Briana was born of a Renegade captive and one of their top soldiers in a coupling that well put her mother off men even more than before. From Birth, her mother was hardly allowed to spend time with her and she knew her at best as 'Aunt Ally' until she was nearly five turns old. She was raised by Delenn and Kareyan and taken by Delenn to Xanadu when the Renegade left the camp after he and Kare broke up. This was Briana's first introduction to weyr life at the age of about four turns old, but a turn later she was sent back to the compound when Delenn impressed.

She returned to find herself introduced to Alanna finally as her mother and two baby brothers. Embrin had finally allowed Alanna the care of her own offspring, that he had forced upon her. A turn or so later Embrin went out on a raid and never returned. Nothing more was ever spoken of Briana's father and as she was never really close to him, Briana never inquired.

A few months before her 9th turnday the Renegade camp was raided by riders from Istan and those that were not killed or escaped were taken to Ista Weyr. Once it was determined that her mother was no more than a 'camp worker' and considered 'potentially harmless' the family were allowed to be free at Ista though with a guard. The family stayed at Ista a short time and before long the children were allowed without an escort, Briana seeming to settle into the life, but her mother never did. One night the family group did head off to never be heard or seen from again.

About four Turns later Briana and her younger twin brothers walked into the Weyr again. This time scrawny and without their mother. Those few that recognized her did help her settle in. Will she settle back into life


Name Relation Location Position
Alanna Mother Renegade Camp Unknown
Liam Brother Renegade Camp Unknown
Leran Brother Renegade Camp Unknown
Embrin Father Unknown Unknown


Clever Survivor Green Blade
Small and slender is this delicate green from the tip of her slender nose down to the whip of her fine tail. Her frame is frail in appearance but tiny muscles ripple under the glistening hide, never letting the eyes of the observer deny the strength held within. Moss and pine engulf this firelizard in small alternating patches as though the light of the sun is touching down through the high branches of the trees, lighting the ground of the forest below. On her chest, is a little ring of bright saffron against darkness.


Meet with Triumph and Disaster Gold Sahazyth
Well-proportioned contours lend a supple elegance despite the bulk of musculature on the frame of this queen dragon, clothing her in an athletic grace. Her form is that of a dancer, lean of flank, broad of chest, her body propelled by powerful haunches and perfectly balanced by her sinuous tail. It’s a deceptive ruse that she is less formidable than she truly is. The gold of her silken hide appears antiqued with the patina of time, a muted amber that veils her blunt muzzle and cascades down her supple neck, the ridges of which are bronzed as though smoke-filmed. A rich topaz cloaks her wide shoulders where her large wings join, membranes of aged parchment webbing her spars, the wingtips barely touched along the edges with inky shades of kohl. Shadowed saffron trails across her strong back, dappling sides where gingered honey fades to ancient ivory on her underbelly, the hue there smudged with faint henna markings as though finger-marked by careless handling. Below, as coiled springs, agile and ready for action, the shade of her sinewy limbs are harvest gold at twilight, darkening to near-black on talons tipped by ebony claws.


Title OOC Date Cast
Sahazyth and Orionth's Clutching January 12, 2013 Briana, Darsce, Garait, Idrissa, Kale, Kantigh, Lorelai, Mikal, Muir, Qirin, Soriana, Zahleizjah, Sahazyth, Dersk
Mystified! (Egg Touch One) January 20, 2013 Briana, Idrissa, Kale, Mikal, Muir, Qirin, Soriana
Hot Sands, Cold Truths January 29, 2013 Briana, Kale, Muir
Happy Baby Shower! February 05, 2013 Briana, Hotaru, Idrissa, Jikmyn (npc'd by Mikal), Kale, Mikal, Muir, Soriana, Thea
Breaking the News February 16, 2013 Briana, Esiae, Thea
Draconic Curiosity February 17, 2013 Briana, Idrissa, Ka'el, Soriana, Kanekith, Luraoth, Sahazyth, Tahryth
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