The young man you see doesn't look a day over eighteen Turns. His sharp blue eyes are set beneath wavy brown hair that falls to his shoulders. His features are soft, giving him a youthful vibrance and his lips curl up in a slight smile. He is slender, but lithe and athletic, and his fair skin shows the slight tinge of a tan.
He is currently wearing a tan shirt that hugs his torso and brown wherhide pants. Around his feet, he wears dusty work boots that look like they have seen better days.


Bendil was born in the Xanadu Weyr to loving parents. His family helped support the Weyr, his father was a cook and his mother was a seamstress. So, it was no surprise that Bendil would fill a supporting role for the community by becoming a stablehand. He was a diligent worker, but his mind always wandered to the dragons that were kept in the Weyr. Enthralled by tales of his grandfather, who was a dragonrider, Bendil spends his off-time daydreaming of one day becoming a dragonrider himself.


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Discussion in the Caverns 2008 Bendil, Delynni, Thea, Ysa
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