Short and thick without being 'fat'. That's Calisiya.

She probably tops out at about 4'11 which puts her at least a head shorter than most men on Pern and even a few inches shorter than most women. She is stocky as all get out though with shoulders that are as wide as the average man's and hips that match. Not to say that she is fat, very much the opposite with a flat stomach and a waist a little narrower than either shoulders or hips. Hardy would be another good word and in a bygone era, planet and time some might say she was descended from Russian peasant stock. There doesn't seem to be a bit of padding on her with the exception of a bust that fits her frame. Even her arms and legs are thick and some would even say that she has man hands. They are heavy, strong things. If ever a Pernese woman were made who looks as though she should be a soldier or could run through a wall? That'd be Calisiya.

It'd be easy to make a judgement on her based on just her physical shape but her face and clothes defy stereotypes and explanations completely.

Not mean, aggressive, nor dour at all, her face is kind with pleasant green eyes and hair so blonde it is almost white. It's been left to hang long to her waist and immaculate as it is it probably is a nightmare to care for. Her very pale skinned face is dotted with a heavy layer of freckles that makes her age hard to tell but it'd surprise someone if she actually is in her twenties. It also tells a story of somebody that doesn't spend a whole lot of time outdoors. Thin eyebrows, thin lips and almost dainty ears make a face that is so different from the body it's enough to warrant a double take. She almost never frowns, always smiling with an air of positive and can-do energy.

Her left ear is pierced twice and her right five, all with the same diamondish stones. One wrist has a pair of copper bracelets and a single gold is on the right. A woven silver chain is around her thick neck. None of the colors match and it is a bit of a metallic riot over her body.

She's not wearing the leathers and travelling clothes so many on Pern seem to prefer. Just a sleeveless, comfortable, casual cheerfully blue dress that ends at the middle of her thigh. Trimmed in black with a modest neckline it shows off just how strongly her arms and legs are built and rather little of anything else that prying eyes might go to. It does hug her figure well though, likely made by a good tailor. Stylish boots are more like shoes, made for comfort not walking.


Calisiya was born. Most people were at one point or another. Specifically, she was born at Big Lagoon Hold to a wealthy family that had a very large share in some of the metallic minerals that were coming out of the place. With wealth comes a bevy of opinions and beliefs and her mother and father were determined that Calisiya not work with her hands for a living. It wasn't seemly, she was told, for a child of her family to work the earth or till fields or even make things. She would go get an education and use her brains to work instead of her body. Typical uptight nobility.

She could read even before she became an apprentice and her father arranged for her to become a Harper. She found out quick enough that she couldn't carry a tune in a wheelbarrow and was pushed off to some of the other fields of Harper society. She had no interest in law and justice so that was an out but what did keenly interest her was the information coming out of the AVIAS archives. Working side by side with the Techcraft, the Harpers were assembling an 'old earth' library of stories, history and all of the things that led to Pern's society being built as it was. And so she became a bookworm, her nose buried in the archives. The only major life event that happened during her school days was a fire back home that claimed her father, mother and brother. It led to the inheritance of a modest fortune that she's done nothing to care for. History has been her passion. It came as almost a shock and a surprise when she walked the tables to become a Journeyman.

Because her self-developed specialization is so new, she hasn't been posted anywhere specific yet. It's been deemed up to her to find a way to make it work and a way to make it pay. Not that she has a need for the money but she's determined to make this work and keep busy.


Name Relation Location Position
Marel Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Wingrider


Pearlescent Construct Green Cher

This green is a lovely, rounded sort of firelizard - adorably chubby, but still rather well-proportioned for it. Her coloration is a carefully constructed creation; a calculated cohesion of hues that draws the eye in a comfortable flow. The base is a rich, forest green with distinct pearlescence; she shimmers with a subtle rainbow of greens, hues that brighten along her curves and deepen lusciously in the shadows. Her head is crowned in a fine filigree of green tourmaline, a crown that extends to the base of each neckridge. The color brightens incrementally until they reach their highest points in peridot. The deep, pearl green dominates her body, while her limbs are banded with green garnet, emerald, and green moldavite. Her wings are great and long and narrow, sails of glass green that are transluscent where they touch green topaz spars and gather their color in the center. Her tail is a clever, quick whip of pearl green, one that breaks into bands of jade and malachite at the end.

Perfectly Bejeweled Blue Elvis

As firelizards go, this blue is at the larger end of the spectrum - and his coloration only makes him seem that much larger. He's a finely wrought fellow, delicate by design - as if he were a creation, rather than a living thing. His hide is, at least initially, a rich azurite in shade; the blue is unfathomably dark in the places where limbs meet body and shadows dwell, while lighter ribbons of blue shift and swirl along the long lines of his lean limbs. Lapis lazuli limns his eyes and crowns his head in a fine filigree, while gradually shrinking spots of labradorite trip down the sides of his neck and stop at his shoulders. Each neckridge is adorned on either side with a dollop of purple iolite, while bands of bright kyanite encircle his wrists and ankles. The kyanite and iolite return at his tail, encircling it in alternating rings that end rather unexpectedly in a burst of blue topaz. His wings are seemingly hewn of sheets of azurite suspended in a quicksilver framework of spars - complete with the strange, bubble-like patterns that expand outward like an alien mandelbrot.

Primordial Ice Blue Freddie

There is a blue that only glaciers can be - and this firelizard is purely that blue. It's an old blue, a medium blue, a blue kissed with a ghost of green that haunts the shadowy places of his form. His visage is weathered and ancient, matching his exquisitely long toes and tail. He is a throwback of sorts, his whole bearing and physique shaped after the ancestors of his breed. As for that blue hue, well - it covers him in strange bands, dark at his limbs and gradually lightening as one visually scales the heights of his diminutive form. His wings are practically luminous in their clarity of color; sheets of ice suspended between spars kissed with phantom moonlight.

Float like a Butterfly, Sting like a Bee Gold Bette

Roly-poly would be the best way to describe this larger than average gold. She's not exactly fat but she certainly has curves! Not that it stops her from being ever active, bumbling about her day with never a care to the world. Her unusual build does nothing to slow her down and even her shorter, somewhat stubby wings, don't keep her from the skies. Her hide is the color of summer's harvest, a bright and cheery honeyed gold. Dustings of citrine and paler gold cover her large rounded head and stubby head-knobs, fading along the arch of her thick neck and reappearing to cling to her rounded underside, stocky limbs and short, stubby tail.


A Feeling that Never Ends Gold Meirath

Geometric shapes arrange themselves in hues of gold over the rock-solid form of this dragon. Her body’s solid strength is marked by curves that only add to the feeling of natural presence. Golden hues darken on one side of her frame, as though she’s forever partially standing in shadow. It’s not quite an even split — a dull tawny shade dominates over her head-knobs and skull, leaving the broad, squared planes of her face a pale citrine. Along the proud curve of her neck, the pattern reverses, with bright topaz dominating over her shoulders before receding to blocks of reddish and brownish-gold just past the wings. There’s one sweep in each of those shades, their sails a reversal that echoes the hues of the other. Her chest is shaded in tiger’s eye, a zigzag streak of ivory wandering through darker golden brown. The pale pattern travels down the length of her stomach until the mismatched hues of amber and sunstone along her sides come down and meet in the middle. A broad pelvis sweeps into wider hips, creating a stance that leaves her paws braced solidly against the ground and her powerful tail continues back to balance her body. Those matronly hips are wider than her shoulders, and so when she stands, her forepaws splay out to give her a solid base. Spiked with pale citrine, it reaches up from her talons like the points of a star — or the mirror of those same talons laid back across her paws.


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