Curls of flaming red hair top this tall woman's head. Brown eyes with sparse lashes peer out of her strong, angular, almost masculine, face. Her face seems to glow slightly, in the manner characteristic of her condition. Her thin tomboy frame usually matches her face to a homely sort of perfection. However, at the moment, her breasts are a little on the largeish side. The baby she carries in her arms explains that admirably. Around her neck she sports a heart shaped emerald on a delicate gold chain.


Though her red curls made her a charming toddler, Bryndarelle has never been a particularly attractive girl. As such she made it through her teenage turns without ever dating. The boys weren't interested in her, and quite frankly she had better things to do than waste her time on them. She learned at a young age to sew and embroider, and as she got older she gained a slight name for her ability to make beautiful clothes. A talent learned, perhaps, to compensate for her own lack of beauty. However she, never wore much decoration herself, she simply made it for others or for the house. She lived quite happily with her parents, Tonas and Theena, on their hold in the outlying areas of Fort. Until recently. Both her parents caught the plague from her father's firelizard, who'd carried a message to an aunt at Western. Her father committed suicide in the grips of a hallucination. Her mother drowned in the small river that flowed through the hold. She's an only child and after the funerals were over, Bryndarelle decided that she can not run the hold alone. Nor can she afford to hire help, so she sadly sold the hold to a neighbor, livestock, crops and all. And left for Fort Hold, to see if she could survive on her sewing ability.

Bryn was taken in as a Seamstress at Fort hold, but only for a short while. One day about 6 months after she moved to Fort Hold, she was sent up to Fort Weyr to borrow some brown thread. While there she managed to meet Fort's WeyrWoman and both Xanadu's WeyrLeaders. She accepted a commission from WeyrWoman Niva and went with her so she could get the article of clothing from the dragon, while she was out near the dragons T'eo's Raenth informed him that he wanted to bring Bryn back to Xanadu to stand for a clutch. This was quite a shock for the girl, especially given that she hadn't managed to impress a firelizard even, but she agreed to go and is now a Candidate at Xanadu Weyr.

The hot sands burned her feet. The roar of the crowd filled her ears. And suddenly it was all gone. Her mind was filled for the first time with a new voice, one she would hear many times a day the rest of her life. The jewel green Gwynaleth had entered her life.


Name Relation Location Position
Theena Mother (Deceased)
Tonas Father (Deceased)
T'ren Weyrmate
Torella Child



Prancing Petite Pony Green Gwynaleth
Green, the color of shimmering emeralds, coats the back of this petite, slender green, feathering out to lighter colors as it coats her side. Stretching out to her long, agile wings, the green gently verigates lighter and lighter, until a glittering jade sweeps along the very outside tips of her wings. Her wingspars are tipped in the same emerald green of her body, and the trailing edges of her dainty wings echo this same color. As the emerald feathers down her belly and to her extremities, it seems to pull color from her wings, perfectly echoing them as they shade lighter and lighter, until along her belly and the inside of her legs runs a stripe the same fierce, sparkling jade color as her wingedges, the stripe seeming to grow larger and larger until it envelopes the tips of her tail, muzzle and toes. Lithe, strong limbs end in talons so deep of an ebony they seem to reflect the area about her, the tips sharp enough to rend hide with no power expended at all. Her somewhat blunt ridges seem to favor her emerald hide, but they are of so deep a green that, unless one is in quite dim light, they seem black. Her muzzle is often tilted slightly upwards, sharply defined features seeming to take in the world around her with a tinge of arrogance. Her eyes are large and shimmering, reflecting her moods with a rapidity that gives her absolutely no time to hide them. All in all, she is a petite dragon, of somewhat medium size for her color.


Title OOC Date Cast
Random Log: T'eo is Temporary Weyrleader 2005 B'relle, S'sev, and T'eo
Breaking T'eo 2005 B'relle, Elia, J'roy, L'alie, M'iri, Niva, R'soe, S'sev, T'eo and Vivian
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