K'oss (Arkoss)



'Interesting' could be one way of describing this person at first glance. Born with white hair, he always has the appearance of looking old for his age. Keeping it at shoulderlength, but cut at a slant starting from his ears, it seems somewhat ethereal, as if it was about to vanish at any moment. His eyes are a more normal grey color, vibrant and soulful, and his silver eyebrows hover above them. An unremarkable nose, mouth, and chin finishes his basic facial features.

Buildwise, he's tall and wiry for his age, and seems to be made of muscle tying bone together and wrapped in skin. His thinness gives him a somewhat attenuated figure, enhanced by his long arms and legs, the former terminating in long, delicate looking fingers.

K'oss is wearing loose, comfortable clothing consisting of pants and a longsleeved shirt, which is accompanied by a red vest. Comfortable, well-broken in shoes are also worn, and clasped around his throat is a silver necklace of a firelizard. On his shoulder is the rank knot for a Weyrling at Fort Weyr with a brown thread woven through it.


Arkoss was born to a gardener and a laundress in Katz Field Hold, but as soon as he turned twelve he left the place of his birth to go to Igen Hold. There, he used his experience with runnerbeasts to gain him a spot in one of the stables, though he didn't actually undergo formal apprenticeship. Arkoss just didn't care to go through all the effort, though he probably learned as much about taking care of runners as any apprentice or even any journeyman. There's not much of interest that happened in Arkoss' life, aside from the usual meeting girls he liked, unsuccessfully trying to Impress a firelizard or two….or three…and getting lost more often than not, the poor guy.


Name Relation Location Position
Archie Father Katz Field Hold Gardener
Sokka Mother Katz Field Hold Laundress


Whizzing Through Outerspace Bronze Kryptonite
Bright bursts of ochre bloom across the sides and belly of this bronze firelizard, surrounded by an aura of copper that spreads out like ripples in a pond, emanating across the otherwise dark hide. His eyes are startling bright points in his sooty muzzle, the shadows created by his cheekbones all the more dark for the deeper coloration. His wings are equally dark, the membranes so thin that they seem to be picked through with dots of light like so many stars in the heavens. His long whipcord of tail is streaked up its length by raw umber, licked by fiery gold on the edges where it blossoms into one more flash of ochre on his haunches, forever imprinted by the crater of impact.

Oldtimer Medic Brown Kadowaki
This small brown's base color is a medium milk chocolate brown spread evenly along his entire body with the exception of reddish swirls here and there, and a lighter color on his hind paws. The red is mostly found on his chest, an almost brick red but most definitely a brown shade that also outlines his neckridges clear down to his tail. The reddish color reappears on his head, swirling in a triangular pattern with the long point ending at the base of his skull. The only other feature is a pair of brown rings around his eyes almost dark enough to be called black, and his eyelids are a pale khaki, almost like he's wearing glasses. He's a somewhat squat firelizard, with a short neck and tail and pudgy body.

Enlightened Demon Blue Kira
Brilliant sapphire and topaz has been dipped in starlight. Large sweeping wings sprinkled with sunlit radiance are dappled with midnight and abyssal feather patterns. A gracefully curved neck is covered in moonlight, a tiny argent crescent shape marks the juncture between neck and shoulder like a tiny silver lovebite. His strong chest and lean flanks are smattered with lapis colored ink. A rosey red hue underlies an ultramarine muzzle and face. The slanted cast of his trueblue eyeridges give his face a mischievous almost malicious expression. A long, strong, flexible tail is colored in royal blue, and tipped at the end with ink, a brush waiting to hit paper.

Gem Green Kornerupine
A deep emerald sweeps over this stocky green firelizard, her length just below average, but her girth well over. It's not that she's fat, because she isn't, she's just solidly built. Her shoulders seem to bear the brunt of it, large and block-like, the width tapering down her body, wide chest, firm stomach, average-sized rear legs, and slender tail-tip.


Skirting the Edges of Sanity Brown Meahakumeleth
This brown's hide is a deep, deep brown. Not the color of the earth, but a rich loamy brown that covers his sturdy body. He is a more solid dragon and not given to much leanness; his tail, however, is unusual in the way that it counterbalances, being long and lean. His muzzle is compact as well, though holds a startling visage; an amber-red starburst shape has formed on it. The rays of this starburst reach straight towards his underbelly and his back. The tips of his neck spines have been bathed in that amber color; making them look more dangerous, more eye-catching with the surprising uniqueness of the color. His belly is that same loam brown, covered in earth; however, he has several red lines running through it that reach as far as mid-way down to the tip of his tail. His talons are strained through with thin red marks, bringing the over-all representation of loam red-brown earth to a close.


Title OOC Date Cast
A Hands On Lesson July 8, 2009 Aoriya, K'oss, M'nol, Ontali, Tyr, V'dim
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