Ayisha stands taller than the average woman, nearing a height of six feet. Her build is lithe and wiry with little in the way of hips, but decently endowed for such a build. Her skin which is of a light-medium tan- is far from the texture of silk, though it has not reached the toughness of leather either. Her hair on the other hand, nears the texture of silk yet holds the vibrant golden oranges of fall leaves. Her smooth, hard to tangle hair is usually kept up in a half runner-tail to keep most of it out of her face, but still to lend some femininity to her appearance. Her eyes are heavily lashed, almost giving the far edges a ring of black, while her irises are indescribable in color. Some would say grey, where others think a grey-blue and yet others call them grey-green or even maybe hazel.
The outfit Ayisha wears is nothing to really be marveled at, seeing as how it runs along the line of mundane guard wear. Her pants are black, fitting comfortably with only a little room for her legs to breathe as they puff around her knees, where they tuck into a pair of thick wherhide boots with a large flipped down cuff. Her top is just as simple, the base piece being a light camisole underneath it all in a cream, while a button-up khaki blouse with a collar and deep neck rest over top, the sleeves tucking into a pair of thick wherhide bracers, and the deep neck being hidden by a sweet-heart necked wherhide vest, though the blouse hangs out from the bottom of the vest, dividing the dark doe brown wherhide from her black pants. When on duty, a belt of the same wherhide can be found on her waist, holding sheathes for a sword and dagger, as well as a few other oddities or weapons.


Ayisha grew up in the area of Black Rock Hold, under the guardianship of Xanadu Weyr. Her life as a child was honestly nothing special or out of the ordinary. She grew up as a tomboy, surrounded by brothers and male relations, seeing as how her mother died in giving birth to her, and her father tried to raise her as best he could. So without a doubt, she grew a knack for such things as fist fighting, martial arts, daggers, and sharp things in general.
As she grew into womanhood, despite her tomboy tendencies, the men did start to make romantic (or not so romantic) advances on the young lady. However, they were not expecting for Ayisha to defend herself so effectively without official training. When she hit 13 and had her first few brawls with hopeful men, her father sent her off to the Weyr for official guard training.
And so it went for quite a few turns, the routine of being a recruit. Ayisha did not mind this routine one bit, and found it to actually suit her. So, where others stay recruits for a life time, come her 20 turnday she was promoted to full guard, and let to have a little more freedom in her schedule.


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