Cara & Faeth


Cara carries herself without a hint of the typical adolescent slouch, making the most of her inconsiderable height and thin, almost scrawny frame. Her features are bony and regular, dominated by wide green eyes complemented beautifully by the mass of twining jaw-length brown curls that frame her face, her skin sun-kissed without trace of a freckle.

Though simply dressed her clothing screams quality, the cut and stitching clearly of a high weaver standard. Her blouse is loose and airy, a pale green a few shades lighter than her eyes. Her trousers are plain and black, but cut tight to her legs to show off what little form there is there. A pair of simple black shoes complete the outfit, but even here the quality is clear and the silvered buckles that fasten them almost too shiny.

She proudly wears the blue and orange knot of a Xanadu wingrider, a third green thread denoting her dragon, and a Galaxy wingpatch sewn onto her left arm.


This wide overgrown expanse is strangely forbidding - odd plants and bushes crowding the area as if barring entry to all but the worthy. The darkness the shrouds the odd two-storey cottage beyond hints at the sort of thing that doesn't bear close investigation - monsters, demons, dinner parties of unusual size. Past this dismal entrance, however, it is like stepping into a whole other world.

The entire inner cottage has been whitewashed and the walls are painted over with childishly-shaped, large-petalled flowers. The basic crayon-shades of red, yellow, and orange dominate, each atop green stems with two leaves apiece. A long blue streak runs round the entirety of the strangely round living area, up near the top of the wall, except for one corner next to the stairs which is graced by a round yellow sun, its rays clearly delineated and an awkwardly placed glow basket resting on a miniature shelf attached to the center of the sun. No furniture at all clutters this room, which is perhaps a good thing, though a mattress leans against one patch of particularly red daisies on the wall.


Being the middle child is not always the most fun thing, but when you're grandchild to Niva the once Senior Weyrwoman of Xanadu it does have its advantages. Sure Cara had to deal with no longer being the youngest, and the resentment that caused still flares occasionally, and there's that whole expectation thing that the whole family had going on, but if she needed anything one word to Grandma and everything was sorted. Sadly the one thing Niva couldn't do for her was make friends, so for all the presents and illusions of power quiet little Cara had a very quiet little life and spent her time shadowing the headwoman with an eye to taking over her job.

Friends happened here and there, some more friendly than others, but it was only once she'd been asked to stand for Meirath and Draukaith's clutch that she could truly say she'd acquired one or two close friends. Secrets were spilled, advice given, and somewhere along the way she became truly happy. Then the unexpected happened in the unusual shape of Faeth, something Cara had given up on almost completely. The parallel with her father was amusing (both to dragons with unusual physical attributes) but it was her friends that saw her safely through weyrlinghood.

Now assigned to Galaxy wing it's only a matter of time before they see how life willl guide them next.


Name Relation Location Position
Niva Grandmother Retired Weyrwoman
Nicca Mother Xanadu Weyr Journalist
O'ric Father Xanadu Weyr Brownrider/Journalist
Saria Sister
Ricki Sister Xanadu Weyr Resident
Allix Daughter Xanadu Weyr Baby


Let's Go Outside Green Typha
Features are lithe and elongated, as willowy as a sapling tree, but this pretty little firelizard is not scrawny by any means. Subdued forest green dapples her back and wings, as if the shadows of leaves are dancing upon her soft leathery hide. Her head, a brighter grassy green from headknobs to muzzle, is held with a certain amount of pride, eyes whirling brightly, taking in all the sights. Her long reed of a tail is whip like and attached, as it should be, to her verdant little bottom.

Beyond the Waterfall Blue Fredi
Uniquely silhouetted, this blue firelizard is as much a study in light and shade as it is remarkable in its appearance. Where some of the species are all angles, this little blue seems to have none - a blunt head fades seemlessly into a short neck, which in turn morphs into wings that seem to be fixed the entire length of his back, and then on to a long, whip-thin tail. Pearlescent doodlings stretch lazily across the dark navy of those massive wings, vanishing as they reach his back where murky darkness prevails, only to reappear once again and claim the entirity of his underside in an undercoat of the palest hues. Razor teeth and talons match perfectly - both are pristine in their ivory glory, sharp and deadly.


Such A Curious Feeling Green Faeth
A grassy green with a face like a blade. Her long muzzle comes nearly to a point, her skull like the basket hilt for that rapier. She has narrow headknobs, swept back close to her skull and with the tips curved toward each other over the top of her head. From there, she has a long and well-muscled neck that's marred by a large patch of skin where the green of grass has been turned to arid brown, a broad ring around her neck has an almost fuzzy look from the clinging flakes of dead hide. Her body is rounded, almost pudgy in contrast to the leanness of her face. Slender limbs slightly bowlegged around the bulge of her belly contribute to the malnourished look, the hue on the legs more yellowish than elsewhere on her body. Her wings are similar to her legs in that they're long and slender, the sails traced with a branching pattern from blood vessels near enough the surface to be visible. Her hind legs are slightly shorter than her fore even after accounting for that bowlegged stance, which gives her a look like she's constantly just about to stand up or sit down. Her tail is perhaps the only appendage of hers that actually counts as short, barely enough to brush the ground. It's as if the crafter who sat down to make her started with a blob for her torso and big ambitions on the neck, then increasingly realized just how little material they had left to make the rest of her appendages!


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