Standing at 5'5" is a slightly androgynous youth with dark green eyes and a rich shade of chestnut hair. What stands out the most is a very distinct haircut: the hair on both sides of her head is shaved close to the scalp, leaving a strip of short, moderately curly hair in the center of her head (much like a runnerbeast's mane). Another defining feature is a long, thin, white scar running horizontally for about four to five inches on the left side of her head. Her cheekbones are high and her eyes a bit narrow, giving her a rather stern appearance at first glance. Her body is somewhat lanky and athletic with a lack of typical female curves (very straight-framed like a boy; it takes effort to notice breasts), and her lightly tanned skin guards very toned, lean muscles throughout her body.

Her clothes probably looked quite nice at one time, but now they're torn or patched in some areas and lightly stained in others from many days working outdoors. She wears a cream undershirt and a faded, crop-sleeved tunic that bears a number of small holes and runs in the fabric. Her pants are made of a thick, tan material and are tucked into a pair of dark, chocolate brown boots that come almost up to her knees. She also wears a belt that matches the color of her boots, with a small knife and leather pouch hanging by her right hip.



Bowyn was born and raised at Xanadu by her baker mother, Rhiannon, and hunter father, Bowen. Bowen and Rhiannon had tried at having children twice before Bowyn came along, both times hoping for a boy and both times losing the baby due to complications during birth. Feeling a bit downtrodden and not expecting their (surprise) next child to survive either, they were overjoyed when the baby was born healthy, even though she wasn't the boy they had wanted. They decided on naming her after her father anyway, agreeing to be happy with the child they had and not try for anymore so they didn't press their luck.

Bowyn was raised more like a boy than a girl; learning her father's craft so that she would be able to learn the secrets of his trade and have a fair chance of making something of herself when she got older. He taught her to craft a bow and arrows on the fly, basic survival skills, and all of the ins and outs of hunting in general. She showed a natural talent for it at a young age, preferring to spend the majority of her time outside practicing her marksmanship rather than playing with other children her age.

When she was out on a hunt with her father at the age of ten, she noticed him aiming for a doe who was mother to a calf hiding in the bushes, unseen by the focused hunter. Bowyn noticed the little calf and ran out to scare the mother off before she could be shot, her father's arrow skimming the side of her head and leaving her with a gash that eventually formed a long, white scar. The doe was saved, and when her father realized why she had ran out and put herself in danger, he decided not to scold her for putting herself in danger.The experience was a great testament to her bravery and belief in standing up for the little guy. She believes in always doing what's right.

While she's generally supportive of others and enjoys lending a helping hand, she also has a streak of arrogance running through her when it comes to other weyrfolk. She firmly believes that people who have nothing more than basic survival skills should never be out in the wild, and she abhors amature hunters. She can't seem to grasp that many people don't possess her level of dedication to their craft, and don't care about living in the wilderness (which she considers part of hunting); some people only care about hunting game to make a living. Her love of the hunt and existing in the wild makes her rather absent in the Weyr itself, though she can be seen for some time for a couple days out of every week. Almost every other day she'll be out in the trees, stalking her prey and setting up camp until she's ready to come back to the Weyr with her catch. Some people have seen her slinking around the Weyr at night, leaving gifts like a feral Santa Claus, or snuggling up with friends or family for the night.


Name Relation Location Position
Bowen Father Xanadu Weyr Hunter
Rhiannon Mother Xanadu Weyr Baker


With You in the Dark Blue Saeth

Steel blue fades and blends evenly with lighter hints of blue-grey over the course of this dragon, as though he were plucked from a sky falling to dusk and caught in the last moments before twilight descends. Both hues are woven in a seamless and near to invisible pattern of ripples over his long, lithe body. A touch lanky in limb, a touch lean, he’s of medium size and otherwise well proportioned, balanced with a promise of both speed and strength whether on the ground or in the air. He holds his wedge-shaped head with quiet confidence, the broadness of his eye ridges and muzzle, the bluntness of his short head knobs softened by the muted blues that dominate his sleek form. The effect’s gentle spell breaks over the curve of his ridges, as steel gradually melts to a rich shade of cobalt that is neither vivid nor distracts as it sweeps over the proud arch of his neck and expands out over the back of his wings to evenly coat both sails and wing spars and fade near his lower back to leave his long, slender tail untouched. Toned forelimbs take on the same subtle darkening, shifting to a deep and muted cobalt just beyond his elbows and by the very tip of the curved talons on his feet, darkening to a nighttime shade of royal blue.


Title OOC Date Cast
Is it Dead Yet? January 26, 2014 Anoryn, Bowyn, Mur'dah, Rysith, Saeth, Kalsuoth
What SORCERY Is THIS! March 01, 2014 Bowyn, Kera
Harvest Festival May 16, 2014 Bowyn, Cyrus, Ka'el, Kera, Keziah, Kiena, Soriana, Th'ero
How to Carve a Pumpkin July 28, 2014 Bowyn, Darsce, Ka'el, Kera, Kiena, Soriana, Skyler, Bernadette (npc)
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