Long strands of faded gold fall from this young man's head, loosely braided behind his head, allowing only the jawlength locks to fall over the left side of his face to conceal heavy scars that turn his youthful appearance into something more sinister. Behind light lashes is a pair of drowsy eyes, almond in shape and surrounded by the shadows of constant fatigue. The right is a piercing emerald with a lighter ring within, the other is shaded in the blotchy white that comes with blindness. Average in appearance, his lightly tanned slender form is tall and solidly built with decent muscle from turns of hard work.
A simple vest of light brown is snug about his torso, falling just below his waist where the hems are adorned with a small knot design right at the tips in a slightly darker shade. Short sleeves of a black open collared shirt worn underneath are rolled just above the elbows, offering a little comfort and freedom of movement without the cuffs interfering in his workings. Leather pants join this ensemble, free of design, dyed a solid black and held to this slender youth's torso using a braided leather cord that is held together with a simple buckle at the front. Boots in the same raven shade cover feet, rising just below the knee and well knotted with the laces tucked into the top of the boots to prevent tripping.


Carrick's childhood was uneventful at most. He was born on a ship at sea, much to his parents dismay, unable to reach the shores before his mother went into labor. He was raised in a small cothold just off of Ista's northern coast along with his seven other siblings, under the watchful eyes of his families aunties. Quiet among his brothers and sisters, the young boy would keep to himself and often would help clean the fish that were caught by his household's members for evening meals while his counterparts accompanied his parents and sought out positions with crafters around Pern. One sister was fortunate enough to get collected to search where she impressed a small green and settled into the weyr for her new set of responsibilities. His family often hope the same fate would befall the quiet lad but things don't quite work out the way they hoped. Their constant bickering and nit picking began to wear on Carrick's nerves. Over sevendays and months, he'd begin to finally speak up and often with colorful language to his elders. The pressure and frustrations of a youth with an uncertain future is bound to lead to changes not wanted and sure enough, unwanted changes did happen.
One night while the family was outside tending to the beasts, a storm came in over head, filling the skies with the roar of thunder and flashes of lighting. Heavy winds began to pick up, sending the chimes to clink loudly into the night. The sound was soon enough drowned out by the banter of frightened beasts so the young lad pushed himself out of bed to stop the whining of his family from reaching his ears about the situation. After pulling on a cloak and heavy boots, young Carrick found himself outside with the canines, herding in the beasts into the barn to settle them down so he can rest. All he could remember was a bright flash before his eyes and everything going dark before waking up in his bed. His body ached, wrapped and bound across his chest and left shoulder. He reached up and held his hand out before his eyes, scratching at the bandages that touched his face. Days would pass before the wraps around his face were removed and sevendays would before he came to accept he would never see the light of day from his left eye again. His 'indifference' to his well being left his family with an unease that they could barely tolerate. As he recovered, words were spoken little and he was finally left to his own devices but not without their watchful eyes.
Carrick continued to thrive on his own, continuing his work on the piers and with the fishermen, often disappearing for days at a time and coming home without saying a word as he went to his room and slammed the door shut, blocking it so it couldn't be opened. During his absences from the cothold, the boy's negative energy was redirected for distractions sake: tanning, hunting, wood working and fishing. His wares were often traded off for other things and over time the business behind it earned him enough marks to strike out on his own. As long as he kept busy, as long as he was able to grasp onto some control of his life, he was going to do what it takes to make it in this world and come out on top. Even at the sharp blade of his knife.
At fifteen turns he gathered his belongings and hit the road one dark night. A note was left behind in his old room that was emptied and cleaned out of anything that noted his existance there, mentioning his leaving and his lack of desire to return to this place. Days passed and in the distance, the motions of a caravan managed to peak his interest. To this day, a traders life gives him the freedom he desired and the constantly changing scenery gave him hope for a new day after next.


Name Relation Location Position
Caramyne Mother
Merrick Father




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