the strictly utilitarian— a simple shirt and trous, both of sturdy material, like the equally heavy-duty boots.


Born to a Techcrafter and a trader, Cazai's always been caught between the civilized and not-so-civilized worlds. She spent her childhood split between the two, sometimes at Landing with her mother, sometimes off on wilderness rambles with her father. Rather than leaving her divided, though, the two sides of her life have become something of a defining and favored fact of her existence.
The Techcraft won her heart without even trying, raised as she was with the gadgets and gizmos of the Craft all around her. She became a tinkerer from an early age, helping her mother with the bits of project that she understood, occasionally lingering outside apprentice lectures before she was old enough to actually join. In the in-between, she got to know a good bit of the southern continent landscape, at least in the area her father's folk covered - developing a powerful love for the wilder areas, a fondness for hiking, climbing, and general exploration. But when it came down to a choice, the pragmatic young Caz had it planned out from early on. Obvious, wasn't it? She could have both, but only one way. A trader couldn't get the Craft training, after all.
So she put up with the enforced stay-puttedness of apprentice life for a while, escaping every so often on holiday, but it was always Journeyman rank she coveted. She proved an apt student… and once she walked the tables, put a request in immediately to become an itinerant repair artist of sorts, 'on-call' to fix whatever electronics needed fixing that didn't have someone available to do it. Best of both worlds.
Though hardly her first time at Xanadu (what Techcrafter *doesn't* get by there every so often?), she's never spent more than a few days at any stretch. Exploding kitchens do, though, seem to promise a longer stint— as did the general tone of the superior who assigned her over, as if somebody's decided she really needs to settle down for a while. Or maybe that's paranoia.


Name Relation Location Position
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Gargantuan Greater Multangular Blue Trapz
This pale blue hatchling has faded, almost grey, wingsails. His nose, wingtips, and tailfork look like they were dipped in a vat of brown dye, then allowed to drip dry, leaving some areas brown, some lightly coated in brown, and some still blue. He has sharp, angular features, his nose and tail coming down to narrow points.


Title OOC Date Cast
Ellamariseth's Clutching, November 22, 2008 November 22, 2008 Aradir, Arinith, Cazai, Delynni, Ellamariseth, Kilaueth, Neferennu, Senkyou, S'ya, Thea, Xarra, Ysa, Zipalla
First Bits of Progress 2008 Cazai, Niva, Ro, R'sul
Random Log: Shop Talk in the Clearing 2008 Cazai, Keziah
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