Before you stands Cyrus He is a young man in his late 20's. He stands about six feet tall and has a thinning mop of brown hair upon his head. He isn't in the absolute best of physical condition, but neither is he what you could classify as out of shape. All in all he looks to be a fairly normal sort of individual that wouldn't stand out overly much in a crowd. Today he just sort of has a 'look' about him. A look that says you had best steer clear of me if you have any idea whats good for you. Normally he can be seen in his customary purple signifying he is a healer, and a journeyman at that. Though today the only thing about him that would give any indication that he is a healer is the knot that he wears on his 'civilian' clothes. He wears a simple white shirt buttoned all the way up to the top with a collar. Over that he wears a navy blue vest. His pants are black as are his shiny shoes. The light jacket he wears is also navy blue and comes down to just above his knees. It isn't an overly distinctive jacket except for the red lining that can be seen when he moves. On his shoulder is his journeyman knot.



Cyrus hails from Rubicon hold. His father was a fairly well off trader, who specialized in limestone. His mother didn't really need to work so she had more time to spend with her children. Cyrus is a middle child with two older siblings, one sister and a brother, and 2 younger sisters. He had an inkling fairly early on that he did not want to follow in his fathers footsteps and decided to pursue healing as a craft. His father of course was disappointed with this decision, but since there was an older brother to take the reigns his father relented and allowed it. His mother had been very supportive of this decision and had a large part in convincing his father that it would be a good idea.

He has been posted at Xanadu for about two turns now. By and large he has limited himself to interacting with people in the infirmary and his apprentice Kera. Though more recently he's taken steps out into the larger world. His apprentice Kera became a rider, which he greatly disagrees with and after recent events it has caused more strain for their friendship. The strain culminated in his leaving Xanadu to go and live once more at the Healer Hall.


Name Relation Location Position
Maria Mother Rubicon Housewife
Nebu Father Rubicon Limestone Trader


Name Relation Notes
Kera Best Friend? "I've known Kera since the first day I came to Xanadu. I've always valued her work ethic and her talent for healing. She developed into more than an apprentice, she became my good friend. Though I don't like what she's becoming. That dragon of her's has caused her trouble and I will do everything that is in my power to see that change."
Kiena Enemy "I only met her one time but after what she did to my friend I will never forgive her."
Sori.jpg Neutral "I've only seen her in passing a number of times and I really don't think about her too much one way or the other"
Mur_zps847c00c6.jpg Neutal "I've seen him a few times around the infirmary. That's about all I know about him
KaleIcon_zpsd8c9937d.jpg Neutral "I only met him once just the other day. There hasn't been enough time to form and opinion on him."


Of Life's Greatest Things Blue Jaicoureth


Title OOC Date Cast
Vital Monitoring February 17, 2014 Cyrus, Jethaniel
Crazy Good February 22, 2014 Cyrus, Darsce, Jethaniel
Friend or Animal, Us Or Them. March 23, 2014 Cyrus, Kera
Missive to Healer Hall (Vignette) April 01, 2014 Cyrus
Now Clean this Mess Up April 05, 2014 Cyrus, Kera
(False) Accusations April 07, 2014 Cyrus, Kiena
New World Order? April 07, 2014 Cyrus, Darsce
Not From Shardin' PERN! April 10, 2014 Cyrus, Mur'dah
High Hopes April 13, 2014 Cyrus, Ka'el
So Long Xanadu...and Thanks for all the Fish April 15, 2014 Cyrus, Kera
Special Delivery April 19, 2014 Cyrus, Kera
Embarrassing Stories April 23, 2014 Cyrus, Kera
In between Fort's Clutching and the Feast May 11, 2014 Skyler, Abigail, Hazelon, Cyrus, Sairon, Kera
Taste Testing May 12, 2014 Cyrus, Therynn, Kera
Harvest Festival May 16, 2014 Bowyn, Cyrus, Ka'el, Kera, Keziah, Kiena, Soriana, Th'ero
Just, Because, Gifts. May 16, 2014 Cyrus, Kera
Visiting Fort's Candidates May 20, 2014 Sairon, Ravyal, Therynn, Cyrus, Kera
Could you bring me...the fastest one! May 24, 2014 Nyalle, Therynn, Cyrus, Amethyst, Kera, Kayeth, Moncerath
Fort Hatching '14: Gallery View June 08, 2014 Innes, Kera, All of Pern
Pern's Payback June 14, 2014 C'rus, Darsce, Jethaniel
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