Short and rather unevenly cropped black hair hangs about the shoulders of a young woman who is still plagued by the long-gangly limbs of youth, and the promise of a rather impressive stride once everything has settled. When she is in motion, it may be possible to see a small wedge of flesh at the top of her right ear where a scar had marked an absense of flesh. A long, pointed nose nestles above a pair of thin, pale and unimposing lips. Both are framed by eyes which have been gently pulled into a lazy almond shape. Those same eyes are tinted an unfortunately unique shade of brown-green of a rain-soaked, moss-covered Runner trail which has nearly been washed away by mud.
The clothing she wears is made for comfort, hanging from her lean, yet muscular frame in such a way as to nearly mask her lack of a proper bust and the less than generous nature of her hips. Upon her shoulder is a knot which clearly marks her as a Runner on the traces, lacking is any indication of a home Hall, Hold or Weyr.


Avani was born the middle daughter of one of the holders in Sea Foam Hold, situated along the costline of Ista Isle.
Her mother's family being Traders, perhaps it was only a matter of time before the young girl started to experience itchy feet and the urge to travel. It was in one short trip with her extended family that she was able to watch a Hatching at the Weyr. The experience only got her wonderlust going further. Dragons might be able to move from one place to another in an instant, but how much did they miss in between?
It wasn't until she was nearly twelve Turns old that Avani met her first Runner. The young man was powerfully built, kind, and had an air of secrecy about him as he sought out the person to whom the note he bore was addressed.
The Hold had access to a radio for emergencies, so she couldn't quite figure out the use, but when the young man made his way to her Hold once more, three turns later, Avani took the chance to stretch her legs and see the world in a way that few others could.
Now well past the start of her eighteenth Turn of life, Avani has finally been allowed to begin to Run messages on her own, though she still crosses paths with the young man who wet her interest all that time ago, as she moves along the Trails.


Name Relation Location Position
Chloey Mother Ista Island
Alviin Father Ista Island
Older Sister
Older Sister
Younger Sister
Younger Sister


Earthbound Thunderbolt Bronze Thor
He is an earthen thing, solidly built as if hewn from sturdy stone by a masterful hand with the touch of life. Blocky and blunted in a noble way, well-proportioned throughout, this bronze firelizard bears himself with all the stately pride that such a creature could muster. While his build might not be eyecatching, the hue of his hide is another story entirely. It is, in purest terms, the pale-bright of lightning, gold-bronze with a distinct deepening of that color at his eyes to lend a sense of age. Light skitters easily across every angle and curve of his thick body, pooling on wingsails that are nearly translucent as if made of light itself — all of this brilliance is only exacerbated by a good oiling, rendering him nearly blinding. Only his claws are firmly anchored to the world, a dulled bronze as if coated in dust from turns spent a-wandering.

Semper Fi in Silver Blue Tyr
Navy and rich watery blues clash and crash over this military hued firelizard. His carefully measured marine blue wings, shaped like those of a herring gull, allow him the steady beat of a soldier's march in flight. Silver dusts his grizzled denim face, giving him the appearance of an old, but still energetic and spry character. His legs are covered in watery navy, carefully trimmed and hewn. Small steely blue markings show on his chest, and cover his bayonet sharp talons. His whiplash spry midnight blue tail resembles a marine's saber, the finishing touch to a true military man.


Fearlessly Voyaging Brown Thianth
An interlocking herringbone pattern of alternating earth tones, the lighter one resembling driftwood and the darker a more saturated shade of mahogany clad this imposingly large brown dragon in what looks to be a flexible and exquisitely crafted suit of armor. The descending chevrons of the dominant pattern seem to confuse the light that is reflecting off his hide. Parts of him that should be brightly lit, like the salt-laden driftwood color of his neckridges, appear instead to be shadow and his eyes, which should be shaded by his curved and closely-fitted browridges, stand out brightly because the armored pattern catches the inner light from his own scintillating eyes. The protective pattern does have termination points, forming ever-tightening and descending overlapping diamonds at his forehead and the tips of his wings. His tail fork appears to be crafted from a single plate of the darker mahogany color with just a spot of driftwood at its tip. Underneath this thick hide, his still-developing muscles promise the strength of many unspoken adventures to come. Sinewy and lithe wing muscles taper downward to merge with a massive chest and sturdy legs as if he were born to fly right out of his shell. For now, as a youngster, his bulk is a bit awkward but later he will grow into a truly remarkable example of his kind.


Title OOC Date Cast
Cards, Tricks and Duties January 04, 2010 Aludra, Avani, K'ael, Niva, Norela
Tavern Trouble January 06, 2010 Aludra, Avani, Eledri, Fros, Jessamin, M'nol, Niva, Norela, Rezso
To Bathe or not to Bathe January 10, 2010 Avani, Norela, Rio, Rished, Thea
An All New Opera - er, Hatching! January 10, 2010 Avani, M'gaal, Moria, Natishen, Norela, Phylicia, Rio, Rished
A Firelizard Feast January 14, 2010 Avani, Osric
Avani is Searched January 16, 2010 Adanaith(NPC), Alviin(NPC), Avani, Chin(NPC), Lerta(NPC), Rished
Trouble Takes Many Forms January 20, 2010 Avani, D'had, Natishen, Thea
A Chore Gone Wrong January 24, 2010 Avani, D'had, Natishen, Osric
Breakfast of Champions January 25, 2010 Avani, D'had, Marella (npc), Muir (npc), Thea
Candidates Touch the Eggs January 25, 2010 Avani, M'gaal, Natishen, Rio, Rished, Satoris, Thea
Evening Egg Touching January 26, 2010 Avani, Natishen, Phylicia, Rio, Rished, Satoris, V’dim
Early Morning Observations January 27, 2010 Avani, Jessamin, R'owan
Eggs in the Morning January 27, 2010 Avani, Jessamin, Thea
On the Sands January 29, 2010 Avani, M’gaal, Phylicia, Rio, Satoris, Thea
Eggy Speculations January 30, 2010 Avani, Rio, Rished
The Journey Home! Sort Of (Survival Camp) February 06, 2010 Avani, Osric, Phylicia, Rio
Firelizards on the Beach Ferbuary 07, 2010 Anaky, A'rlo, Avani, Jadyn, K'avu, Keziah, Lyuba, M'nol, Natishen, Pralius, Rio
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