Nearly reaching 5 feet tall, this lively jet black haired youngling is the archetype of the self-confidence weyrbrat. He's done and seen everything (unless someone proves him otherwise) and is sometimes, if not often, leaning on the condescesion side with people he doesn't know. He's not completely unfriendly though and can show signs of proper sociability at times. Bright and always sparkling, the two gems of his emerald eyes are always scanning his surroundings in search of the next best and fun thing to do.

Depending on the weather, he can be seen wearing either sturdy leather boots and dark pants or a worn pair of sand colored shorts and barefoot. The only thing that won't ever change is his favorite short sleeved not-so-white-anymore shirt with the Weyr insignia embroidered near the heart.


Born and raised at Xanadu, Benraam has always been restless and even in his very early turns. Avid to discover and experience he often put himself in rather dangerous or complicated situations to his journeyman Healer father's despair as well as almost every nannies at the Weyr. Troublesome and trouble maker that's what he is. But he's also loyal, quick-witted and simply hates injustice. All those personality traits inherited from his mother.
At the age of 10, he decided he was adult enough to handle him alone and become the best tunnelsnake hunter ever. Of course, it's mostly an illusion as his bluerider mother do try hard to keep an eye on him between sweeps.


Name Relation Location Position
Neba Mother Xanadu Bluerider
Amren Father Xanadu Jrnm Healer




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