Arabet has an aloof self-possession that draws more attention to the tousles of dark hair, large blue eyes and the curve of generous hips rather than a pallor prone to freckling or her underweight limbs. But she has all of those things: her build a bit too long and narrow, her nose a little odd at the bridge and her smile often reserved and secretive. She tends to dress in form-fitting clothes, tailored shirts that plunge, snug trousers or short skirts, rarely of any particular quality but always with excessive jewelry and a pair of tall boots.


Though she's not prone to sharing, it is likely that a few basics can be gleaned about Arabet. She's clearly had a decent education at some point, so she probably didn't come from backwater nowhere. There's a scrappy edge about her that implies her life has not always been cushy. She has the opportunistic tendencies of a trader, but travels alone. Topically, she sells jewelry, pocket knives, trinkets and the like, plays cards and tells fortunes with uncanny accuracy, but as her meager dabblings in these areas don't seem to be enough to support her, it's likely there are a few other services she can provide. For a price.


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