Portrayed By Mario Blanco
Gender Male
Aliases Cee
Place of Birth Xanadu Weyr
Occupation Dragonhealer
Current Status Journeyman


Cielo has the frame and countenance of a hare, with narrow shoulders and a taut posture. His skin is a pale copper, his hair black, trimmed neatly and just shy of shoulder length. He has brown eyes with a warm tint like tiger's eye, wild, as if fixed on something on the horizon.

His clothing tends to be humble but handmade, woven to fit in off-white with indigo hems and threads. Small buttons bind a long-sleeved shirt, neat tucked and folded into cloud-gray trousers. His shoes appear modeled after moccasins, darker gray and capped with a rubber-like compound.


Cielo was born and raised in Xanadu Weyr, the child of a Weaver and a greenrider. As the freedom and prosperity develop, so does the broadening of the shape a family can take; Cielo's childhood with a single mother and the occasional nurse or nanny was not fraught with drama or trauma, more being a peculiarity. He did not get to know his father outside of the occasional gift and glimpse around his mother. Despite a childhood fascination with music and song, he never possessed the talent with string nor opportunity to develop his voice. What he did have was a fascination with the Weyr's dragons. Fascination turned to love, and love to ailing concern with their shrinking clutch sizes. He pursued an education in the Dragonhealer's halls, in hopes of ensuring that the progress of civilization did not come with unthinkable cost.


Name Relation Location Position
Mom Mother Xanadu Weyr Sr. Journeyman Weaver
K'van Father Xanadu Weyr Greenrider


Cold Clear Sky of Blue Opera
Bright blue is streaked with wisps of white, the feathery trace of clouds across a sky-bound firelizard. His wings are prominent, their longest spars a course that goes from blue at the shoulders through traces of white until they darken to near-black storm-clouds at their furthest points. The rest of his body is lean in build, unconstrained for a race across the skies and well-balanced between his head and tail around those wings as fulcrum. His paws in particular are delicate, unsuited to prolonged effort on the ground in favor of more time in the air. Swirled cotton-skeins of white trace from ankle to hip on his hindlegs, a sparser variant of them on his fore - though the paws themselves remain the crisp, pure blue of an autumn sky.



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