Taller than average at a solid 5'11, Ashkeia is a full-figured woman, her curves further softened by being decidedly chubby. Her face is long, oval shaped; her features symmetrical though appearing to be a bit too close-set. Her mouth is shapely, lower lip fuller than upper, set beneath a narrow, somewhat rounded nose. Dark hazel eyes are her most striking feature, framed by long, thick lashes; their faint tilt emphasized by the upward slant of her eyebrows. Her black hair is now short, the natural curls thick and springy, pulling the ends up to be level with her chin, with her heavy bangs also trimmed to rest even with her 'brows.

Her clothing is the sturdy, rough work-a-day garb that can survive the abuses of weyrling training. A simple, long sleeved shirt — frequently with sleeves rolled up to just below her elbows — is worn untucked as often as she can get away with it. Canvas trousers, dull brown, have their cuffs neatly tucked into the heavy, thick soled boots that lace up to just below her calves.


The first child out of four born to Dashal and Keilana, Ashkeia spent the first 13 turns of her life at Windy Ridge, a minor Hold located to the east of Lemos. Nothing much interesting happened during those turns, though nothing much interesting ever seems to happen at Windy Ridge, unless one counts calving as excitement, the Hold being devoted primarily to the breeding and raising of beef and dairy bovines.


Name Relation Location Position
Dashal Father Windy Ridge Hold Farmer
Keilana Mother Windy Ridge Hold Farmer
Shalana Sister Windy Ridge Hold Kitchen Help
Dasheil Brother Beastcraft Hall Apprentice
Keisha Sister Windy Ridge Hold Child


Vengeful Dark Lady Green Malaise
Her hide is a dark, rich green, the color of moss at night. A faint sheen of silver overlays her slender, almost skeletal form, like a haze of moonlight diffused through storm clouds. She's not large, this firelizard, and what there is of her is almost unhealthy in its thinness, as though all but the essentials for life have been stripped from her gangly form. Her fore- and hind-paws are tipped with wicked talons of jet black, and the ridges which march along her spine from head to tail are an unwholesome gray in shade, like gravestones jutting forth from moss-encrusted earth. Her emaciated wedge-shaped head is held proudly high, her deep-set whirling eyes covered in a faint white film - though she can see perfectly.


Mists and Mysteries Brown Khaumith


The soft, golden-tinged browns of polished pine are carefully pieced together upon this hatchling's form, the darker grains of the wood visible as the lines run along his body, criss-crossing over his solidly built torso, always slipping in the same direction as they go winding down each limb to ebony talons and his tail to the forked tip. The same woody hues darken as they creep up his shortened neck, aging to the more intense shades of walnut, his features roughly carved from his wide, triangular head, headknobs set crookedly upon it, one noticeably larger than the other as they sit askew. Jacobean gathers upon his ridges as they run down his back, each shaped with a hurried hand, lacking any sort of uniformity as they progress along his form, between his large, oversized wings. Lighter sails, like giant cloaks, float between Jacobean spars, more than large enough to shield his body from view, and cast him into shadows.


Title OOC Date Cast
Poetry in Motion (Meeting Ashkeia) May 28, 2010 Ashkeia, D'son, Thea
Hitting it Off June 04, 2010 Ashkeia, K'ael
Felines, Firelizards... Friends June 12, 2010 Ashkeia, K'ael
Harmony in Opposites August 04, 2010 Ashkeia, Hisolda
Side-line Gig August 17, 2010 Ashkeia, O'ric
Accosting a Random Stranger August 28, 2010 A'di, Ashkeia
Could You Draw A... August 28, 2010 Ashkeia, Nicca
Discovery and Cover-Up August 29, 2010 Ashkeia, Nicca, O'ric
Late Lunch and Tuber Peeling September 03, 2010 Ashkeia, Pora
Hanging Out By The Eggs September 04, 2010 Ashkeia, Pora, Relion
Of Beauty and Passion (When Two Artists Meet) September 04, 2010 Ashkeia, Lorenze
Bonfire and Storytelling September 05, 2010 Amelia, Ashkeia, Hisolda, K'ael, Quila, Relion, Thea
Fondling Dragon Eggs September 08, 2010 Ashkeia, N'shen, Niva, Relion
Another visit to the Sands September 14, 2010 Amelia, Ashkeia, Natali, Niva, Relion, Tecoah
Candidates in Space September 17, 2010 Amelia, Ashkeia, Natali, Relion, Rylavi, Thea
First Night for Weyrlings September 27, 2010 Ashkeia, E'on
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