Caykubi seems, at first glance, to be mostly hair. Her honey blonde locks are thick and long, and possess just enough curl that they are impossible to tame. She tends to tie them back with ribbons, but no plait or ponytail could ever keep all of the smaller pieces around her face from breaking free and sticking out around her ears and over her hazel eyes. That jungle hair must be an anomaly, however, for her eyebrows are thin and shaped into a delicate arch; the ridge of her nose is a little bumpy, sure, but her nose is otherwise unobtrusive; her lips are pink and fall neatly between thin-and-lifeless and thick-and-pouty; her skin is tan, of course, but unusually fair for a Southern climate dweller. Even her face is unobtrusive, an oval shape with just enough meat on her cheeks to round out any harsh angles beyond her dimpled chin. Her height is not particularly tall for a Pernese woman, coming in at 5'8" or so depending on her footwear, and she has the build of a person who enjoys life's luxuries but doesn't particularly enjoy exercise. Not that she's fat — she can still be spotted in a bikini from time to time — but she certainly has curves.
Caykubi currently wears a light blue halter top dress. The asymmetrical hem falls to right around her knees and is lined with a black ribbon. She also wears a lacy black corset to highlight her natural assets, and another shiny black ribbon has been tied around the middle of it into a perfect little bow. Around her shoulder rests a loop of blue and orange thread woven together and tied off with a long tail and a tassel, indicating that she is likely one of the headwoman's assistants at Xanadu Weyr. She looks to be about 22 Turns of age.


Caykubi was the third child born to Cayvenna, but certainly not the last. The woman was a looker, a curvy sort with long blonde hair, blue eyes, and eyelashes that would go a-flutter at nearly every man who passed — but she had a problem: her love for babies. She was happiest when she was pregnant, feeling more productive than at any other time in her life, and relishing in the attention it never failed to garner. Fortunately for her, it's not hard for a pretty girl to find a mate in the Weyr, and she has proven to be quite the fertile woman. Since her children mostly had different fathers, Cayvenna just named them all after herself (Caysomething), favoring cutesie names that make the bearer sound like they're eternally four or five. Cayvenna is pretty sure that Caykubi's father is one of the blueriders that likes to come around a lot. Like, 80% sure.
Needless to say, Caykubi has lived a life relatively free from personal space and alone time, as well as from parental attention. She was raised by the community that is Xanadu Weyr, her childhood being rather uneventful, her adolescence seeing her blossom into a lovely young woman. Well, blossom may not be the right word, nor lovely. Saying that Caykubi stumbled her way through puberty and landed ungracefully, limbs askew, into the role of a productive Weyr resident would probably be more accurate. It turns out that Caykubi is an organized lass, a hard worker, and though she may be a bit bossy, she takes orders well. She wound up being a natural fit for administration, and was selected to be one of the Headwoman's assistants at only 17 Turns.
Caykubi has flourished in her work. It's just enough authority to make her feel important, but not enough for her to do any real damage — truly an ideal arrangement. Over her Turns in the position, she has found that she especially loves performing newcomer orientation. She's rarely allowed to handle visiting dignitaries or new postings of highly-ranked Crafters, but she does get to lecture more than her fair share of candidates and apprentices about the expectations of Weyr life.


Name Relation Location Position
Cayvenna Mother Xanadu Weyr Resident
Unknown Father Xanadu Weyr Bluerider




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