Age 20 turns
Craft (Specialty) Techcraft (Engineercraft)
Hair Brown
Eyes Green
Height 5'6" (172cm)
Weight 190lbs (86kg)


The figure before you stands at just under six feet in height, and weighs around one-hundred-and-ninety pounds. His physique is well-muscled — shoulders to calves — from a variety of physical activity; swimming would be a good guess. He spends a good deal of time outside, as evidenced by his modest tan. His features are well-rounded; cheekbones high and rounded, jaw square, nose unobtrusive. His eyes are a dark woodsy sort of green hue, like fresh grass, and his earthy brown hair is cropped short.

He sports a pair of brown boots, gray leggings, a gray shirt with a white cord (with a single loop) around the shoulder (sort of an aiguillette), and an azure pendant.


Brynnjan was born of Darro, a journeyman Smith/Miner from Telgar Hold, and Kellyn, a Healer of moderate repute from Lemos Hold. While his parents did all they could to teach him their ways, and he showed genuine interest, they found that his focus was elsewhere. Eventually, he discovered his passion in Techcraft, and at the age of eighteen years declared his intent to specialize in Engineercraft. Now entering his twentieth year, he finds himself looking for the next big adventure life has to throw at him.


Name Relation Location Position
Darro Father Telgar Hold Smith/Miner (Journeyman)
Kellyn Mother Lemos Hold Healer



Main Sequence Bronze Canthus
A little on the roly-poly side, this bronze firelizard nonetheless radiates energy and power. He packs a lot of strength into a small form, bulky shoulders and short wings meant for speed and maneuverability. With a forward stride and no indication of shyness, he tackles life head-on, too-large paws quick to test and swipe. Fittingly, vivid shades make up the bulk of this guy's hide, a tangled mess of golds and ambers. Darker shades sweep his rounded belly and short neck, dapples of russet and chestnut overtaking the brilliant topaz base. The shades of dapple and energetic lightning-type markings turn paler, moving outward and upward; marigold to citrine to near-white. The brightest shades speckle his blunt nose, toes, tailtip, and trailing edges of his broad wings, giving him a fiery haloed kind of look. His natural metalic flash lends this bronze's hide quite an impressive look, vibrant an energetic.


Title OOC Date Cast
Putting The Fun in DysFUNctional May 21, 2017 R'hyn, Risali, Brynnjan, Zaria
Twenty Questions With A Greenie May 20, 2017 Kera, Risali, Brynnjan, Zaria
Unmentionable Inspection May 19, 2017 Weyrlingmaster G'thar (NPC), Marel, Risali, Brynnjan, Cara, Zaria
Food for Thought May 18, 2017 Brynnjan, T'lon, Saumath
Making Friends May 05, 2017 Risali, Brynnjan, Zaria
Granaeth's Jokes Are Knot Funny (Brynnjan is Searched!) May 03, 2017 Brynnjan, L'gan, Granaeth
A Weyrwoman and a Techcrafter Walk Into A Complex... March 26, 2017 Brynnjan, Soriana
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