Thick coarse dark hair, brown-black with faintly purple highlights evident in the light, flows down to her shoulders in a layered cut. Shorter strands frame her face, falling down to the rider's cheekbones in an attempt to soften her sharp, definite facial features. Both chin and nose of the rider come to a sharp point, the chin less severely so. Her eyes are a dark muddy brown with flecks of green and amber in them. Lightly dusted across her nose and cheeks are freckles, barely evident against her klah-similar complexion. She is a bit on the tall side of the height spectrum, and her body has modest curves to it.

Black leather pants cling to the legs of the bluerider, fitting tightly and snugly as though they were a second skin to her. Creases along the butt and knee indicate that the fabric is, however, not so tight as to limit movement. Riding leathers are tucked into a pair of thick black boots that are laced up to two inches below her knees. A dark maroon bodice fits similarly tightly to the rider's torso, clinging to her waist and hips in an attempt to accentuate these portions of her anatomy. Furthermore, the immodestly cut top also serves to push up her cleavage. A light brown jacket made of soft leather with a pale tan lining serves as the rider's flight jacket. A pair of tinted flight goggles dangle from her neck when not worn in flight.

She wears a simple rider's knot, entwined with pale blue, in the colors of Fort Weyr.


Asiree was born to two Techcrafters who were quite marvelous and talenting at repairing random broken technology and inventing things. Also in her family were two brothers, one older and one younger, who also shared their parent's aptitude for technology. Like her parents and brothers, Asiree had a great interest in technology. Unlike them she had no affinity for it. However, her parents thought that there was hope yet for the girl and her efforts were encouraged. Perhaps she was encouraged too much, for the girl grew up thinking she was a genius with technology. She was never officially entered into the Technician's Hall, but rather was tutored by her parents who took great pride in their daughter, even when her attempts failed. So it was, after many Turns of struggle, the type of which only a "genius" can understand, that the Asiree was sent to Xanadu Weyr to work with the techies there. Asiree was convinced it was to spread her wonderful abilities, whereas most people believed that a change of scenery would prevent her from constantly electrocuting herself.

At Xanadu Asiree found plenty of other distractions that kept her from her work - such as boys and girls, and of course a bit of wine. Apparently getting away from home and her family had brought about a certain change. Some of Asiree's less than desirable character traits were momentarily stemmed when she was searched and became a Candidate. When the day came and Asiree stood on the Sands she found a form of guidance in the form of a blue dragon that called himself Sukith, who figured he'd be good for the girl.

In some ways, Sukith was good for Asiree. Although the weyrlinghood was stressful, it was largely through the blue's determination and motivation that the two persevered and became successful graduates. Entering into the tech crafting wing upon graduation, the bluerider seemed to have found her niche. Although she was prone to drinking too much, and getting into some small troubles, she was eventually promoted to wingleader. This, however, was followed by a downward spiral. The bluerider gave in to drink, and was in a constant haze of drunkenness. After an incident with a proddy Niva, the bluerider was demoted to the rank of assistant weyrlingmaster, since perhaps by teaching others Asiree would learn to behave better and straighten out. Rather than straighten out and clean up her act, Asiree became even more unruly, even going so far as throttle and man-handle some of the candidates. Her performance as an assistant weyrlingmaster was, to say the least, less than shining.

Shorly after the graduation of the weyrlings, Asiree got herself into a spot of trouble at Fort Weyr. Something about betting… lots of drinking… and owing the weyrleader a fair sum of money is how the story goes. Niva, quite sick of the alcoholic rider's shenanagins, sent the bluerider off to Fort Weyr to pay off her debt and get out of her hair. At Fort, Ree assisted in the raising of another clutch of weyrlings, although even there she did not straighten up. After working as an assistant weyrlingmaster, she became another rider in the Simurgh wing at Fort, apparently quite content to remain longer at Fort and drink herself silly.


Name Relation Location Position
Renate Mother Landing
Lelas Father Landing


Blue Hazrd


Blue Sukith
Denim so faded that it nearly looks grey covers this little blue from head to crooked tail-end. Lean of body to the point of protruding bones and boney joints, he looks lean to the extent of fragility. Though fragile he is not, lined with muscle that extends into extremely fragile-looking wings that seem to big for his lean frame. Membranes are translucent, like fabric stretched too thin, and slate talons extend from boney paws. The only variation of color on this blue is on his face, where a darker denim color wrinkles up in crow’s feet just under his protruding eye ridges.


Title OOC Date Cast
Asiree's Quarrel June 11, 2005 Asiree and Mylla
Random Log: Shimonith's Flight July 14, 2005 Asiree, J'vry, K'rlen(NPC?), Lahela, and M'iri
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