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Sunken pools of storm-cloud gray peer into the void of nothingness in this man's face. Not really looking at anything, there's a sort of gaze in his eyes that show perhaps he's more in tune with what's going on around him than his personality might allow. Recently, his hair has been cut and now very short, dark brown hair covers his head nicely. His cheek bones stand a little higher than usual, accented by his thin skin. He's usually always smiling, as if enjoying a small joke that only he hears and understands. Since impressing Alhenaeth, however, C'ian will go through periods of time where he will become very serious and pay attention to things around him. Nevertheless, he's still as happy go lucky as he's always been. He stands just shy of 6 feet, rather thin and frail looking; yet looks can be deceiving as C'ian is not as sickly and frail as he appears.

His wardrobe is simple. He wears simple brown pants with a loose, white button tee shirt. His feet are protected by light brown leather boots that come up to just under the middle of his shin. A small hand flute dangles from his around his neck, laying gently against his chest. A notice of his knot shows that he's currently the Weyr Leader of Xanadu Weyr, with his Bronze Lifemate Alhenaeth.

Though, at closer examination, with the recent cut of his hair, one who had known him from before would now notice something different: a slightly deformed right-ear and a scar of three lines running down the right side of his neck, beginning behind his ear and ending at the base of his neck. His ear and scar being completely undamaged otherwise, it would appear the scars had been there for many turns. Fortunately, despite the deformity of his ear, C'ian has not suffered any hearing loss from it. But just how did he acquire the scars?


Born and raised in Telgar, Caspian was born of a simple Stableman and his wife, the 2nd child of four. He lived with his family for about 13 years, witnessing the birth of his two younger sisters, Kassy and Saren, with his older brother Cyan. Though his entire family seemed happy to work with Weyrbeasts and Runners, this was not the life Caspian wanted for himself. As he grew to the age of 13 turns, he had always preferred the company of harpers over that of even his parents. Learning as much as he could from them, he considered becoming a harper at Harper Hall. However, his father Cassan disapproved of Caspian's decision and forbid Caspian from becoming a harper. No longer willing to live under the eye of his father, Caspian ran away from his family and traveled Pern, hopping from Weyr to Weyr, Hold to Hold.

When he was 16 turns and his travels took him near Telgar, Caspian debated the idea of visiting his family. Though he ultimately decided against the visitation, Caspian did run into his two sisters who were gracious to see him. Not wanting to be seen by his parents, however, Caspian quickly left his sisters after they gave him a gift: a wooden flute.

Two turns later, Caspian was ready to settle down and found himself at Xanadu Weyr. Wanting to become a resident, he took up the job he hated most and became a stable-hand. It was not longer after that, however, that his world was turned upside down when he met the Rider of Brown Bergerath, Kysli. From the first meeting, the two seemed to be inseparable. A turn later, Caspian found himself within the fingery cage of Blue Okorienth and was marked for candidacy by Xanadu's Weyrlingmaster, Lecil. Patiently, Caspian awaited the day of impression and when that day came, his life was turned upside down again when he impressed the dark Bronze Dragon Alhenaeth. While a Weyrling Caspian, now C'ian, became closer to his fellow Weyrlings and defending them as fierce as anything else.

As fate would have it, in time, Alhenaeth took flight after the senior gold Frydath, catching the gold and making the young pair Weyrleader. This post continued through Qyh's stint as well as Jezzara's, even while the bronzerider met and became mated to the youngest Xanadu goldrider Niva. In time, Kilaueth rose in a leadership flight, and Alhenaeth chased successfully, making the young couple the Weyrleaders of Xanadu.

After almost two decades of serving as Weyrleader, with many of the years being at the side of his mate Niva, he is became the wingleader of Galaxy Wing. Retiring from that in turn, he is still present at Xanadu with Niva, and their two daughters Vivian and Nicca, and their young son Cavin.


Name Relation Location Position
Niva Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Sr. Weyrwoman with Gold Kilaueth
Casiella Daughter (Daniella) Telgar Weyr Rider to Gold Calanth
Daenian Son (Daniella) Harper Hall Archivist
Vivian Daughter Xanadu Weyr Rider to Green Kelioth
Nicca Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat
Cavin Son Xanadu Weyr Infant
Cassan Father Telgar Hold
Karen Mother Telgar Hold
Cyan Brother Telgar Hold
Kassy Sister Telgar Hold
Saren Sister Telgar Hold


3434827181_39c812c6db_m.jpg Devilish Trickster Fox Gold Shigure
Red hot tongues of molten gold cling to a narrow muzzle, reminiscent of a canine's sharpness. Her glittering eyes are framed by regal cheekbones, burning with the curious fox-gold that seems to drape her lithe figure, but her headknobs, works of art in their own right, are covered in midnight shades. A finely wrought chest dances with platinum hues that meld into her lean belly, clashing with the fires that burn along her sides and haunches. Each translucent wing shudders with it's own light, crimson heat flooding each sail before fading to a smoldering orange along the edges, pearls of dew suspended in the heat by threads of inky black. Pure gold, true to color, runs down each dainty leg, but precious metal gives way to gold overlayed raven feather black, wrapping around her lower legs with loving grace, each crafted toe tipped with talons of ivory.

3484990598_66f6028f90_m.jpg Endless Horizon Blue Leviathan
Oceanic blue splashes unevenly, speckling hide a variety of hues, some paler, some darker, water spots dripping along his streamlined body, floating down his long, graceful limbs, along his lean underside and tail. His wide wings are tipped in paler blue, like the crests of waves out on the ocean, hues paling on their way up his serpentine neck, a smooth sky blue by the end of his nose.
3494931189_9c14055559.jpg Trouble Just Follows Blue Morpheus
When did it become midnight..? Or, is that just the little hide of this young firelizard..? Quite the presence here, as eyes can be attracted to the sprinkling of off-white speckles along his hide. It's clearly midnight, Cinderella, but don't you worry none.. the dusting of stars that covers the firelizard will always be there, to light the heart, of who he impresses to.


A Promise Lives Within Bronze Alhenaeth
Moonless night hangs over a lithe form, darkness lit within by flurries of molten bronze pooling in each crevice. His refined muzzle is set awash in midnight tones, ale bronze overtaking the night to frame expressive eyes, pouring over uncharacteristicly dainty cheeks. Robed by velvet, his lean neck shudders with green-gold fire along each muscular line, flowing down to brush each neckridge with light. Jet black and honey swirl over a muscled chest, finely wrought by a master craftsman, feather wisps of iridescent copper edging soft curves. Bronzed silk folds over sharp shoulders, spiralling upward into translucent wingsails, platinum starlight shining heavenly along pinions of muddy bronze. Shadows cover his lean belly and haunches, ribbons of amber light staying the darkness to flicker down into a curving tail, held proudly aloft for the admiration of others. His cloaked paws, smaller than most bronzes, weave molten darkness and ruddy copper light down each dainty toe, talons of black adamant shining out from the darkness.


Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Weyr's Hatching: July 23, 2005 July 23, 2005 Alhenaeth, C'ian, Casiella, Danewt, Dareh, Dashiell, Donvellen, Echendris, Eydie, Fyenai, Jeymian, Keriana, Kieryn, Kilaueth, Kysli, Lahela, Medani, M'iri, Mysarra, Mylla, Niva, Pejaolo, Rivala, Skaar, Trilanna, Ziven
Random Logs: Assigning Duties 2005 Aeris, C'ian, Niva, and R'soe
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