Long dark blonde curls that are pulled almost streight by the weight of her waist length hair frame her heart-shaped face. Her thick locks are tied back at the nape of her neck by a wide ribbon that cordinates with her clothing, though a few strands escape and gently accent her dark, stormy gray, mischief filled eyes. She is lightly tanned though whether from genetics or the sun, is hard to determine. She is rail thin and very petite, but not unhealthy looking.
Just another faceless canditate in a white robe, hers has deffinately seen more than one hatching. It's a little tattered at the hem and is just a hair too short, but not quite indecent. Let's just hope she doesn't have to dive out of the way of a determined hatchling or there might be more of a show than everyone barganed for.


Brighid is the daughter of Seonaid, a dragonhealer from Ista Weyr, and Cleirach, a Journeyman Woodcrafter visiting his sister after she'd Impressed. Her parents were caught up in the emotion of a gold flight and her mother ended up pregnant with her third child. In due time, Brighid was born, her mother's only daughter and the oldest of her father's five children. She has two older half brothers, both of whom are beastcrafters, though she really didn't know them or her mother very well because her mother sent her to live with her father when she was still very young so that she could try to make amends with the babe's brother's father.

When Brid was 6, Cleirach finally wed the journeywoman printcrafter he had been in love with for most of his life and a little less than a turn later, their first child was born. Poor Bighid was despised by her stepmother and was again sent away to be fostered by her father's sister at Ista Weyr so that she could be closer to her mother and brothers. She was still ignored by her mother, and therfore her brothers ignored her as well, and as soon as she was old enough, Brid decided that she wanted to be a harper. She worked hard and studied all the time, but playing an instrument just doesn't come naturally to her, even though her aunt thought that she should be wonderful at it since both her father's mother and grandmother were excelent musicians, though neither of them were harpers. She has been a harper apprentice for the last four turns and, even though she hasn't made much progress, she refuses to give up and try something else. The little time that she isn't practicing, Brighid carves little figurines for her friends and has even managed to sell one or two to some traiders.


Name Relation Location Position
Seonaid Mother Ista Weyr Dragonhealer
Cleirach Father Ista Weyr Woodcrafter


Bronze Father and Blue River


Title OOC Date Cast
Survival Camp: Lost in the Wilderness July 27, 2007 Brighid, Esher, Felandre, Harleanne, Meira
Xanadu Hatching, August 01, 2007 August 01, 2007 Alaye, Alinaine, Brighid, Cherin, Esher, Ethne, Felandre, Fyrion, G'rism, Harleanne, Jynniphire, Kacen, Keziah, Kotone, L'alie, Lanthiel, Meira, Mellonath, Neamon, Parra, Q'reni, Quiath, Raelin, Rh'al, Senkyou, Shida, Sianne, V'dim, Zekiel
Surviving at Survival Camp July 2007 Brighid, Harleanne, Keziah, Neamon, Raelin, Senkyou, Zekiel
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