The qualities that best describe Caryn are big and foreboding. She's certainly taller than most other women and is well-built, though not fat per se, with thick arms and legs, masculine shoulders, and large hands. She's definitely got a shapely curve to her, restoring some femininity to her body, but she is a far cry from a delicate waifish lady — if the term 'lady' could even be applied to her. Her face is mostly squarish, particularly in the jaw and chin region. When at rest her default expression pulls her thin lips into a vaguely disdainful look completed by an unconscious furrowing of her dark eyebrows and slight squint of her glittering almost-black eyes. Her hair is a dark brown a few shades lighter than her eyes with faint highlights of dark cinnamon and a gentle spiraling curl to it. She appears to be approximately 20 Turns, 4 months, and 25 days old.
Caryn is dressed in dark flight leathers. Her pants and boots are black, and so is the jacket, though the jacket is lined with off-white sheepskin to give it added warmth. Beneath the jacket is a dark red tunic, visible when the jacket is unfastened. Rider goggles sit on her forehead, or with the headband strap dangling out of a pocket, when unused and her hair is pulled back into a tidy braid.


Being the only child of her parents, and born when both were in their late 30s, Caryn was seen as a treasure to her parents and appropriately spoiled and doted upon. Perhaps she wasn't spoiled with material things, but there was certainly nothing that Caryn could do wrong in her parent's eyes. Large for her age and gender, Caryn grew to be a bully among the children of Telgar Hold. The scoldings from the nannies meant nothing to Caryn, because when it came to their daughter Moryn and Careb were utterly blind and they never voiced their disapproval of their daughter's tendencies. Although her parents encouraged her to find a craft and tried to teach her some of their own, they never pushed Caryn towards anything. She only worked odd jobs, mostly in the stables or the tavern where she learned more bad habits, at Telgar to earn her keep.
She was searched for Xanadu Weyr when both Kilaueth and Ellamariseth had clutches upon the sands. Among the candidates she was known for her nearly constant brooding, aggressiveness, and lack of interest in talking with any of the other candidates. Although she performed her chores, it was always with the least effort and to the bare minimum standard required, a trait which has remained through weyrlinghood and beyond. It's not that she's stupid, she's just lazy. Although she was left on the sands when Kilaueth's eggs hatched, the blue Tiurneth tumbled out of an egg lain by Ellamariseth and found her. And it was about damn time, if her bored demeanor at the hatching was anything to go by.
Following a tumultuous weyrlinghood, she and Tiurneth graduated and joined the Nebula Wing. Caryn is best known for her anger problem, though she'll vehemently deny having any such problem, and her laziness — sure, she'll do her assigned duties, just don't expect much effort or enthusiasm to be put into it. Tiurneth is just as unruly, always trying to push limits that Caryn hardly bothers to enforce.


Welcome to My Nightmare Blue Tiurneth
Chain-like blotches tattoo the hide of this gaunt blue, link after link trailing over a hide that seems stretched almost to breaking point. Deep navy encircles his eye and trails down over his cheeks like tears, while similar tones crest each of his crooked looking neck ridges and lap up his wingspars. His legs are thin, bound by the same chainlike detail as his torso and ending in narrow feet tipped with poisonous looking talons. His wing sails once more delve into the dark navy tones, the colour dripping down over the sails and giving them an illusionary ragged appearance. Behind him a long, cane-like, tail is held rigid and tipped with the only brightness his hide has to offer - a silvery tail tip.


Title OOC Date Cast
Walk in the Wilderness December 14, 2008 Caryn, Delgin (npc), Neferennu, Thea
Xanadu Hatching, December 20, 2008 December 20, 2008 Alix Aradir Arinith Caryn Delgin Delynni Dementh Ellamariseth Gostam Joiran Jollen Jolyn Loralle Neferennu Rea R'miel Rohelte Ryukith Saige Senkyou Seryth Shellie S'ya Tessa Thea Tione T'maz Ulaekimajith Vivian Yaike Ysa Zeituth
NPC Xanadu Hatching, December 10, 2008 December 10, 2008 Andalien, Aradir, Caryn, Delgin, Ellamariseth, Eraniya, Faila, Gostam, Hesketh, Jerillian, Joiran, Jollen, Jolyn, Kate, Keitari, Kilaueth, Loralle, Neferennu, Niva, Noel, Nytor, Rysiea, S'ya, Tessa, Thea, Tione, Vivian, Yaike, Ysa
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