Intense blue-green eyes glow from above a slight nose and tan cheeks, glittering softly in the pure bliss of twilight and sunshine. From their paradise of innocence, the alluring aqua orbs are detailed with dark lashes kissing soft cheeks. Silken strands of copper hair fall just to the nape of his neck, like its finally been cut again. His bangs are still shaggy, and fall into his face and eyes, but at least the braid is gone. Darker chestnut highlights explode into certain strands of auburn hair, accenting the locks and making aforementioned gem-like eyes glitter. His masculine body is slender and lithe, yet hard muscles have formed over the few Turns that he's been a bronzerider.

A winter's dream, these stylish leathers, crafted to meld the shadowy blue-black of darkest night with the palest periwinkle of dawn and hoarfrost's brittle white. The shadows slumber at trousers and boots, a deeply rich blue so dark that it is all but black at padded knees and wooly, twice-studded cuffs. With drowsy swirls of indigo and blue, the dragonriding outfit lightens across the chest and upper arms before startling awake as radiant, vibrant powder-blue frosted to snow-white over his wide shoulders. A fantastic nebula of tiny silver stars flares along the jacket's supple sleeves and cascades down the stiffer, protective fabric of the back and sides. This starscape of wintry starbursts is softened by the new wool at collar and cuffs, ivory around the throat and wrists but dyed true black in the trousers and boots.


Airk was a typical child, born to a weaver mum and a smith da. He was born after two older brothers. His oldest brother followed in his Da's footsteps, a smith, the rough and tumble type. His other brother was also a overly masculine type, but he ended up a stablehand instead of following in the Smithcraft. Poor little Airk. The runt of the litter, the youngest. He was the shortest, the weakest, uninterested in smithing at all. He hid behind his mother's skirts when his brother's picked on him, which happened often. He did learn to protect himself when not in his mother's shadow, although he generally attempted to avoid confrontation at all cost.

As he grew older, he grew a little more independant, but more shy. He was into books and the library, in the computer room, or generally doing something that his father and brothers considered womanish. He grew older, and cuter… the girls started setting in on him, targeting him for their next boyfriend or companion. He wanted none of the girls, instead, he found himself lusting after a sweet Harper apprentice that he had spent a lot of time in the library with. Well, Airk and his newfound friend, Koh, experimented a little, not going into anything too deep. They were in the deserted library one day when his father charged in and found them together in a little liplock.

Well that was a major no-no, and daddy jerked his youngest boy from the arms of the Harper-boy with not a glance back. That was the last Airk ever saw of Koh. His father locked him in his room for a few days, arranged for a way to get him out of the Hold, and sent him off. He told his boy before he handed him to the dragonrider that he never wanted to see him again. The rider, overhearing the conversation, quickly bundled the boy adragonback and took him off to the Weyr.

A few days after Airk was shipped off, he was settled into a room. In the room there was a trunk, filled with plenty of girl's clothes. Well, they'd been abandoned, so Airk started wearing those clothes, skirts and dresses, exchanging them all for his pants and tunics. He grew out his hair, started putting it up in girl's fashons, wearing the barest of makeup(eyeshadow and a touch of lip balm). He started his new job, working in the library, helping file and put books away. Airk told the harper in charge that it must have been a mistake, he was a female…and thats how he's played it. Flirting a little, but never getting into any serious relationships. As far as he's concerned, the world can think he's a girl…and thats how its going to stay.


Name Relation Location Position
Mother Weavercraft Member
Father Smithcraft Member
Angel Weyrmate Xanadu Weyr Rider to green Anstarath
Anakin Son Xanadu Weyr Weyrbrat


Chocolaty Goodness Brown Riki Tiki Tavi
Long, strong, but rickety looking wings are spread out to soak up the sunlight, as if it will give them strength. Sharp, young bones poke outwards here and there, and Kadz's ribs seem like the lattice normally reserved for surrounding gazebos and decks. As a matter of fact, his enire frame seems like just that- a frame. His well-oiled brown hide is stretched tightly across him like a drumskin, and his steadily whirling eyes regard you intently. Never still, at the moment, he shifts from bony taloned foot to bony taloned foot, and his klah colored hide reveals its multi-colored splendour of intricate patterns, ones that would be gorgeous running down a bannister in a major Hold, and that are even more incredible because they are displayed upon the usually simple hide of a brown fire-lizard. Almost liek a teenager, this young lad sticks out at all angles, and looks like a klutz- but still, how cute!

Secrets of the Soul Green Shadowcat
A tiny slip of a firelizard, this petite, delicate creature is like a strand of wind and smoke given form. Every feature on her form is miniature, awash in the robe of palest spring green, as though she were the sprouting of something great that just needs time to grow. Soft, faded dapples of even lighter green, nearly white, frame her jaw and throat, and they trickle along slim flanks and the sides of her tail where they combine into a foggy bath of lightness across the soft curve of forks. The membrane of wings are equally light, and in many ways, seems almost transparent except for the light whispers of color in their frame.

Shy but Loyal Green Archangel
Rich grins of many colors smoothe delicately over a pristine and perfectly created hide. Her skinny neck is brindled with delicate jade cobwebs which also stretch down the length of her back. Long, skinny legs lead to skinnier paws and fragile nails of some indeterminate shade of dove gray. Shades from the palest green-blue that covers her belly to the dark emerald that colors her from head to the tip of her tail. Shimmering Green-Gold covers her nearly transparent wingsails. Hind and tail seem to be less brilliant then the rest of her, with soft applegreens coating them with a swirling softness that ends in the smooth pale mint that resides over the spade of her tail.


Bronze Vsetovith
Warm burnished bronze reaches over broad shoulders and a thick girth which attempt to fill out the big bones and lanky frame of this hatchling, but somehow they jut cant quite get it. Just knees, wing spars and elbows all the way. It's a wonder his ambry hide doesn't strain to stretch from his snout to tail tip. Both tail and neck are of mentionable length and his wing joints extend just as far, threatening their own size increase as this hatchling grows. A rich dark-bronze reaches over them, darkening as each finger of the joints reaches an end. From each joint fiery amber reaches out along the sails, paling into the shimmery golds of blazing brass. These same honey tones rise up from his belly, leeching like watercolors into warmer coppers. The darker bronze rolls out in smudges rubbed over his eye ridges and working their way down his spine in a bleeding dorsal stripe. Trickles of pallid metallics coil over his snout, and fleck his belly, shoulders, and haunches in silver raindrops. Like-sprays of silver reach out in the honey-hued portions of his broad wingsails and decorate his brassy feet and underbelly.

Flawless black spirals unimpeded over smooth leather of the straps, ebony interweaving in the soft waters of the straps. The crisp, cool waterfall dusts the soft hide with touches of sweet silver to blend with Vsetovith's hide, the water droplets hitting here and there on the carefully crafted straps, spreading out, lightening the color, Rukbat's rays spreading through it, simple silver flecks appearing here and there. A velvety layer of soft black llama wool padding resides beneath the watery surface, molding to the demands of the concerto. Silver rings are carefully forged, working perfectly with the leather to form a continuous chain of criss-crossing motion.


Title OOC Date Cast
Xanadu Hatching - November 18, 2006 November 18, 2006 Achina, Airk, Alhenaeth, Angelyka, C'ian, Dynome, I'ven, Jean, Kilaueth, Kitani, Luna, Niva, Tandelek, Vathiel
Dragon Anatomy Weyrling Lesson 2006 Ar'ik, Dynome, Kal'el(NPC?), Kitty, T'lek, V'dim(NPC)
Airk is Searched 2006 Airk, Ryski, and V'dim(NPC)
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