Tall and lanky is the best way to describe this man. Perhaps lithe is a better way to put his form. Muscular of form but not in any discernable fashion, Cyril seems to be the essence of restrained strength. Laid back, perhaps. His hair is of a dark fashion of brown, mahogany or deep oak in hue and is tied tauntly backwards into a sharp runnertail that is corded with a black strip of wherhide and rests around mid shoulder blade. He could be called handsome if not for a long jagged scar that cuts downwards across his face right over his left eye. It starts right at his eyebrow and slides right across his eyes and ends where his face dimples when he smiles. It is faded and pink, showing that it was done when he was very young. Another odd feature of the young man's face is that eye is a much lighter hue of blue than his right, which is a stunning azure. Perhaps it was affected in some way from the accident that gave him the scar. He has a strong jaw and it is almost always quirked in a broad smile.
He's wearing a simple v-necked tunic of a red color that rests lightly and loosely upon his frame. Around his left shoulder is a wrapped Xanadu Cord with a Bronze cord twined into it. His tunic is tucked somewhat haphazardly into a pair of black wherhide breeches that seems to be rather well made, somewhat out of place on this ragged young man's appearance. His feet are covered by a pair of black boots. Over his shoulders he wears a simple flight jacket.


Born in Ista Weyr to A Bronze Riding Father, C'roo and a Goldriding mother Yrila, Cyril was a rambunctious if other annoying young lad. He was fostered off at a young age to a family outside of Honshu Weyr where he spent most of his young life. He lived a relatively happy life and made quite a few friends. One of them, Donal and Cyril decided to join the smithcraft together. He worked there for a couple of turns, growing in both stature and in strength. It was one fateful day that while working in the smithy with Donal that the kiln exploded and killed his friend. It also left Cyril with a few scars, both inside and out.
A few turns afterwards, Cyril found himself at Ista Weyr, the place of his birth. After being searched by a blue dragon there, he stood on the hot black sands. He was soon found by Vesukith, a bronze dragon of both fierce size as well as dangerous temperment. After staying a few turns at Ista, Cyril now named C'yr voluteered to head to Xanadu Weyr to help there for a few turns. He then left Xanadu to help out another Weyr and after the long stretch and missing his home desperately, C'yr has returned with Vesukith to his adopted home.


Painter's Palate Brown Brittlebark
Browns of every shade, from palest beige to darkest ochre, and every sepia tint in between, decorate this firelizard from head to tail. The darkest hues begin at his nose, sloping over his face and around each faceted eye, colors lightening as they pool on his torso and sweep up over his ridges. The colors lighten further over his haunches, while his tail is near cream as the pigments fade away.


Predator in the Murky Waters Bronze Vesukith


Greenish gold hide spreads in dark array over this venomous looking dragon's body, filaments of shadow dancing about the skin, cascading to a bronzen midnight. Exempt from these dark colors is the lush bright color of unmarred bronze, traveling from a blunt muzzle and large triangular head, down a sinuous throat and along a well barreled chest. Pooling at the bottom and around the belly, the flow of light bronze follows on the insides of his muscular legs, while also rushing down the underside of his tail, conforming the lighter colors underneath the darkness of shadow. Wings extend like large fins across his sides, the membrane thicker then usual as it casts upon thick rounded wing fingers. The wing tips, muzzle tip and tail spade seem to be of ebony, though glimmers of gold show through, as if water logged by such dark colors.


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