Full Name:

Shi, Ash
Wheat Blonde
5' 5"

Birth Place:

19 Turns
Healer Hall




Lean in figure, Ashyte is short well not really short but definatly on the shorter side of average, standing at 5'5". He has lean toned muscle on a delicate figure. He has a rather femenine look and seems quite delicate in both appearence and demenour. Short, wispy shoulder length wheat blonde hair with darker highlights like a wheat field brush the base of his neck, his eyes are a generally a dark blue, though they do lighten with emotions like mirth and happiness. Ashyte is graceful and dainty in both appearence and movement as he seems to glide around the place. However he isn't as delicate as he appears and has quite the temper on him, he's also stronger than he appears.

Ashyte likes to dress in loose flowing shirts generally of a white colour, teamed with a fitted vest that varies in colour, often though it's a blue, green or brown. His pants are a dark brown and semi fitted, still loose enough for him to work and move in. He likes to visit his daughter as often as he can and dotes upon her, she's takes after her father in her looks, but her mother in her personality. Ashyte is not afraid of getting dirty and has long since accepted the fact that not all his clothes will ever look brilliantly clean, but he knows more often than not it will wash out.

His uniform is probably the cleanest thing he owns, as it tends to see less wear an tear than his normal clothes do with his overly active daughter. It's not unusual to see some of his shirts hand mended or pants with patches, he only has one set of good gather clothes, which he tries to keep looking as good as possible, as you never know when you need to attend something that requires such finery.



Ashyte's mother passed on when he was 3 turns of age, she was residing at the healer hall at the time. Ashyte was never a healthy child growing up and spent most of his time inside where he gained interest as a healer. His health improved as he became older, and when he was 12 he apprenticed to the Healer craft, as his way to repay them for taking care of him. By the time Ashyte was 15 he knew he exclusively liked boys and it got him into much trouble on many occasions, and he learnt the hard way to keep it to himself whilst at the hall and especially when he was assigned to a Hold. He was 16 turns when he was assigned to Black Rock Hold. During his time there he ended up sharing a bed with a young woman during an alcohol fuelled evening. 9 Months later he found himself the father of a bouncing baby girl, her mother having passed on during birth, there was nothing anyone could do, her heart just couldn't cope. Aswyn was what he named his daughter. 2 turns later he recieved new orders. Orders for him to be reassigned to Xanadu Weyr, on his 18th birthday he arrived at Xanadu to start a new life with his daughter Aswyn.



Image Name Relation Location Position
abbie_cornish_055.jpg Asuna Mother Decesed unknown
Madison_Leisle_019_0.jpg Aswyn Daughter Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat




  • Ashyte's name is derived from the Japanese Ashite, meaning beloved or my love.


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