The physical appearance of the one called Catallian is perhaps a bit of a surprise to those who typically expect strapping, powerful young men to arise from the holds and Weyrs of Pern. No, Catallian is what one can only call waiflike or delicate in build. His height is perhaps 5'9, 5'10 in his boots.

His physical body matches this with limbs that are just enough upon the narrow and angular side to give the impression of a young man who would favor agility over strength. He is not especially on the bulky side either with small shoulders and the lack of depth of chest that would suggest averageness in terms of physical power — much as one would expect. His clothes hang off of him in ways as though to emphasize the angular nature of his frame, just a pair of tan-colored pants and a powder blue shirt. The boots that are on his feet are of average quality and he bears an Ista Weyr knot on his shoulder.

This is all apparent at first glance and is typically all that people see in him. Those who look closer would find that he does in fact have many interesting features that are just not found anywhere else. Of note is that they are not sullied by heavy work and would seem to have lived a life of luxury, these hands. The first of which are his hands, whilst small they are exceptionatly dexterious and possessing of a grace of movement that an artisan would be proud of. His flesh is strange too, having a near white and perfectly smooth countenence. This is especially true of his face where soft, slightly curled locks of dark black hair hang downwards over the left of his forehead.
These hanging locks partially eclipse a pair of bright blue eyes that are quite quick to survey others. One might guess him to be about seventeen. No longer a boy, but not quite having filled out into a man either.


Sometimes, you get the dog and sometimes the dog gets you.

Catallian for most of his life has been a classic example of making the best of a monumentally unfair situation. Born at a minor hold known as Black Bay, Catallian is the grandson of the local Lord Holder. For much of his life, he has lived primarily in the lap of luxury. Unfortunatly, as the local Lord Holder aged his grasp of reason began to grow scanty and senility became more and more of a problem. He was warned many times by his father to be careful of his Grandfather's outbursts, but at the young age of sixteen turns he happened to get involved in a family argument over who was permitted to marry whom. A very heated argument.

Unfortunatly, both families of 'blood' and their patriarchs tend to be quite stubborn and during the argument he was told essentially that if he didn't like life where he was, he could leave and in a fit of stubborn pride, Catallian took a fairly substantial sum of money and left.

Unfortunatly as well, someone who is raised in the lap of luxury has few skills to offer to survive on Pern as he had apprenticed no craft, nor really taken up any education in anything except 'business administration' with an eye for possibly running the hold someday. He is aware that he would probably be welcomed back, but stupid pride continues to keep him out and abroad, doing whatever he needs to do to earn money here and comfort there. Happenstance has brought him to Ista Weyr after awhile working at High Reaches as an unofficial BeastCraft assistant. Read: Official shoveller. Not exactly the kind of life he had pictured for himself.


Name Relation Location Position
cell-content Father Black Bay Hold cell-content
cell-content Mother Black Bay Hold cell-content




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Hissing and Bullying? May 15, 2013 Abigail, Catallian, Idrissa, Kera, Nereis (npc)
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